Overseas Media Interview Military Parade Village

People's Republic Of China Celebration 60th Anniversary For Military Parade.
On September 10 9:00 Am, From 47 Foreign Media's Nearly 60 Reporters Arrives The Reviews Troops Village.

Interview Soldiers
Good Shooting Angle
Look For ...
Russia Journalist
iFeng TV Lady Reporter
What First ...
Recording All
Taste Food
Reading Room
Watch Training
Israeli Journalist

Shoe Repair
Let Us Look Forward To The Arrival Of The National Day,Military Parade In TianAnMen Square.


New Attack In Western China City

New Attack In Western China City Of Urumqi After Deadly Terrorism In July Left Nearly 200 Dead.

People Near The City Center,Thousands Of Members Have Gathered Downtown To Denounce The Regional Government And Deteriorating Law And Order In The City.

On August 17, Urumqi Appears To The Innocent Populace "Syringe Attacks" Event. Then, Including The Women, Old Persons, Children's Innocent Populace Case Occurred Many Times At Street And Bus And Shop And Square.On September 2 About 15:50 PM, Area Of Urumqi XiaoXiMen Business District Has The Merchant And The Peripheral Populace Takes To The Streets To Gather And To Parade The Event,Parade For 1 Hour.Cause Is The Populace Hold A "Syringe Attacks" Suspect, Seizes And Brings To The Local Police Station, But Because The Evidence Is Insufficient, The Police "Only Release". This Result Causes The Populace To Be Discontented.On September 3 About 10:40 AM, There Was A "Syringe Injury" Event Again.All Injured Citizen More Than 531. 11:00 AM, The Urumqi City Presents Many Place People Gathered And Parade. 13:00 PM, The Urumqi Government Gate Also Starts To Appear Large Crowd Gathered.
Thursday The People Assembled In Several Areas Of Urumqi To Demand Security Guarantees From Authorities After Syringe Attacks Were Reported In City.

It Says Police Have Seized 25 Suspects For Attacking People With Hypodermic Needles In The City. No Reason Was Given For The Attacks.

The Demonstrator Already Dispersed.After The Hospital Inspection, Had Not Discovered An Example Vicious Infectious Disease Pathogen And The Virulent Chemical Material Cause Related Symptom At Present.

New Terrorist Separatist Activities ...