China Ancient Armours

The Armor Was Weapon Most Has The Ornamental Equipment In The Ancient .

The Following Is The Basis Unearthed Material Object Restoration Chart .

Shang Dynasty Warriors From AnYang Yin Ruins . 1600BC-1046BC

Western Zhou Dynasty Warriors,Wears The Armor Mostly To Clamp The Thick Wadding Manufacture By The Silks, Is Cloth Armor Category . 1046BC-771BC

Eastern Zhou Dynasty(770BC-256BC) Warring States Warriors(475BC-221BC),Many By The Leather, The Bronze Makes, On Executes The Colored Drawing On Pottery; The Iron Armor Appears In The Warring States Intermediate Stage, Usually Makes The Scale Or The Willow Tree Leaf Shape Armor Piece By The Iron Sheet, The Process Puts On The Group Lacing To Become.

Qin Generals ,From Emperor Qin's Terracotta Warriors .Makes After The Leather Draws The Design. The Armor Clothes's Shape, The Protothorax Skirt-Width Assumes The Point Angular, The Dorsal Skirt-Width Assumes The Straight Shape, The Surroundings Leaves Leeway The Broadside, Also Uses The Brocade Or The Leather Makes, On Has The Geometry Shape Pattern. Below The Chest, The Back Central Committee And The Waist And So On Place, Decorate Have The Small Armor Piece. The Whole Body Altogether Has The Armor Piece 160 Pieces, The Armor Piece Shape Is Four Square Shapes, Each Side Treats Leniently The Centimeter. The Armor Piece's Fixed Method, Puts On The Group With The Rawhide Or The Cattle Tendon, Assumes "V" The Glyph And The Nail Has The Rivet. 221BC-206BC

Qin Soldier Armor ,From Emperor Qin's Terracotta Warriors .The Ordinary Soldier's Attire, This Kind Of Armor Has The Following Characteristic, The Chest Armor Piece Is Begins A Movie Depresses The Piece, The Abdomen Armor Piece, Is Under The Piece Pressure Begins A Movie, Is Advantageous For The Activity. Looking From Chest's And Belly's Median Line, All Armor Piece Folds The Pressure By Among To The Both Sides, The Shoulder Armor Piece Combination And The Abdomen Is The Same. Under The Shoulder, The Abdomen And The Neck The Periphery Armor Piece Uses Lian Jiadai To Connect, On All Armor Piece Has The Armor Nail, Its Number Either Two Or Three Or Four Different, Many Does Not Surpass Six. Armor Clothes's Length, Around Equal. Is 64 Centimeters, Its Skirt-Width Assumes The Circular Much Generally, The Surroundings Executes The Edge Not In Addition.

Western Han Dynasty Armor ,The Made Of Iron Armor Starts To Popularize, And Becomes In Gradually The Armed Forces The Primary Equipment. 206BC-AD8

Eastern Han Dynasty Armor ,The Armor Has Many Aspects In The Whole To Be Similar With Qin . AD25-AD220

Three Kingdoms Era ,Left Side For The Made Of Iron Tube Sleeve Armor, Is One Kind Of Chest Back Is Connected, The Short Sleeves, Puts Together With The Scale Armor Piece Becomes, The Tube Sleeve Armor's Contour And Western Han Dynasty's Hard Armor Is Very Similar, On From The Beginning The Wrap Puts On, This Kind Of Tube Sleeve Armor Hard Incomparable. Zhou Follows Eastern Han Dynasty's Construction Basically, Zhou The Crest Elevation High Ground Vertical Stroke Has Ying The Decoration. Right Flank Is The Wei Jin Time Military Clothing, Is Mainly The Gown And The Riding Clothes Clothing. Under Gown Length And Knee, Wide Sleeve. The Pleat To Two Hip, The Tight-Fitting Little Sleeve, The Gown, The Pleat To Hand Over The Straight Collar Generally Short, Right Ren, But Also Has The Circle Collar.

Southern And Northern Dynasties Warriors,In The Chart The Front Row Is Two Crotch Armors, On The Solstice Knee, Above The Waist Is Chest Carapace Some Puts Together With The Small Armor Piece Becomes, Some With The Entire Block Tachia Piece, Around The Armor Identity Two Pieces, The Shoulder And The Both Sides Are Ties With The Belt. In The Chart The Back Row Two Person Of Armors Protect For The Bright Light Armor Front And The Behind Circle Concern. Because This Kind Of Circle Protects Mostly By Metals And So On Copper Steel Makes, And Polishes The Aurora, Quite Resembles The Mirror (To Protect Heart Mirror). Puts On The Bright Light Armor In The Battlefield, As A Result Of Sun's Illumination, Will Send Out Dazzlingly "Bright Light" , Therefore. AD420-AD589

Southern And Northern Dynasties Bright Light Armor

Sui Dynasty , Generally By Shape And So On Scale Small Armor Piece Establishments, The Length Has Extended To The Abdomen, Has Substituted For The Original Leather Armor Skirt. The Body Armor's Skirt-Width For The Curved Lune, The Lotus Leaf Foliate Armor Piece, With Protects The Lower Abdomen. These Improvements Strengthened The Waist Following Defense Greatly. AD581-AD618

Tang Dynasty ,Since Tang Dynasty's Armor Has Been Maintaining Basically Southern And Northern Dynasties To Sui Dynasty's Style And The Construction. After Having Carried On A Series Of Clothing System's Reform, Formed Gradually Had The Tang Dynasty Style Armed Forces Rung Clothing. The National Strength Is Prosperous, The Peace Throughout The Country, The Upper Formation Group Luxurious Wind Is Day By Day Serious, The Armor Has Been Separated From The Use Function, Evolves Artisticly Into Luxurious, Decorates The Etiquette Clothing Primarily. After "AnLuShan & ShiSiMing Rebellion", Restores Again To Favors Combat's Practical Condition. AD618-AD907

Tang Dynasty Armor

Tang Dynasty Armor

Five Dynasties Period ,The Five Dynasties Time Follows The Tang End System Basically, The Armor All With The Armor Piece Establishment, In The Construction Turns Two Coveralls. Throws Over The Arm And The Shoulder Pad Connects One; The Chest Carapace And Shinguard , Is Meets By Two Pectoral Girdles Around, Wraps Above The Shoulder Pad. AD907-AD960

Song Dynasty, Is Many Armor Leaves (Iron Sheet) One Kind Of Iron Armor Which Connects With The Rawhide Or The Armor Nail Becomes. It Protects The Whole Body Nearly, For China Ancient Armor's Apex. AD960-AD1279

Liao Armor ,What Mainly Uses Is The Tang End Five Dynasties And Song's Style, By Song Primarily. Armor's Superstructure And Song Dynasty Are Completely Same, Only Then Leg Skirt Obviously Compared To Song Dynasty's Short, Around Two Square Shapes Gu Tail Armor Cover Above Leg, Then Maintained The Tang End Five Dynasties' Characteristic. The Armor Protects The Abdomen Probably To Use The Leather Belt To Hang Before The Abdomen, Is Fixed With The Waistband, This Point And Song Dynasty's Leather Armor Is The Same, But Center The Front Large-Scale Circle Protects, Was Liao Unique.

Jin Armor ,The Armor Has The Length And The Spacious Leg Skirt, Formally Also Receives Northern Song Dynasty's Influence.

West Xia ,The XiXia Warrior Armor Dresses Up For The Whole Body, The Helmet, Throws Over The Arm And Song Dynasty Is Completely Same.

The 13th Century Mongolia Soldier,This Is A Study Time .

Yuan Dynasty Warriors Armor ,The Yuan Dynasty Armor Has Willow Leaf Armor, To Have The Iron Round First-Class. The Hard Round Armor Inner Layer Makes With The Cowhide, The Outer Layer For The Hard Net Armor, The Armor Piece Connected Like Scale, The Arrow Cannot Penetrate, The Manufacture Is Extremely Exquisite. In Addition Has Leather Armor, The Cloth Cover First-Class. AD1271—AD1368

Ming Dynasty ,High-Ranking Military Officer Armor, Also Take The Copper Steel As It, The Armor Piece's Shape, Many Are "W" Character Grain, The Manufacture Is Precise, Is Putting On Facilely. The Common Soldier Puts On Locks The Character Armor, Below Waist, But Also Has The Hard Bottom And The Net Trousers, Puts On The Hard Net Boots Fully. AD1368-AD1644

Qing Dynasty ,Common Helmet Hat, Regardless Or Uses The Leather Product With The Iron, In Table Finish Coat. Helmet Hat All Around Has A Liang Respectively, Before The Volume, Center Prominent Obstructs The Eyebrow Together, Above Has The Dance To Hold Up And The Duplicate Bowl, On The Bowl Has Takes The Form Of Winecup's Helmet Plate, The Helmet Plate Middle Vertical Stroke Has One Iron Which Or The Copper Pipe Inserts Ying The Gun, The Vulture Plume Either The Otter Tail Uses. Latter Hangs The Azurite Isochromatic Silk Removable Collar, Protects The Neck And The Earmuff, On Embroiders Has The Dermatoglyphic Pattern, And Decorates By The Copper Or The Iron Soaks The Nail. The Armor Divides The Armor Clothes And Encircles The Clothes. On The Armor Clothes Shoulder Is Loaded With The Shoulder Pad, Under The Shoulder Pad Has Protects The Armpit; In Addition And Behind Wears The Metal In The Front To Protect The Heart Mirror Together, Under The Mirror Front's Connecting Point Wears The Trapezoid To Protect The Abdomen Together In Addition, Named "Front Bumper". Left Side Of The Waist Wears "Keeps Off Left", Right Flank Does Not Wear Keeps Off, Remains Does Wears The Arrow Pouch To Need. AD1644-AD1912

Qing Dynasty Armor

The Massive Use's Armor Is The Soft Armor, Is The Crustification Has The Iron Sheet In The Firm Thick Wadding Or On The Silk Cotton Material, And Uses A Copper Nail Fixed Clock Armor. Seems, Looks Like A Soft Coat To Be The Same. The Soft Armor Has Certain Cold-Resistance, Suits North China The Measured Steps Cavalry Soldier To Use, In The Thick Cotton Material Is Inlaying The Iron Armor Leaf Densely, Has Certain Protection Capability To The Cold Weapons And The Firearm.


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