Doodle For Google

The Google Has Used Doodle This Unique Way To Celebrate The World's The Festival To Celebrate The Date, Also As Well As Increased The Unique Fun For Its HomePage.
Doodle 4 Google International Youth Drawing Big Game, China Area Award.
Works Using The Characteristic Of Chinese Ink Painting Lotus Flower To Represent The Design, Has Unfolded Chinese's Noble And Pure One Side. The Ink And Wash Painting Is Chinese Drawing Art Representative, But The Lotus Flower Often Entrusts With The Noble Sentiment. The Chinese Water Ink Lotus Flower Is Most Has The Chinese Characteristic The Design.
Doodle 4 Google “我的中国”金奖作品:菡萏水天一色裁(张博) Author:ZhangBo
HanDan ShuiTian YiSe Cai (Cuts Lotus With Same Color In Water And Sky)

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LiuQiu New Year Sacrificial Offering

On January 1, 2009, NaBa, LiuQiu,Wears Ancient Costume's Actors At The New Year Sacrificial Offering.

Since 1872, After Japan Invaded LiuQiu, LiuQiu' Relic, Architecture, Language, Culture And Customs Suffered Serious Destruction. Fortunately, Recently LiuQiu' Traditional Stepwise Regression.