Sinking of Japan

Japanese Films Also Often Describe The Forthcoming Disaster That The Homeland Suffering Sinking , Ordinary People Is In Tremendous Fear .

Now,It Come Ture On March 11, 2011 .

3.11 M9.0

Much Of Japan Already Has That Sinking Feeling .

2012 Come ? ... ...

China International Rescue Teams On The Spot

YunNan YingJiang

On March 10, 2011 12:58 Have 5.8 Magnitude Of Earthquakes In The YunNan YingJiang, The Epicenter Located At Latitude 24.7 N, Longtitude 97.9 E, The Depth Of Origin The Approximately 10 Kilometers.

Up To March 10 23:30, 5.8 Magnitude Of Earthquakes Which The Yunnan Yingjiang Occurred Already Caused 25 Dead, 250 Injured, 134 Injured.

Treats For The Disaster-Stricken People

In The Early Morning Do Food

The Food Will Be Ready To Carry On The Tractor

Free Provide

Sympathy Soldiers 

A Beauty Salon, The Temporary Cessation Of Business Provides The Free Board And Lodging To The Earthquake Wounded And The Family Member.

XiangCunHuaYuan,Every Day For Disaster Victims Free Provide Food.

Free Report Peaceful




China Is The Destiny Of Siberia


BLAGOVESHCHENSK, Russia -- I originally came to the Russian Far East with the idea that the Russian-Chinese border was roughly analogous to the U.S.-Mexican border: poor, darker-skinned people sneaking north across a river for better job opportunities, freaking out the white people.

Poor Chinese do cross over, and they do work for less than Russians. And some of the overheated immigration rhetoric you hear in the United States exists in Russia, too, about the "zheltaya ugroza," or "yellow peril." That paranoia is much more prevalent in Moscow than in the Russian Far East, however. Here, everyone seems to have their favorite example of how other Russians exaggerate the Chinese presence. There are reports in the Moscow press that half the population of Blagoveshchensk is Chinese or that there are dozens of Chinese villages in Russia that don't appear on any map. "I've heard that the streets in Blagoveshchensk are named after Chinese generals or that there are Chinese people on the city council here," Mikhail Kukharenko, the head of the Chinese-government-run Confucius Institute, told me.

In part because the government has placed tight restriction on Chinese visitors to Russia, there is little visible Chinese presence in Blagoveshchensk-and there's more here than anywhere else in Russia. There are a couple of so-called "Chinese markets," where Chinese vendors sell cheap clothes and electronics, but you can find these all over Russia and the former Eastern bloc. There are also a good number of Chinese restaurants catering to Russian tastes: It was here that I had stir-fried potatoes for the first time.

But you see very few Chinese people on the streets, other than a few tourists snapping photos of the statue of Lenin or of the reconstructed arch originally built for Czarevich Nicholas' visit through the Far East in 1891.

What is remarkable here, though, is the enthusiasm that Russian people-in contrast to the Russian government-display about China. While some poor Chinese citizens come to Russia for work, educated, middle-class Russians are increasingly going in the other direction. Among the group of young, English-speaking Russians I fell in with in Blagoveshchensk, nearly all of them worked in some capacity with China. Many of them had lived there. One, Sergey, was home from his job in Shanghai, and he raved about how much friendlier, more open, and optimistic Chinese people were compared with Russians.

One feature of the Russian-Chinese relationship seemed especially telling: Cross-border marriages are overwhelmingly between Chinese men and Russian women. Much of this has to do with demographics-Russia has a surplus of women, while China has too many men. But as one Russian woman told me, "Chinese men are kinder and more attentive to their wives. And they usually have more money."

In the international relations department of Amur State University in Blagoveshchensk, the number of students studying Chinese increases every year, and more Russian students now learn Chinese as their first foreign language than English. The department is closing its European studies track and shutting down German and French. Soon, it will offer only Chinese and English.

"China is the destiny of Siberia, our present and future depends in every respect on what happens in China," Victor Dyatlov, a professor at Irkutsk State University and a top authority on Russian-Chinese relations, told me. "The only direction we can move in is integration and cooperation between Russia and China. But we don't know what form that integration will take."

But this local integration with China doesn't mean much to the larger picture, Dyatlov said. "The future of Siberia and its people is defined not by the people here but in Moscow," he said. "What people in Siberia think isn't that important. Siberia is the national treasure, and the people here are just meant to help the government exploit these resources."

Indeed, many people complain that Moscow treats the Russian Far East like a cash cow to be exploited for export income to China and cares little about how people here live. In February 2009, Russia and China signed a 20-year, $25 billion oil deal, and by the end of that term China could be getting one-quarter of its imported oil from Russia and Central Asia. Most of that oil will come from eastern Siberia, through a pipeline whose original route veered dangerously close to famously pristine Lake Baikal, prompting protests from Siberians. Russia also recently started selling electricity to China from the Bureya Dam, on a tributary of the Amur, at a price cheaper than Russians pay for electricity in Blagoveshchensk. "We don't like it," said Svetlana Kosikhina, the dean of the international relations department at Amur State. "Electricity is expensive here, and if we sell it to China, it's going to be even more expensive."

Even locals admit to a significant amount of skepticism about China's intentions toward the Russian Far East. Kukhalenko-as director of the Confucius Institute here, he's an employee of the Chinese government-said he assumes that "a lot" of the Chinese students in Blagoveshchensk are spies, "especially the ones who are older and who speak good Russian already." There are also rumors of a secret museum in Heihe-shown only to Chinese tourists-that displays maps showing Chinese control over the Russian Far East.

"We're not afraid, but we're wary. We just don't understand what they're going to do. It's a system that could rise up at any moment and attack us," Kosikhina




Blagoveshchensk Real Name Is HaiLanPao .

HaiLanPao Originally Belonged To China But Was Renamed Blagoveshchensk After It Ceded To Russia After The Signing Of The"Treaty Of Ai'Hui" In The Mid-19th Century.According To Russian Language Sources,Historical Facts And Russian Traditional Cultures,This Russian Name Does Mean Sending Good News To The Tsar After Occupation Of The Northern Land Of HeiLongJiang.




Koguryo Controversy Makes US Headlines

Koguryo Controversy Makes US Headlines

South Korea is fighting a battle with China over ancient history using one of the most powerful weapons in its arsenal — sappy TV dramas watched by hundreds of millions of viewers in Asia.

The dispute is over whether a 2,000-year-old kingdom, whose lands covered much of the Korean peninsula as well as parts of China, was an ancient Korean royal house or a vassal of China.

At stake is national pride in South Korea where the ancient origins of the Korean people have long been overshadowed by the histories and cultures of neighboring China and Japan.

"The Koguryo issue may be one of the smaller problems that China has but it is everything for Korea. Koguryo symbolizes the identity of Korea," said Kim Woo-jun, a professor at the Institute of East and West Studies at Yonsei University in Seoul.



 jion999 5:00 pm on April 27th, 2007 1

If Korea loses the history of Koguryo, Korean history would be so miserable.

Koreans are destroying the relationship with China to protect their small pride.

It is the same situation with her relationship with Japan. 

Dr.Yu  10:54 pm on April 27th, 2007 2

What´s the problems with protecting our "small" pride. At least we have one. 

jion999  12:58 am on April 28th, 2007 3


"What´s the problems with protecting our â??smallâ?? pride. At least we have one."

It is funny because the small pride of Koreans is based on the glamorized history.

Koreans dreaming the glorious ancient history shows the inferior complex of them to forget its miserable modern history.

Unfortunately, NK is a camp follower of SK in this field. 

VG86  4:47 am on April 28th, 2007 4

Korean history is 5000 years old or roughly 2000 years older then Japanese history. Korean history is much more then Koguryo only. You tell me that Koreans are not allowed to defend their own history?

Well ironically enough the Japanese constantly distort history at the price of destroying relations with China and Korea. Which incidentally makes you a hypocrite for accusing Koreans of hurting Chinese relations. Despite the fact that its China not Korea that is distorting and hurting relations. You truly live up to the chosun ilbos statement "abnormal japan".

And please dont talk about inferiority complex. You seem to have a fascination for lieing and distorting history. Whats more is the fact that youre doing this on a Korea blog just to attract attention. An obvious sign from a Japanese national who is insecure about his or her own history. Talk about inferiority complex. 

Dr.Yu  09 am on April 28th, 2007 5


The way you keep attacking korea is a sign of your own inferiority complex toward korean history and people.

You don´t have to love or admire korea, but at least you have show respect for those who are different from you. This simple principle is the base of human relationship. In a more complex level it is called coexistence and tolerance.

You are so "wise" to search and "interpret" history but you are so fool in human relationship principles. I wonder if you have friends or have any kind of relationship with people.

Now don´t excuse your attitudes with japanese issues like "you koreans do this to japan, so …". I think your problem is not japan or korea, but yourself. 

Toru   5:20 am on April 28th, 2007 6

"Korean history is 5000 years old"

Oh boy, not again… 

jion999  5:30 am on April 28th, 2007 7


"Korean history is 5000 years old or roughly 2000 years older then Japanese history."

Egyptians have pyramids as the evidence of their ancient civilization.

When and where did you discover the remains of ancient Dangun Chosun civilization?

No remains or sites at all.

So called "Uri-nara" 5,000 year history is just myth and obsession of Koreans without scientific evidences.

It is meaningless to add the period of ignorant savages to Korea's history and try to make it longer. 

jion999 6:07 am on April 28th, 2007 8

VG86 and Yu

Generally, Koreans are proud of the length of history.

History of Korea, culture, etc.

If the length of the history is accurate, it is no problem to be proud of it.

However, some Koreans try to fabricate the history to make it longer.

Most notorious case of fabrication is the history of Taekwondo, which is the national martial art of Korea.

Korean taekwondo association fabricated the history of Taekwondo as â??Korean original marshal arts with 2000 year historyâ??, and deceived people in the world, bribed IOC members, and made it Olympic sports.

However, after becoming famous, many foreign practitioners started to point out Taekwondoâ??s origin must be Karate, and taekwondo founders could not help admitting the true history.

This is an article of monthly Tonga to show the confession of the vice president of Taekwondo head dojo.

He confessed he has written the fabricated history of Taekwondo to make it more beautiful and longer.


American Taekwondo instructor also wrote a report to reveal the lies of Koreans.

â??Problems in the identity and philosophy of Taekwondo and their historical causesâ??


I think fabricated long history could not be even "small pride".

Toru  6:27 am on April 28th, 2007 9

I'm beginning to think that Korea eliminated the use of Chinese character so that nobody reads real historical documents to verify what they are taught.

Korea officially used Hanja(Chinese character) until she gained her independence from Sino in 1895. Today, ordinary Koreans cannot reads any official documents prior to 1895.

This is one of the reasons why most Korean kids do not know what the "independence gate" in Seoul stands for.

I have actually READ a Korean school text book. And there was no explanation of the article 1 in the treaty of Shimonoseki at all.

So, I figured, I should ask Koreans how they think. I asked the following 3 questions. This was 2 years ago.

1. Do you think Japanese school text book distort history?

2. Have ever read or know what the Japanese text book say?

3. Do you know why "independence gate" was built?

Their answers scared hell out of me.

Everybody I ask said "yes" to the question #1 and "no" to the question #2. They were blaming Japan for whatever reasons they even don't know.

Finally, in response to the question #3, some had no clue what the independence gate stands for. Some said "It's our intention to keep our independence forever". Some replied "Because gained independence from Japan. We beat Japan!".

Oh boy…

Another observation was that every time I talked to North Koreans about politics or history, the first thing they tend to mention was

"Our great leader Kim Jong-il… yada yada yada"

Every time a Japanese talked to South Koreans about culture or history, the first thing they tend to mention was

"Korean history is 5000 years old. We taught you japs all the culture… yada yada yada"

It is sad if I offend somebody with my comment, but this is based on my first-hand experiences and observations.

jion999  6:47 am on April 28th, 2007 10


I agree with you.

I read the history textbook of Korea which is translated in Japanese, either.

So many farications!

Let me pick up one item.

The war between US and Korea at Kangwha-do island in 1871.

Do you know Korean history textbook mentions, â??Korea defenders succeeded repelling American Marinesâ???

This is the translation of Korean history textbook. (Japanese only)


This is a cartoon to draw that war. (Translated in Japanese)

This manga got a big prize in Korea.


In 1871, America invaded Korea with 5 battleships.

But all of the ships were sunk.

Three American POWs who are hung from the fortification are crying â??Oh, no! Help me!!â??

A Korean solder says with a cigarette on his mouth, â??Thatâ??s why I told you to go home.â??

You know Koreans criticize Japanese often that Japanese government distorts history.

But if you read Korean history textbook, wow, itâ??s a fairly tale.

Dr.Yu  7:35 am on April 28th, 2007 11


Korea stop using chinese character because we developed our own alphabet system based on phonetic characters. As you are aware of the korean alphabet proved to be more efficent and easier to learn than the chinese one. I know that japan criated it´s own alphabet system too, but it is far from being as efficient as the korean.

The korean alphabet is currently taught in countries without own alphabet system by the UN becuase it is considered to be the more cientific and efficient alphabet system in the world.

Man ….. this is one of the reasons (among others) that makes feel very proud of being korean.

Regarding what you said about the children, I think you are dreaming. Probably you was drunk and was talking to japanese kids. Japanese will never cease to feel inferiority complex toward korea. That´s why you guys never stop to insult korea. The principle is simple: If you can´t go up, bring them down, right?

Sayonara !!!!!

jion999 7:56 am on April 28th, 2007 12


"The korean alphabet is currently taught in countries without own alphabet system by the UN becuase it is considered to be the more cientific and efficient alphabet system in the world."

Tell me.

What are the names of those poor countries which people are forced to study Korean alphabet by UN?

Toru   8:06 am on April 28th, 2007 13

"korean alphabet proved to be more efficent and easier to learn than the chinese one"

Right, right.

Then why didn't they use Hangul in the first place? Was there any public school for non-Yangban? How many? Proof?

What is the name of the first newspaper which used Hanja-Hangul? And who was the editor? Where did the first ever created Hangul fonts come from? Who came up with the idea of mixed "Hanja-Hangul"?

Dr.Yu  8:13 am on April 28th, 2007 14


Assuming that you are american, I think that you are not aware of the following facts:

1) American spacial technology is based on nazy technology of WWII. After defeating the nazis URSS seized the german rockets and all related hardwares to back their space technology. On the other hand USA took the scientists to USA to develop the "american" space technology. The majority of americans (and the world) are not aware of this fact, and they feel very proud of "their" technology.

2) The reports of the "medical" experiments conducted by the nazis in the camps and the japaneses in nankin were sized by the americans to develop their medical technology. Americans charge billions of dollar from the world using data obtained from assassination of thousand of people in europe and asia.

Why is it so relevant? Don´t point the finger to others. Don´t feel so superior ignoring your own weakness. I dont know if the thing about Taekwondo is true but mind your own problem and leave our problems to us.

Dr.Yu  8:18 am on April 28th, 2007 15


I heard that the japanese imperial family descends from the gods, and I also heard that the japanese imperial family descends from koreans as well, than ….. KOREANS ARE GODS !!!!

Ok, now I know why such a terrible inferiority complex ……

Sayonara !!!!!

Toru  8:30 am on April 28th, 2007 16


This textbook was published by Governor-General of Korea in 1923.




Korean kids all over Korea learned Hangul in public schools.

So your inferior neighbouring country, Japan, taught Koreans Hangul.

Truth hurts.

GI Korea  8:16 pm on April 28th, 2007 20

I write a post criticizing the Chinese for trying to steal Korean history and the lack of government action from the Korean government to stop them and what does the thread turn into, Koreans and Japanese people bashing each other. Is it any wonder why the Chinese are so easily able to steal Korean history?

Sonagi  9:43 pm on April 28th, 2007 21

Brilliant, GI Korea. 

jion999  3:15 am on April 29th, 2007 22


Koreans have a funny ambition to build the great Korean which includes not only North Korea but also Gando of Chinese north east.

The controversy of Koguryo is not the matter of history only but the matter of sovereignty of Manchuria.


Chinese government must be nervous about this matter because Korean-Chinese is the biggest minority in China.

As for this controversy, Korea is not a victim, either.

Koreans are destroying the relationship with China for their ridiculous obsession of ancient history as they are with Japan.

BTW, sonagi made a complimentary remark for you.

Are you proud of it?

Sonagi  6:26 am on April 29th, 2007 23

"Chinese government must be nervous about this matter because Korean-Chinese is the biggest minority in China."

Not true. Not even close:

"The large ethnic minority groups in terms of population include the Zhuang at 16 million, the Manchu at 10 million, the Hui at 9 million, the Miao at 8 million, the Uyghur at 7 million, the Yi at 7 million, the Tujia at 5.75 million, the Mongols at 5 million, the Tibetans at 5 million, the Buyei at 3 million, and the Koreans at 2 million."


Morever, the ethnic Koreans I met in China were all proud and loyal citizens of the PRC. They know that South Korea is more prosperous than China, but they believe in China's future.

You got banned from the Marmot's for trolling on about Koreans, and it looks like you're wearing out your welcome here, too.

Dr.Yu  7:00 am on April 29th, 2007 24

Hey tofu,

"So your inferior neighbouring country, Japan, taught Koreans Hangul. Truth hurts."

You are right that japan is inferior to korea.

You forgot to mention that japanese government forgabe koreans to speack korean language during japanese occupation of korea. You also forget to mention that japan also forgabe koreans to use their korean name and were forced to adopt japanese name.

Why? they knew the importance of korean culture for japanese culture and wanted to erase this fact from the world and the koreans mind. Japan wanted to eliminate korean culture.

So …. that´s why we koreans fight to protect our culture againts liers and jealous poeple like you.

Sayonara !!!

Dr.Yu  7:06 am on April 29th, 2007 25

Hey Jion666

"What are the names of those poor countries which people are forced to study Korean alphabet by UN?"

Come on !!!! I thought you was the expert on internet search since you always come with internet links and articles insulting korea.

Make an effort. Find yourself and you will proud of korea like me.

Hey Jion666   7:25 am on April 29th, 2007 26


"Koreans have a funny ambition to build the great Korean which includes not only North Korea but also Gando of Chinese north east."

Have you heard about the korean pyramids in Manchuria? This pyramids are proof of korean influence and domination of that region. Chinese government says that they were build by chinese people but deny international researcher teams to study the monuments.

If I were the chinese government and the pyramids were really of chinese origin I would open it to foreigners and pay for publicity around the world to boast that the chinese were superior to egypcians (they like to make publicity of how superior and admirable they are).

This fact reminds me the japanese government attitude forgiving foreign researchers to study the tombs of the japanese imperial family in order to hide the truth about the origin of the japanese imperial family.

Jion666, do I need to go further to tell you how the korean culture is superior to japanese culture? Please, don´t ask me, you know that truth already.

GI Korea  7:51 am on April 29th, 2007 27

Dr. Yu,

You guys continue to prove my point. People like Jion bait Koreans to act irrational and you guys fall for it every time. I wish Koreans would ignore the Korea baiters in Japan and focus attention on the real issue China. Japan is not going to invade Korea, going to take Dokdo, or enslave Korean women. It is not going to happen.

However, the Chinese are right now enslaving Korean women, absorbing Korean history, and slowly but surely setting conditions for the eventual absorbtion of North Korea after regime collapse there. What are Koreans doing about all this?

jion999  4:09 pm on April 29th, 2007 28

GI Korea

I like to tell you something.

Iâ??ve read many posts of you.

I think your assertion is very insightful.

But I feel you must have obvious double-standard to Koreansâ?? anti-US sentiment and anti-Japan sentiment.

You are not satisfied with Koreansâ?? anti-US sentiment in spite of the fact American GIs fought for Koreans.

This must be one of your main motivations to make so many posts about Korean War, isnâ??t it?

You have studied a lot about No Gun-ri Massacre or Taft-Katsura Agreement and tried to explain that Koreansâ?? anti-US sentiment is based on the fabricated stories or misunderstanding.

However, when it comes to Koreansâ?? anti-Japan sentiment, you accepted the stories Koreans are insisting and conclude easily that â??Koreans were victims of Japaneseâ??.

If you know the tendency of Koreans who try to exaggerate or distort stories and use them for anti-US sentiment, it would be easier for you to guess that Koreans must do similar distortions against Japanese.

As for Koguryo controversy, you stand on the side of Koreans and criticize China.

I know you like to encourage Koreans to have hatred against mutual enermy, China, not against Japan or US.

However, main cause of Koreaâ??s anti-US sentiment, anti-Japan sentiment, Dokdo controversy, and Kogryo controversy is Koreansâ?? ultra-jingoism and lies, not the faults of other countries.

You criticize Koreans only in the case of anti-US sentiment.

In other cases, you are cheated by Koreans easily.

If someone is cheated by Koreansâ?? lies about No Gun-ri â??Massacreâ?? or USFK tank â??murderâ?? and criticize Americans, what do you feel?

GI Korea  7:27 pm on April 29th, 2007 29

jion, I have been to Japan many times and my wife has family that lives in Japan and I am in no way anti-Japanese. Much like Korea I really love the country and enjoy every chance I have to go back. By the way I'm not anti-Chinese either. I'm anti-Chinese government that violates human rights and backs a dispicable regime like North Korea.

However, I find the whole fight over minor issues between Japan and Korea, such as Dokdo and comfort women to be so insignificant compared to far more major issues effecting Koreans today such as human rights violations of North Koreans along with the sexual slavery of Korean women in China.

jion, I have this suspicion you look down on Koreans and that is why you like arguing with them here. Likewise Koreans get to defensive when arguing with people like yourself and look at this thread what has anyone accomplished or proven? It is just a bunch of mindless yelling at each other.

I find the anti-Japanese and anti-US sentiment of Koreans to be totally useless to the nation. The nation was colonized by Japan because of the worthless Yangban class who refused to modernize the country and build a military to defend the nation along with having no foreign friends except for China who couldn't defend them because they couldn't even defend themselves. Today the new yangban is the Korean politicians slowly tearing down the country, downsizing the military and losing its only friends. It's only real friend is the US and potentially Japan but minor issues are demagogued to the population by politicians for political advantage which are ruining these relationships.

While they play the demagogue game, China is gobbling up Korean history, using Korean women as sex slaves, and setting conditions to absorb North Korea. If Korea pushes away it's only friends, in the future will it be 1905 all over again?

jion999  10:00 pm on April 29th, 2007 30


Thank you for your comment.

â??I find the whole fight over minor issues between Japan and Korea, such as Dokdo and comfort women to be so insignificant compared to far more major issues effecting Koreans today such as human rights violations of North Koreans along with the sexual slavery of Korean women in China.â??

Dokdo and comfort women controversy must be â??minor issuesâ?? for you, as a third party.

However, dokdo issue is the national pride for Koreans and comfort women issue is the matter of honor for Japanese solders.

Though you have made many posts about No Gun-ri â??Massacreâ?? and tried to protect the honor of American soldiers, it must be minor issue for foreign people either, isnâ??t it?

â??I have this suspicion you look down on Koreans and that is why you like arguing with them here. Likewise Koreans get to defensive when arguing with people like yourself and look at this thread what has anyone accomplished or proven? It is just a bunch of mindless yelling at each other.â??


Now, it is rather difficult to keep good personal friendship between Japanese and Koreans because of Koreaâ??s anti-Japan history education.


If Korean teachers brainwash children about No Gun-ri â??Massacreâ?? or USFK tank â??murderâ?? again and again, do you believe Korean children would love Americans?

However, the exchanges of information on blogs and boards could break the wrong images brainwashed in school.

I have argued with Koreans for two years about history on Naver, and I believe firmly that it is not meaningless.

Two years ago, there were many Koreans who insisted Taekwondo must be Koreaâ??s original martial arts with 2000 year history (the evidence is the wallpainting of Koguryo).

Now, there is no such kind Korean anymore except some Korea Americans.

Though you many feel that â??it is just a bunch of mindless yelling at each otherâ??, how can we understand each other without bitter argument?

â??Today the new yangban is the Korean politicians slowly tearing down the country, downsizing the military and losing its only friends. Itâ??s only real friend is the US and potentially Japan but minor issues are demagogued to the population by politicians for political advantage which are ruining these relationships.â??

I agree with you.

DPRK has succeeded to use propaganda of â??minor issuesâ?? including No Gun-ri â??Massacreâ?? or USFK tank â??murderâ?? to separate S.Koreans from the side of US and Japan.

Why DPRK could do it so well?

Because they knew how to deal with Koreans.

They knew that if they inspire the ultra-jingoism of S.Koreans, Koreans would go out of the control of US and kick their old friends out.

How can you crash Koreaâ??s ultra-jingoism?

It comes from the funny pride of fabricated history.

â??5,000 year historyâ??, â??the most efficient alphabet system in the worldâ??, â??the great Koguryo illusionâ??, etc, etc.

Can you help the stampeding Koreans without crashing their jingoism?

I like to crash it.

toru 7:05 am on April 30th, 2007 31


I think you and I already prove how Korean, not only irrational but also highly offensive.

Remember. We have an old saying "Silence is gold, eloquence is silver" (His silence speaks volumes).

GI Korea,

I think jion999 is just upset how Korean regards Japanese inferior and how they look down Japanese. It is not Japanese, but it is Koreans.


Going back to the point, Koguryo, I think more Korean historians try to dig up their history, the more they find evidences that support Chinese claims. That's why they have to rely on nationalism and movies and TV dramas, not by facts and rational arguments.

It's sad for Korean, but they have to pay the price of unhealthy nationalism and not teaching the true history to kids.

VG86  5:29 pm on April 30th, 2007 32

I remember you Jion. Robert of Marmot Hole banned you over a month ago, due to excessive amounts of trolling. I dont know why youre so fascinated with Koreans that you spend so much of your time on Korea related blog just to insult them. Whats your point? By 5000 years I meant 4000 years. I accidentally pressed 5 instead of 4. 4000 years due to recent findings and organized settlements back then. Japanese civilization began less then 2000 years ago during the Wa. When immigrants from the mainland civilized truly primitive Japanese jomon. And please dont mention anything about fabrications. Koreans do not fabricate history. Which is another reason why the whole world criticizes Japanese history rather then Korean history. I hope you realize that although TKD does have some karate influence(which in turn has influence from Chinese martial arts), Tae kwon do primarily stems from Taekyyon another Korean martial arts centuries old.

Japan truly enjoys fabricating its own history. Shinichi Fujimura for example made false discovery after false discovery in order to paint a rosey and fabricated picture of Japanese history. Lie after lie was spilled and introduced to Japanese textbooks, the end result being an entire generation of Japanese students being told lies. This went on for almost 20 years.



Mind you I can list several dozen articles criticizing phony Japanese history from western media outlets(BBC, CNN, New York Times etc). Jee I wonder why I cant find anyone criticizing Korean history books. Just because Korean text books paint the Japanese in a negative light does not make it anti-Japanese. Considering all the crap Japan has done in the past and all the crap it still does today, you shouldn't be surprised that Korean history views Japan negatively. Of course the typical Japanese response towards any Korea-Japan arguments is to immediately accuse the Koreans of harboring anti Japanese sentiment rather then properly discrediting the other side with evidence. If evidence does come out it usually comes from right wing Japanese opinion blogs.

Japanese students have no idea what true history is. Its no wonder why people like jion link to sites that deny Nanking or Japanese war crimes. Youre so caught up in lies that you no longer have the ability or the will to distinguish fact from fiction. Theyre are truly the product of Japans phony history education system and the lies they grew up with. Koreans have a far better understanding of Korean history then the Japanese do on Japanese history. Mind giving out examples of Korean distortions? Id like to see you try. You mention Gando, which ironically enough most Koreans do not know about nor does the Korean government demand China return it. Nor do Korean history books state that Gando is currently Korean territory. Get a clue. The Japanese are so ashamed of their history that they need to make things up or claim that it never happened.

Apparently South Korea is cursed with horrible neighbors.

Communist China to the west with her northeastern project which aims to steal Korean history.

North Korea to the North with her nuclear weapons and vast army close to the border.

Japan to the east with her lies, denials, phony textbooks, yasukuni and deceitful politicians.

Thank god South Korea doesnt have a neighbor to the south.

Sonagi  4:30 am on May 1st, 2007 35

I think you need to disinfect the blog, GI Korea.

jion999  6:52 am on May 1st, 2007 36

Sonagi  Oh, I didn't know you were a woman.

I enjoyed your comment.


If men had been like what you could understand, human being would have perished thousands years ago.

BTW, I like the story of "sonagi" in the Korean movie "My sassy girl".

Dan  1:54 pm on May 3rd, 2007 37

I was reading this and had to check and make sure what site I was on.

I've been smiling so much it hurts. It reads like a food fight on my screen! Too funny, really, you guys need to stop. You sound like a bunch of teenagers in the dressing room tring to see who has the biggest di-k.

Korea defenders: You wouldn't have a country if it wasn't for America. Where are your balls today? Kneeling down to your DPRK "brothers" and the Puppet Master China. You get upset about china steeling your past, while they are busy steeling your future. You get upset about some piece of dirt ISLAND, while you pay your northen "brothers" not to kill you. Get up off your knees Korea. Damn, how can a group of people be so damn BLIND.

If it wasn't so damn sad, it would be funny. Now, go back to throwing insults at each other. Insult me now. I likely will not respond, because you won't say anything worth much.

Lirelou  3:40 pm on May 3rd, 2007 38

GI Korea. The Chinese may have a claim on Goguryo history, though I suspect it arises from being conquered by the Qing. You might find Hyung Il-pai's "Constructing Korean Origins" of some interest. Prof. Hyung lays out the various schools and scholars who constructed the myth of the 5000 year history. For myself, the fact that the Korean people have 5000 years of history is as obvious as the fact that everyone else in the world has at least the same. We may have been Normans, Norse, Germanic, Celts, or whatever if we go back far enough, but all those strains added up to what Westerners are today. No one in their right mind would therefore argue that Koreans do not likewise have 5000 years of history. There is a good chance that if anyone ever recovers any 5000 year old DNA material from any mounds here, some of it will match that of modern Koreans. But some of it is also likely to match that of other groups. This is where the "5000 years" of racial purity assumption, which is wrapped into the "5000 years of history" claim by ultranationalists, fails. These gentlemen demand that everyone recognize an unbroken line of Korean nation-states going back 5000 years. According to Hyung, neither the textual nor archeological records will support such an assumption. That is likewise true for the Chinese. Of course, we Westerners are hardly paragons of reason. If is not hard to look around and find friends and aquaintenances who accept literal interpretations of the Christian bible that give many an old testament patriarch a longevity only slightly less than Dangun's.

jion999 6:45 pm on May 3rd, 2007 39

Very good comment. Lirelou.

Kogryo controversy was not started by China.

Koreans started it.

Some Korean nationalists, who were brainwashed to believe the illusion of greater Korea, organized tours of many Koreans to visit the sites of Koguryo in China many times.

One of the organizers claimed that Koreans must be stronger enough to recover the original territory in the future.


Japanese feel sympathy to Chinese anger because Koreans arrange the similar tours in Japan.

Many Koreans visited the sites and temples of Nara and Kyoto, and claim that those were built by Korean ancestors.


It is true that many people came to Japan from Korean peninsula as immigrants in those days.

But they are ancestors of modern Japanese, not Koreans.

And Japanese have protected those cultural heritages of Japanese ancestors for many year.

Because there are not famous ancient sites in Korea which they are proud of, they go to China and Japan, and claim that those ancient heritages were built by Koreans.

Koguryo was built by Koreans?

There was no so called Koreans in those days.

And sites of Koguryo are heritages of modern Chinese, not modern Koreans.

Koreans are trying to accomplish their dream to be great in fabricated ancient history.

They canâ??t do it in the modern history because there are many evidences which show the miserable reality of Korea surrounded by big countries.

Koreans try to glamorize the ancient history because there is little evidence and nobody can write true history.

The ancient history of Korea is distorted and written from the aspect of Korean nationalism which has risen after its independence.

GI Korea

I recommend you to doubt the history of Korea which you were taught by Koreans.

No Gun-ri â??Massacreâ?? or USFK tank â??murderâ?? is not only the case of Korean distortion. 

VG86 8:14 pm on May 4th, 2007 40

Jion do you ever learn? Do you know why you were banned from marmot hole? You visit Korea related blogs soley insult Koreans and to make up more lies. Seems like someone has issues. Koreans did not start the Koguryo controversy. The issue began when the Chinese government openly declared another soverign nations history as their own.


Go read it up. How exactly did Koreans start the Koguryeo controversy? If the northeast project never happened there would be nothing to fight over. Your arguments doesnt even make any sense. Koguryeo is Korean and the people were Korean. The earliest Korean Kingdom/federation was Gojoseon. Gojoseon was a collection of several city states aka a federation much like Greece. When Gojoseon collapsed the stronger city states began to eat the weaker ones. Eventually three major kingdoms sprang up from the remnants of Gojoseon. Koguryeo, Shilla and Baekjae. They all shared common ancestry and sprang from the same Korean kingdom- Gojoseon. Shilla would later beat Goguryeo and Baekjae and unify the peninsula.

Do you know where the word Korea comes from? It comes from the Koryo dynasty(much like how China comes from the Chin dynasty) which was founded over a thousand years ago. The Koryo dynasty was also known as Hugoguryeo(which means later Koguryeo). Infact Koryo is just a shortened name for Koguryeo. And yes the Koryo dynasty considered itself a successor state to Koguryeo, many of the nobles were direct descendents to Koguryeo.


Even the ancient Shilla general Kim Yu Shin who unified the three kingdoms stated that Goguryeo, Shilla and Baekjae all shared the same blood and should be unified.

When the Tang dynasty of China later came to eat up Korea, former Goguryeo citizens sided with Shilla to drive out the Chinese. Koreans over a thousand years ago thought Goguryeo was Korean and so do Koreans today. You mention that Koguryeo is Chinese, mind giving evidence or any bit of information to support your dubious claims? I bet you cant, youre only doing this due to youre prejudice towards Koreans. Koreans dont have any famous ancient sites? Would you please define famous ancient sites? Koreans have plenty of ancient sites and temples btw. Koreans are very proud of their history and their culture. It sure as heck beats Japanese history which consists of primitive hunters getting civilized by mainlanders. Followed by centuries of Japanese people killing and raping each other, as well as the occasional pirate/woku attacks on richer countries(Korea and China)until it was unified by Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi would later invade Korea only to get whooped by a true hero- Yi Sun Shin. After Japans defeat it would isolate itself for several centuries until America forced Japan to open up. This was followed by Japan copying western technology and using it to murder and colonize completely innocent people and countries all across asia for no apparent reason other then greed, Only to get nuked twice and then decades later to produce cars, cartoons and internet trolls.

Japan is so ashamed of its history that it needs to fabricate history. I challenge you to name a single Japanese person who could hold a candle to great heros like Sejong, Yi Sun Shin and Ulchi Mundok. I bet you cant. Western and Asian media alike constantly criticize Japan for distorting and white washing history. Yet they never criticize Korean history. Why is it that not a single major Japanese news paper or media outlet mentions anything about Korean history books or history.

jion999  1:59 am on May 5th, 2007 41


The ancient history you wrote above is an imagination of Korean historians.

"Koguryeo is Korean and the people were Korean."??

"Gojoseon was a collection of several city states aka a federation much like Greece."??

"Gojoseon collapsed the stronger city states began to eat the weaker ones. Eventually three major kingdoms sprang up from the remnants of Gojoseon."??

What evidences is this fairly tale based on?

The oldest history document in Korea is Samguk Sagi of 12c AD.

The oldest history record in Korea is the stele of King Gwanggaeto of 5c AD.

How do Koreans talk about the ancient history of 3,000 years ago or 4,000 years ago so confidently without evidences or historical sites of Gojoseon?

This is an imagination.

Because the history of Koguryo is like a peanut for China which owns 4,000 year history with evidences, Chinese had ignored it.

However, paranoid imaginings of Koreans about ancient history has been mixed with the sovereignty controversy of Gando and Koreans started to dream to create imaginary greater Korea in the future after unification.

That is the reason why Chinese government started the northeast project.

As I wrote above, main cause of Kogryo controversy is Koreansâ?? ultra-nationalism and lies, not the faults of other countries.


â??I challenge you to name a single Japanese person who could hold a candle to great heros like Sejong, Yi Sun Shin and Ulchi Mundok.â??

I am sorry but I am sure most foreign people donâ??t know those three names.

â??Yet they never criticize Korean history.â??

Of course. Because they are not interested in Korean history.

Thatâ??s a reason why Gojoseon is never introduced as an ancient civilization in the foreign countries. 

Dr.Yu  3:47 am on May 5th, 2007 42

Jion ABC

"Because there are not famous ancient sites in Korea which they are proud of, they go to China and Japan, and claim that those ancient heritages were built by Koreans."

You are right, there are no famous ancien sites in korea, but it is because the japanese burned them all during the occupation and even before that period, during the thousand of times that japan invaded korea.

I think we should ask for compensation on this as well from japan. Let's start the candle vigils ….

jion999  5:02 am on May 5th, 2007 43


"You are right, there are no famous ancient sites in Korea, but it is because the Japanese burned them all during the occupation"


It sounds like the same rhetoric that Koreans couldn't find any evidences of Japan's coercing Korean women to work as comfort women except shouting old women.

The excuse of â??Japanese Empireâ?? is very convenient for Koreans to create favorable history.

Dr.Yu   7:19 am on May 5th, 2007 44

Jion 123

"It sounds like the same rhetoric that Koreans couldnâ??t find any evidences of Japanâ??s coercing Korean women to work as comfort women except shouting old women."

I´m sorry to tell you but there are lot´s of old japanese soldiers going to the media to "shout" about the comfort women, asking to be forgiven for what they did.

You don´t have to go far from home to find the evidences.



The Legendary S.Korea's Historical Maps


This Picture Is Said The Future Histroy ……

Why Some SouthKoreans Always Wanted To Proof Korea Belongs To China In Histroy,But We Are Never Want Have Any Relations With South Korea About All Origins Of The Martian .