TaiWan TVBS Anchorwoman Gaffe

TaiWan TVBS Anchor LiaoYingTing On 27th Evening Private Criticism In Money Laundering Door For ChenShuiBian, Because The Staff Mistake Was Broadcast.

" Mental Illness, He Thought That He Would Spit It Out? To Eat Shit. "
Beauty Smiles
" Mental Illness, He Thought That He Would Spit It Out? To Eat Shit. " --- Belle's Curse

For The Staff Mistake Her Words Which Privately Criticizes In Disgraced All Broadcast, Creates A Tumult In TaiWan.



CASC SZ-7 SpaceWalk

Today, The Chinese Taikonaut(HangTianYuan) Will Carry On For The First SpaceWalk .

Pic From @ HuanQiu.Com & iFeng.Com

The ShenZhou Seven(SZ-7) SpaceWalk 3D Simulation Animation

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Street Chalk

Alone Leg Entertainer's Chalk Drawing In GuiYang Street .

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)
WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)


Chalk Calligraphy

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

WuSong Fights The Tiger --- Origin《ShuiHuZhuan》(The Water Margin)

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The Korean And The Foto First Time Meets

These Photos Are The Korean Diplomatic Envoy “YanXingShi” When In 1863 Lunar Calendar In January Visited The BeiJing , In The Russian Embassy Makes The Photo.These Photos By London Missionary Society Are Entrusted The SOAS Storage.

That Year At That Time Of China Picture

In The 19th Century, Overseas Poster China Picture That People Steadily Western Face .

Manufactures The Arrow



Soliciting Money

Sells Pork

Sells Vegetable

Night Patrol


Wealthy Madame


Hand Drum Entertainer

Polish Quartz Old Person

Giving Change

Catches Frog Expert

Dry Tobacco Pole Maker



China Ancient Weapon

Ancient Weapon In China

Spring And Autumn Period Combat Tank: The Chinese Ancient Times's Tank, The Member Used The Long Weapon's Warrior Including One, A Shooter And A Driver.

Turret: ZhuGeLiang Attacks The ChenCang Weapon, Is Also The Time Which All Previous Dynasties Carry On Attack A City Uses Important Combat Tank. Today's General Wheeled Armored Vehicle Slightly Has Its Wind, Does Not Only Have It To Be Like This Huge.

Nest Vehicle: Ancient Times's Armored Scout Car, Used In Watching For In The City The Sound Of Something Astir, Has Cowhide Compartment Which Might Rise And Fall.

LiuMa: Ancient Times's Carrier, Came From The Mountainous Region Transportation Which ZhuGeLiang Invented To Use The Vehicle.Now Nobody Knows .

Hole Room Vehicle: Uses In The Combat Tank Which Attacks A City, The Above Anti-Arrows And Stones, Below May Unearth Broken City .

Leaning Boxcar: North QiJiGuang Resists The Nomads Army's Combat Tank, One Side Armor May Take The Preliminary Bunker .

Boxcar: Three Has The Armor, Might Use In Pushing Out Has Attacked, It Compared In The Leaning Boxcar Defense To Be More Perfect, But The Leaning Boxcar Also Had An Advantage, Was The Enemy Captures Has Been Unable To Use Immediately, Because Did Not Have The Protection Facing The Front Direction To Result In The Shook.

Blockage Vehicle: Defends A City Weapon, Once The City Gate Is Hit, This Is Active City Gate .

Aerial Ladder Apparatus: The Scaling Ladder May Not Be At The Common Movie Such Simple Ladder, It Has Against Shield, The Winch, Grasps The Hook And So On Many Kinds Of Special-Purpose To Climb The City Tool .

Blockage Knife Vehicle: Improves The Cock Vehicle, Such Opposite Party Is Very Difficult To Climb Up, Forms Active The Barrier .

The Tiger Vehicle, Defends A City The Use The Combat Tank, Throws Over Has The Skin Armor, Suits The Street Fighting, May Take The Active Fortification.

The Gun Carriage, Ming Dynasty's Franky (Portugal) Cannon Is One Of Earliest Breech Weapons, Its Shell Use Magazine, May Replace Rapidly, Rate Of Fire Compared To Qing Dynasty Cannon Quick Many .

The Rocket Sled, The Ming Armed Forces Field Operation Uses The Defense Vehicles, Place Front The Army To Use Approximate Today's Rocket Launcher Generally Voluntarily .

Primitive Flamethrower - Raging Fire Tank

Multibarrel Launcher: Stampede
This Was Ancient Times's Katusha Rocket Launcher, In A Launcher Had Sends The Rocket Projectile. This Kind Of Weapon Once Had The Display In The Military Museum. The Ming Dynasty "Wu Bei Zhi" Has To The Stampede Introduced In Detail That Specification Then Had Many Kinds, From 3 Salvo's Divine Weapon , Rushed Together To 100 Salvo's Hundred Tigers Running, Belonged To This Category. The Firing Distance 300 Meters, Launched In Salvos The Rocket To Make Up The Ordinary Rocket Trajectory Unstable Weakness.

Large-Scale Use Stampede's Ming Army Defensive Position

Early Mine The Use's Principle Is The Bamboo Pole Which Puts In The Blasting Fuse Makes A Connection, When The Necessity Lights The Blasting Fuse, Detonates The Mine.

Mine Structure

Non-Contact Marine Mine: Water Dragon King
With The Fire Medical Pouch Outside The Gable Cow Skin Waterproofing, Passes By The Sheep's Intestines Directs The Firing Line, Makes The Buoy With The Feather To Guarantee That Directs The Firing Line Not To Enter The Water. SongYingXing "Tian Gong Kai Wu" Has The Introduction, But Explained That In The Korean War, Should Have The Very Good Use Effect Originally, Because Designs Too Exquisitely, The Use Efficiency Is Not High.

Individual Hand Grenade: Shakes The Space Mine
The Ancient Times's Hand Grenade, Named Shakes The Space Mine, In Had Was Called “The Fire Mouse” The Hook Iron Sheet Certain, Used In Strengthening The Lethality, This Put A Steel Ball Principle With The US Military Hand Grenade, This Kind Did Not Conform To “The Humanity” The Cruel Fellow, Was Also Treated Probably At That Time As The Terrorist The Weapon.

Toxic Bomb: Poisonous Thunderclap Fireball
Should Be The Earliest Chemical Weapon, Was Song Army The Important Weapon, The Interior Besides The Gunpowder, But Also Had The Burging Croton, Euphorbia Fisheriana, Lime, Asphalt, Thing And So On White Arsenic, When Detonation Had The Toxic Smoke, The Oronasal Bled, Was Not Inferior To The Sarin Neurotoxin Compound Poison Gas Arab League.

Song Dynasty Poisonous Fireball

Incendiary Bomb: Match For Thousands
The Large-Scale Detonation Combustion Weapon, The Weight 40 Kilograms, The Cover Is The Putty System, The Weight 40 Kilograms, Produced At The End Of The Ming Dynasty, Used In Defending A City, To Transport Safely Has The Wooden Frame Box Generally, Might Be The Early Incendiary Bomb.

Degenerates Into The Salute Three Muskete
Is The Ming Armed Forces Important Individual Gunpowder Weapon, The Reason Is It May Release Continuously, The Constitution Concentrated Fire, Is Advantageous To The Suppressed Motion Rapid Cavalry Soldier. But Three Muskete Shortcomings Are Also Very Fatal, Because Constructs The Question, The Aiming Is Not Very Easy, The Modern Times Also Have With Three Muskete Act As The Hunting Weapon, Are More, After Three Muskete Have Become Dilutes And Conducts A Funeral Procession When The Salute.
Multi-Step Rockets: Firedrake
The Ming Dynasty "Wu Bei Zhi" Records The Multi-Step Rockets, Stick Outside The Tube With The Paper To Tie Up The First Level Of Rocket, In Mouth Have The Second Level Of Rocket, Projects The Add-On Big Firing Distance To Hit The Enemy Side Ship, Uses In The Aquatic Attack, The Firing Distance May Amount To 1.5 Kilometers. But Because Makes Complex, On This Distance Aims Is Very Difficult.

Old-Style Breech Artillery: Franky
The Ming Dynasty Uses The Portugal Technology Manufacture The Large-Scale Breech Loading Artillery, Uses The Belt Artillery Cartridge Case To Blossom The Shell! In 1537 Equipped Achieves 3800, Had The Fore Or Front Sight And The Aperture. Effective Range 500 Meters, 45 Degree Elevation Angle Launch Time Firing Distance 1 Kilometer. The Large-Scale Barrel 250 Centimeters, The Medium 156 Centimeters, The Small 93 Centimeters, The Shell Loads From The Rear Area, The Launch Is Separated Short, Launches When The Scatterload A Round Of Shell Has 500 Round Of Bullets, May Block 60 Meter Wide Frontage, The Might Is Astonishing. Because The Breech Load Is High To The Casting Technique Request, The Qing Dynasty Eliminates Gradually, Yields Installs The Weapon Before Quite Simple.

Single Shot Rifle: Muskete
Ming Dynasty Service Pattern Early Light Firearm, Casting Excellent, The Design Is Exquisite, With Yuan Dynasty's Muskete Comparison, Needs The Gunpowder Big Reduction. The Ming Dynasty Takes The Standard Weapon, Once Produced Reaches 90,000, 1449 Beijing Defended Fights The Widespread Use. 2 People Of Group Launches, A Person Is Responsible For The Support And The Aiming, A Person Is Responsible To Ignite The Fire, The Firing Distance 180 Meters.

Long-Distance Heavy Artillery: Red Barbarians Cannon
Was Known As General The Artillery, The End Of The Ming Dynasty Introduces The Western Technology Manufacture, Had The Artillery Ear And The Sights, Might Adjust The Firing Distance, The Barrel Life Is Long, The Large-Scale Weight 1.6 Tons, The Firing Distance Might Amount To 1.9 Kilometers! Should Be This Kind Of Weapon Limit.

When Casting Through Increases The Hoop To Prevent The Burst In The Bore,Ming Dynasty Imperator Artillery
1626 Year YuanChongHuan Uses This Kind Of Artillery To Defeat The Later Jin Dynasty, Gained War's Of The NingYuan Victory, NuRHaChu Has Also Been Wounded, Latter Returned Because Of The Injury Aggravation Death. The Qing Dynasty Could Not Obtain This Kind Of Weapon, Has Killed YuanChongHuan Until Emperor ChongZhen, The Armed Forces Morale Of Troops Is Lax, Only Then Some Person Of Belt Artillery Surrenders To The Enemy.

Semi-Automatic Rifle: Ten Muskete
The Ming Dynasty Experimental Repeating Firearm, 10 Bronze Barrels, The Caliber 10 Centimeters, Each Round, May Ten Launches, Because The Firing Distance Is Short, Unsafe, Is Replaced By Afterward Cripple Muskete.

Launches In Salvos The Pistol: Cripple Muskete
Has Crank's Salvo Matchlock, The Length 37.5 Centimeters, The Use Is Similar The Franky Type Of Feed, May The Continual Three Rounds, The Firing Distance 150 Meters, In The Opposition To Japan Aids Korea Uses Are Quite Many.

Multibarreled Extension Chest Cavity Artillery: Thunderclap Muskete
The Individual Multibarreled Firearm, Ming Dynasty ZhaoShiZhen Invented, Has Referred To Turkey's Similar Firearm, Biggest Might Achieve 18, The Use Rope Burned As Mosquito Repellent Or The Flint Fires, After In Addition Shell, As If Pipa. After The Launch Finished, Might As The Cold Weapons Use Thunderclap Muskete's Ming Dynasty Soldier, The Length 187 Centimeters, The Weight 2.5 Kilograms, Easy Carry The Use, Ming Army Lines Up In Formation Frequently The Kneeling Fire, The Firepower Not Interrupted. In Korea, Japan's Flintlock Team Is Unable To Resist Such Ming Army Directly.

Heavy-Caliber Revolver Gun: Five Thunder Machine
This Was Really The World Earliest Revolver Gun, QiJiGuang Defended The Mongolian Army In The North Front The Invention, Three, Five, Seven Each Kind Of Specification, Generally When Use A Two People Of Group Fire, A Person Of Support, Rotated The Barrel, A Person Of Aimed Fire. Firing Distance 180 Meters.

Earliest Mortar: The Tiger Squats Artillery
In The QiJiGuang Armed Forces The Most Commonly Used Firearm, This Kind Of Facile Artillery Runs The Tube To Be Thin, The Firing Distance Is Not Far, Is Suitable For The Mountainous Region Combat, Mobile Nimble, Because Before Installs, May The Big Elevation Angle Launch And The Massive Equipment Lower Level Army, But Has The Equally Good Results From Different Methods Use With Today's Mortar.

New Style Rifle: Bird Gun
Hits Bird By No Means Actually, But Is The Expression, Even If The Nimble Like Bird Also With Difficulty Escapes, Already Approached The Modern Rifle, Is And The Japanese Pirate Joins Battle To Seize The Japanese Pirate Flintlock, Afterward Improves The Imitation, QiJiGuang's Infantry, 40% Had Already Equipped This Kind Of Gun. But To The Qing Dynasty, Qing Army Had Some Kind Of Resistance To The Firearm, To The Opium War, Uses Bird Gun's Chinese Army, Instead Fell 20%. The Firing Distance 150 Meters, The Rainy Day Cannot Use.

Antitank Artillery: Lifts Gun
This Is The Large-Scale Bird Gun, The Ming Dynasty "Tian Gong Kai Wu " Records Its Picture Most Early, Has The Traingulated Arrangement Of Support And The Turning Gear, The Length 3 Meters, The Weight 12 Kilograms, The Effective Range 200 Meters, The Nickname “The Nine-Headed Bird”, The Might Is Strong, Even If Combat Tank Were Also Unable To Resist. The Development Is Quite What A Pity Slow, Until The Qing Dynasty Last Years, In Xiang Army Equips Lifts Gun, But 25%.

Belt Take-Off Rocket's Flying Bomb: The Flying Fire Crow
A Monster, The Flying Fire Crow, Earliest Flying Bomb.

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