The PLA's Toy

The PLA's Small Toys

Recently There Are Many English Media Attention To Some Small Toys In China Army,Actually Compared Than Those Big Guy In Libya,These Are Also Really Just A Small Toy So So...
China's New Jet The J-20 , Which Is Said To Match Most Of The World's Best Fighters.

Aircraft Carrier
The Newest Old Aircraft Carrier - Varyag , Is In The Northern Port City Of DaLian, Where It Is Being Refurbished .
The Carrier Fighter J-15 Of Chinese Future Aircraft Carrier Will Deliver To The PLAN In The Shortest Possible Timeframe .


The DF-25 Is China's Newest Operational Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile(IRBM).

It Is Killer For "Indian Head Division" .










Pakistan Grimace Trees


Pakistan As Many Month Of Floods, Appears Has Been Extremely Unusual The Moue, The Spider Which There Is No Place Might Run Away On Sets Up In Abundance, And Nettinged In Above, Has Wrapped Up One Densely The Trees "Coat". But This Phenomenon After The Flood Disaster Area Is Also A Positive Signal, Because Spider Massive Nettinging, To Eliminate The Dissemination Malaria's Prime Culprit Mosquito Musca, Will Have The Enormous Significance.



[Windwing]: Whole World "Ghost Different" Trees






Panda Sneezing


I Always Think That People Love Pandas . They Are So Lovely .



Wild Candy Provides Visitors The True Story Of The Sneezing Panda, And We're Excited To Be Able To Offer You The Same Image In Print ...


A Baby Panda Sneeze And He Scares His Mother...


[Windwing]Baby Pandas Gang War: http://wiudwing.blogspot.com/2011/03/baby-pandas-gang-war.html 


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RedFlag Fell:CCCP And Flags

When The Soviet Union Collapsed In 1991 , It Suddenly Became Obvious That The USSR Had Never Been A Proper Country .

The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR/CCCP/SU)

''Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика'' , РСФСР , Russian SFSR , Russia . 1917.11.7 --- 1991.12.25

Ukraine Soviet Socialism Republic One Of Soviet Union's , Is Also Soviet Union Initiates Countries. Ukraine In Soviet Union, The Population Is Only Inferior To The Russian , The Area Also Occupies Third, After Occupying Russian And The Khazak , Is Economy More Developed . The Republic Capital Starts For Kharkov (1918-1934), Latter Moves To Kiev. The 1917 Year On December 5, The Ukraine Soviet Socialism Republic Is Tenable, In 1918, West Ukraine (West Dnieper River) Is Seized By Poland. In 1922 Soviet Union Was Founded, East Ukraine Became Soviet Union To Initiate One Of Countries. In November, 1939, Soviet Troops Entered East Poland, West Ukraine And Ukraine Soviet Socialism Republic Merge. In August, 1940, Will Belong To Romanian Territory Northern Bukovina And Bessarabia Part Merges Ukraine. In 1941, Ukraine Is Seized By The German Fascist, In 1944 October, Ukraine Liberated. In October, 1945, The Ukraine Soviet Socialism Republic Took A Non-Independent Country To Join The United Nations Together With Soviet Union, Became The United Nations To Initiate One Of Member Nations. In 1954, Crimea Turned Over Ukraine From Russia, Became A Ukraine State. On July 16 1990, The Ukraine Supreme Soviet Declared That The Ukraine Soviet Socialism Republic Constitution And The Law Are Higher Than The Soviet Socialism Republic Alliance Constitution And The Law, And Is Authorized To Establish Own Armed Force. On August 24, 1991, The Ukraine Official Announcement Was Separated From Soviet Union To Be Independent .

Belarus Is Belongs To An Economy More Developed Union Republic In The Entire Soviet Union, Capital Minsk. After 1917 Year Russia October Revolution Victory, Belarus Has Established The Soviet Political Power, Before In 1918 First World War Germany Defeated, Belarus Most Seized For Germany. On January 1, 1919, Established The Belarus Soviet Socialism Republic. Polish Duplicate Country, Has The SU-Po War, Soviet Union Cedes West Belarus And West Ukraine Gives Poland. December 3, East 1922 Belarus Took Initiates The Country To Join Soviet Union. In 1939, Poland Divided By Germany And Soviet Union Seizes, West Belarus Merged The Belarus Soviet Socialism Republic. In 1941 The SU-Germany Outbreak Of War, Belarus Is Seized By The German Army, In 1944 June SU Troops Liberated Belarus. The 1990 Year On July 27, The Belarus Supreme Soviet Through "Sovereignty Manifesto", On August 25, 1991, Belarus Announced That Is Separated From Soviet Union To Be Independent.

In 1920, Estonia Was Separated From Soviet Russia To Obtain The Independence, And Has Established The Republic. In June, 1940, Soviet Troops Seized The Three Countries Of Baltic Sea, On July 21 Has Established The Estonian Soviet Socialism Republic, Merged Soviet Union. In 1941, The Soviet Germany Outbreak Of War, Nazi Germany Has Seized Estonia, In 1944, Soviet Union Has Seized Estonia. The 1990 Year, Estonia Announced That The Country's Name Change Is Estonia, In 1991, Liked Announcing That Was Separated From Soviet Union To Be Independent Officially.

Latvia, Located At Eastern Europe's Baltic Sea Coast.

Before 1918, Lithuania Is A Tsarist Russia's Province. In 1918, Set Up The Declare Independence, Tenable Republic. The End Of 1918 To The Beginning Of 1919, The Lithuania Most Districts Has Established The Soviet Political Power Successively. In February, 1919.2 ~ August Established The Lithuania And Belarus Soviet Socialism Republic. In April, 1919 Poland Seized Vilnius.In January 1940, Soviet Union Seizes Lithuania, Restores The Soviet Political Power, In July Establishes The Lithuania Soviet Socialism Republic, In August Joins Soviet Union, Becomes A Soviet Union's Republic. 1988 The End Of The Year, Sets Up The Nationalism Organization "To Strive For The Reform Movement" (The Lithuanian To Be Called : SjŪDis) Establishes, Raises The New Claim Independence The Tide. The 1990 Year, SjŪDis Elects In The Lithuania Supreme Soviet Wins, Obtains Incumbent Party's Status, The New Soviet Passes "About The Reply Independent Lithuania Country" The Agreement, Announces The National Independence, Decides The Country's Name Is "The Lithuania Republic", Before And Restored 1940 The National Flag. Stands Is In Soviet Union 15 Union Republic The First Declare Independence Country. The SjŪDis's Independent Position Encounters Opposed That Is Separated From Soviet Union's Political Power Vociferous Objects. In Order To Prevent Lithuania To Be Independent, The Soviet Government Has Taken A Series Of Measures, And Military Occupation Vilnius. The 1991 Year On September 6 Lithuania Obtains The Independent Status Officially.

The Reason Why Russian Immigrants Poured Into Occupied Estonia And Latvia In The Soviet Era , But Not Into Lithuania , Is An Interesting Historical Question Which Affects The Present.

Transcaucasia Soviet Socialism Federal Republic (Russian: Закавказская Социалистическая Федеративная Советская Республика (Зсфср)) Was Existed Joins Soviet Union's Soviet Republic From 1922 One Which To 1936, It By Georgia, Armenia And Azerbaijan Was Composed, In Soviet Union It Also By Transcaucasia.

  After In 1917 Russian Empire Disintegration, The Caucasus Area's Province Has Founded An Own Named Transcaucasia Federation Joint Nation. But Between Its Constituent's Disagreement And Has Caused This Federal Republic Fission With Turkey's War In April, 1918. In The Hereafter Several Years These Areas Are Destroyed By The Civil War, Under The Soviet Red Army's Interference Its Three Constituent In March 12, 1922 In Tbilisi Announced That Establishes The Transcaucasia Soviet Socialism Federal Republic. On December 30, 1922 The Transcaucasia Soviet Socialism Federal Republic Joined Soviet Union Officially. But Georgian And Azerbaijan's Communist Party Is Discontented To This Alliance, Therefore In The Rough Continually Season. Under Bei Liya Influence The Transcaucasia Soviet Socialism Federal Republic Decomposes Into Its Composition Three Parts. These Three Parts (Armenian Soviet Socialism Republic, Georgian Soviet Socialism Republic And Azerbaijanian Soviet Socialism Republic) Distinguishes To Become Soviet Union's Republic Respectively.

On February 25, 1921 Established The Georgian Soviet Socialism Republic, In December, The Abkhazia Soviet Socialism Republic Joined Georgia In The Same Year. The 1931 Year Abkhazia Soviet Socialism Republic Changes Name As The Abkhazia Soviet Socialism Autonomous Republic, Becomes The Georgian Soviet Socialism Republic Autonomous Republic Georgia Soviet Socialism Republic National Emblem The 1922 Year, By Georgia, Azerbaijan And Armenia Is Composed The Transcaucasia Soviet Socialism Federal Republic, Becomes The Soviet Socialism Republic Alliance To Initiate One Of Member Nations. The 1936 Year, The Georgian Soviet Socialism Republic Is Tenable, Becomes One Of Soviet Union Republic. The 1991 Year, Soviet Union Disintegrates, The Standard Obtains The Independence, Changes The Country's Name For The Georgian Republic. In 1995 Changed Name As Georgia.

Armenia(1936 --- 1991)

Azerbaijan 1922 - 1991

In November, 1917 Has Established The Soviet Political Power - - Baku People's Commune. In 1918 The Summer, British And Turkey's Armed Intervention Soviet Union, Has Seized Azerbaijan Short, Establishes The Azerbaijanian Democratic Republic, Afterward Restored The Soviet Political Power Under The Soviet Red Army Help. On April 28, 1920, The Azerbaijanian Soviet Socialism Republic Was Tenable .

Kazakhstan Is A Former Autonomous Republic Of The USSR And Declared Independence In 1991 .

After Russia Has The October Revolution, The Khazak Tenable Soviet Political Power, On August 26, 1920 Established The Ownership In The Russian Federation Kirghiz Soviet Socialism Autonomous Republic. On April 19, 1925 Renamed The Khazak Soviet Socialism Autonomous Republic. On December 5 ,1936 Changes Name As The Khazak Soviet Socialism Republic .

In 1917, Kirghiz Has Established The Soviet Political Power, In 1924 Became The Russian Soviet Socialism Republic An Autonomous Prefecture. In 1936 Established The Kirghiz Soviet Socialism Republic And Joins Soviet Union. On August 31, 1991 Announced That Is Separated From Soviet Union To Be Independent, Changes The Country's Name Is The Kirghizia Republic, The People Who Live In Kyrgyzstan Today Have A Diverse And Complicated History . They Are From Many Different Places And Ethnic Backgrounds .

Turkmen Constituent Republic Of Southern Central Asian USSR. Corresponding Roughly To The Historical Region , It Became A Constituent Republic In 1925 . Ashkhabad Is The Capital.

Ўзбекистон Совет Социалистик РеспубликасиO'zbekiston Sovet Sotsialistik Respublikasi Узбекская Советская Социалистическая РеспубликаUzbek .

In November, 1917 Established The Soviet Political Power, On October 27, 1924 Established The Uzbekistan Soviet Socialism Republic And Joins Soviet Union. On August 31,1991 The Declare Independence, Changes The Country's Name For The Uzbekistan Republic.

November, 1917 To February, 1918, The Tajik Northern Area Has Established The Soviet Political Power, Subordinates In Soviet Russia's Tucuman Autonomous Republic. In 1920 Established The Bukhara Soviet People's Republic. In 1924 Established - Tajik Soviet Socialism Autonomous Republic, Changed Subordination Belongs To The Uzbekistan Soviet Socialism Republic. In 1929 Established The Tajik Soviet Socialism Republic, Became Soviet Union Central Directly Under Union Republic. The 1990 Year Tajik Declare Independence, At The End Of August, 1991 Changed The Name As The Republic Of Tajikistan .

Moldova Has Close Ethnic , Cultural And Linguistic Ties With Romania . It Was Briefly Part Of Romania Between First And Second World Wars .In June, 1940, Soviet Union Seized Moldova Again, Established The Moldavia Soviet Socialism Republic. The 1991 Year On August 27 The Declare Independence, Changes Name As The Moldova Republic.

Karjalais-Suomalainen Sosialistinen Neuvostotasavalta , Karelia

On July 16, 1956, Soviet Union Announced That The Rescission Karelia- Finland Soviet Socialism Republic Organization System, Merges It Originally The Identical Administrative Rank Russian Soviet Socialism Republic, And Changes Name As The Karelia Autonomous Republic.

Дальневосточная Республика,ДВР

1920 The Far East Republic, In 1922, Merged The Russian Soviet Socialism Republic.

Abkhazia Soviet Socialism Republic

Ajaria Soviet

Bashkirian Autonomous Republic

Buryat Autonomous Republic

Chuvashia Autonomous Republic

Dagestan Autonomous Republic

Kabardino Balkariya Autonomous Republic

Kalmykia Autonomous Republic

Karelia Autonomous Republic

Komi Autonomous Republic

Mari El Autonomous Republic

Moldavia Autonomous Republic

North Ossetia Autonomous Republic

Tatar Autonomous Republic

The Soviet Union Annexes The Tuvan People's Republic , Which Is Then Made A Part Of The Russian SFSR.

Udmurtija Autonomous Republic

Yakutia Autonomous Republic

Uzbek's Karakalpaken Autonomous Republic ,