HuoQuBing(140BC—117BC) Is A Man Who Borns For The War And Dies For The War.

The Han Dynasty Period Han Nationality Is In The History Adopts The Large-Scale Offensive Operation Only To The Nomads, And Obtains Decisive Victory's Agriculture Nationality.Receives The Heavy Losses The XiongNu(Hsiungnu) People Start To Move Westward,In The Later Several Hundred Years The XiongNu People Successively Live In The Central Asia Prairie And Eastern European Prairie,Then Continues To Move Westward,Under Its Leader Attila Leadership, Is Involved In The Germanic People And The Roman Empire Dispute.The Huns Moves Westward Is Forcing The Alans, Ostrogoths, Visigoths,Vandals, Frankfurt And So On To The Westward Movement, Has Triggered The World Nationality Migration, Rewrote Europe's History.Who Stronger The Roman Army And The Han Dynasty Army ?Han Made The Decisive Victory Of The XiongNu Is Incomparable With The Europeans,When The Han Dynasty And XiongNu Frontal Battlefields In The Scale Of War The Europeans Cannot Imagine.

Interestingly,The XiongNu Said That Is The China Xia Dynasty(2070BC-1600BC) King's Descendant,Is More Qualified As Emperor Compared To Han Dynasty Emperor Who Was Peasant Born.So They Don't Appellation The Han Dynasty Person As HuaXia People,But Rather As Han People,This Is Now The Origin Of Chinese Han Nationality.

HuoQuBing Is A Butterfly For Nationality Great Migration .

The HuoQuBing Life Is A Legendary,Mother Is A Slave,With His Father Un-Confessed Illegitimate Identity Born.HuoQuBing Would Have A Lifetime Of Slavery,However The Miracle Arrives,When One Year Old He Has Become The Han Dynasty Emperor's Nephew.

123BC,HuoQuBing 17 Years Old First Time Go To Battle With The XiongNu, He Leads 800 Cavalry Soldiers To Cast Off The Large Forces Several Hundred Miles To Seek For XiongNu,Annihilates The Enemy 2028 People And Kills XiongNu ChanYu(King) Grandfather, Captured Alive ChanYu's Uncle.Is Awarded The Champion Marquis.

121BC Spring, Leads 10 Thousands Cavalry Soldiers, 6 Days Attack 1600 Miles, Pass Through Five XiongNu Kingdoms, Cut XiongNu LuHou And ZheLan King, Capture HunXie Prince And Prime Minister, Annihilate The Enemy 8960 People.
In The Summer, Attacks More Than 2000 Miles Again, Annihilates The Enemy 30200 People, Captured People XiongNu Prince Five, Prime 59 , General 63.
Autumn, Leads Ten Thousand Cavalry Soldiers To Accept XiongNu The HunXie And The XiuTu(His Son JinMiDi Latter Is Appointed Cavalry Soldier General And Marquis, Governs The Han Dynasty Military Authority) King's Surrender,Saw The Han Army Came, XiuTu King And The Subordinate Has Reneged On A Promise, Had The Mutiny.HuoQuBing And Several Followers Ride On Horseback Into The XiongNu Central Camp,Directly Faces 100 Thousand XiongNu People, Interrogated The HunXie King, Issues An Order Him To Kills XiuTu King And 8000 Mutinies Soldiers.The Heroic Spirit Awed All People.Today We Can Difficult To Imagine,How Do 19 Year-Old Youths Are Stand In Enemy's Camp, Just Uses An Expression Hand Signal Merely The Account Outside Forty Thousand Soldiers And Eight Thousand Chaotic Soldier Uniforms.

WangKeWei OilPaint

The Emperor Reward A Wine From The Capital, HuoQuBing Has Not Enjoyed Alone, But Pours Into Spring Water, Lets Entire Forces Drink,Afterward, This Spring Was Called JiuQuan(WineSpring), Now The China JiuQuan Space Center.

119BC, HuoQuBing Leads Fifty Thousand Cavalry Soldier Northing More Than Two Thousand Miles, Arrives At The Mongolian Kent Mountain Area, Annihilates The Enemy 70,000. Chases Down XiongNu ChanYu To Baikal, The XiongNu Avoids Nobody To Accept A Challenge.

117BC Died, Only 23 Years Old.HuoQuBing All Life Once Four Times Commanded Troops To Attack The XiongNu, Altogether Annihilated The Enemy More Than 220 Thousand People, Without A Defeat.The Emperor Order His Grave To Build QiLian Mountain's Appearance, Shows His Meritorious Military Exploits.

110BC His Son HuoShan Died When Ten Years Old , The Descendant Hence Cuts Off.Stepbrother HuoGuang, Became The Han Dynasty Powerfulminister, Once Dethroned Emperor.


Microsoft Bing Search

Today Microsoft Corporation Official Announcement Promotes The Brand-New Chinese Search Brand "BiYing",Makes The Brand-New Joyful Search Experience.
BiYing Means Certainty Respond (Respond To Every Plea).

After Purchasing Yahoo! Is Defeated, After Bing Is Very Possible Is The Microsoft Search Engine Remoulds The Brand New Name.Microsoft Corporation Already Registered Bing.com、Bing.com.cn、Bing.com.au、Bing.co.nz、Bing.co.uk、Bing.ca、Bing.sg、Bing.hk、Bing.de And So On,Nearly All Geography Domain Name,But CN Domain Name Bing.cn Exception.Because Bing.cn Is Related The Chinese Surname "Bing",According To The CNNIC Related Stipulation, This Domain Is Included The Limit Registration Roll, Does Not Support The Online Registration.

Microsoft Localization
In The Bing Search Has Also Integrated The Microsoft Asia Research Institute's Innovation Technology,Strengthened Has Aimed At The Chinese Users Specially The Search Service And The Joyful Search Experience.
In Order To Help The User Quickly To Complete The Key Search Task,Microsoft When This Bing Search Brand Issue Has Promoted A Series Of Innovation Function.
Video Live: Web Preview
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Emap Search: According To Chinese Users Launched Numerous Detailed Map Query Functions
Messenger Friends Share
And Used Many The Microsoft Research Asia's Innovation Technology To Realize The Localization.
But Compared With G.cn Still Fell Behind.


DuanWu Festival

Today Is DuanWu Festival

Chu Poet QuYuan 340BC-278BC

LongBoat Race

Eat ZongZi

DuanWu Festival Is Every Chinese Lunar Calendar In May Fifth Day, Is Originally Summer's One Drives Out Plague The Holiday,Afterward Poet QuYuan Threw MiLuo River To Commit Suicide(5.5.278BC), Everybody Of One Mind Rows A Boat Rescues Him, Therefore Later Had The Match Longboat's Custom,Also Jettison The Steamed Rice Dumpling To The River To Feed The Fish, Hoped That The Fish Will Eat To The Full Will Not Have Eaten QuYuan's Body.

Hangs The AiYe And ChangPu (Argy Wormwood And Calamus) Leaf, Avoiding Evil Influences

Wears Sachet Avoiding Evil Influences

Drinks Realgar Wine Avoiding Evil Influences

USAF In Vietnam Sky

On May 7, 1954, The Vietnamese People's Army Obtained In The Battle Of DianBienPhu Has Wiped Out French Forces Successfully.In September, 1954 US Started To Involve Vietnam Domestic Struggle.After January, 1955, France Evacuates.In May, 1961 US Armed Forces Started The Comprehensive Operation Plan In Vietnam.

A-1H Skyraider




VA-42 A-6A


In 1969 Anchored In The Vietnamese Sea "Enterprise" Aircraft Carrier


"Kitty Hawk" VA-75

1966 ,VF-213 F-4G & F-4B


F-4 Launching Rocket


"Forrestal"Aircraft Carrier
1967 .8 .6



1969.1.14 Enterprise

Deck, A-7

VA-146 A-7E





"Hancock" VA-55 A-4F


VAQ-136 EA-6B

US F-4 Fighter Shooted Down

Mig - 17 Chase F-105

Mig - 17 And A-1

U.S.NAVY Pilot Robert Shumake The Driving F-8 Shoots Down Is Captured, Latter Is Imprisoned The Base Camp Is Released In "Hanoi Hilton " Until 1973.(1965.2.11)

USAF Staff Sergeant Pilot Hayden Lockhart After Quang Binh Province Parachuting By Vietnamese Militiaman Captive(1965.3.2)

Hit In The Air Of U.S.NAVY F-4

In Northern Vietnam Have Been Hit By An Explosion Over The U.S.NAVY F-8E

Captured USAF Pilot Willard S.Gideon.(1966.8.7)

Captured "Christmas Bombings" Pilot(1973)
Vietnam Mig - 17
USAF F-4 "Phantom" Paint
Mig - 17 Paint
Mig - 17 Shot Down F-4 Paint
Mig - 17 Shot F-105 Paint
USAF Captain Albert Molinare During Press,Was Captured On 72.4.27 In Thanh Hoa .(1972.6)
Fotograph"Hanoi Hilton",1973.4.1Was Released
USAF Plane Wreckage
USAF Plane Wreckage
On January 23, 1973, Between US And Vietnam Announced The Truce.

US Nightmare Is For US Insisted That "Fire South Bomb North" Strategy,Cannot Attack Vietnam's Rear Area Effectively, The US Soldiers Also Cannot Enter 17 Degrees Line, The Ground Forces Limit In South Vietnam Battle, Cope With North Vietnam Only Use The Fighter To Bomb.Therefore, The War Is Unable To Win.
But Across 17 Degrees Line ...
Second Chosun War Again .