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China Nuclear Base

Recently, China's Nuclear Base Exposure.
It Is Called The Sub-Ground Wall Project.
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CCTV-7 Expose
In 1995 Summer, "The PLA Daily" An Inconspicuous News Mentioned,Tens Of Thousands Of Missile Soldiers Pass Through More Than 10 Years To Completes A Great Defenceconstruction Project Finally.The Internal Tunnel Total Length Over 5000 Kilometers, The Most Outer Layer Of The Earth Is Covered 1000 Meters Deep, This Also Not Including Any Artificial Reinforcing Layer.
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Nanking Day

Nanking Day,13/December
Survivor XiaShuQin
The Pray, Is Willing The Soul To Rest…

Japanese Monk DaDongRen, Donations Collected "Evidence".

On December 16, 1937 Published "Osaka Daily News"

In January 1938 Yamomato Warrant Officer From NanJing Mail To Send His Daughter Of The 13 Original Photograph,On February 10, 1938 Letter Arrived Japan.

In Japan,Nobody Introspection War, Is Called The National Traitor.

Japanese Devil

In December, 1937, The Japanese Forces Stormed Into NanJing .

The Inhuman Killing People In Japanese Officers, Carrying A Cut Head Ears, Triumphant, Photography.
American Newspaper In A Massacre Photo

No Words 

Killed Women 

NanJing Citizens

Japanese Murderers

Celebration NanJing Victory In Tokyo

Buddhist Monk Military Training   

Put The Dog Bite

Baby's Corpse

Person Targets

Finally Prayer

Barbarian Beast

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300 Thousands

Rob Belongings



"Tokyo Every Daily News" Murder Competition Game Reward Reported

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13/December/1937,The Japanese Forces Seize NanJing

13/December/1937,The Japanese Forces Seize NanJing .

13/December/1937,Massacre Start

In Human History Biggest Inhuman Atrocity

In Human History Biggest Inhuman Atrocity

In Human History Biggest Inhuman Atrocity

In Human History Biggest Inhuman Atrocity



How To Comfort The Death Of Sob Soul Rest?

Every Japanese Must Introspection War And Apologize For War Offence.


Nanking And Rabe