China Projects

1、ChangXing Island Shipbuilding Base       The Total Investment:¥35Billion       2003—2015

2、The BJ-SH High-Speed Railway       The Total Investment:¥220Billion       2008—2013

3、BeiJing South Station       The Total Investment:¥6.3Billion       2006—2008

4、HangZhou Bay Bridge       The Total Investment:¥16Billion       2003.11.14—2008.5.1

5、CaoFeiDian Development Zone       The Total Investment:¥230Billion       2005—2020
6、Su-Tong Yangtze Bridge       The Total Investment:¥7.89Billion       2003—2008

7、Western Development       The Total Investment:Above ¥850Billion       2000—2020

8、Fu-Xia-Zhang-Long Interurban Railway       The Total Investment:¥38Billion       2010—2014

9、Five Vertical - Seven Horizontal Of National Road Main Lines       The Total Investment:¥900Billion       1991—2020

10、Eight Vertical - Eight Horizontal Of FOCN Fiber Optic Communication Network       The Total Investment:¥7Billion       1988—1998

11、South-To-North Water Diversion Project       The Total Investment:¥500Billion       2002—2020

12、BeiJing Captical International Airport T3       The Total Investment:¥25Billion       2004—2008

13、ZhanJiang DongHai Island Metallurgical Base       The Total Investment:¥69Billion       2008—2011

14、ShangHai LinGang New City       The Total Investment:¥150Billion       2000—2020

15、ShangHai YangShan Deepwater Port       The Total Investment:¥50Billion       2002—2020

16、Medium And Long Term Plan Of Railway Network       The Total Investment:¥2000Billion       2007-2020

17、SC Gas Transmission To Easten Project       The Total Investment:¥62.7Billion       2007—2010

18、LiaoNing HongYanHe Nuclear Station       The Total Investment:¥50Billion       2007-2014

19、Strategy Oil Reserves Project       The Total Investment:¥100Billion       2003—2008

20、WuHan Railway Station       The Total Investment:¥14Billion       2006—2008

21、KunMing New International Airport       The Total Investment:¥23.1Billion       2006—2008

22、HaiNan Grid Sea-Crossing Project       The Total Investment:¥2.2Billion       2007—2009

23、TianJin Million Ton Ethane Project       The Total Investment:¥26.8Billion       2007—2009

24、ShangHai Illuminant Laboratory       The Total Investment:¥1.2Billion       2004—2009

25、SiChuan Post-Disaster Reconstruction       The Total Investment:¥1200Billion       After 8 Years
26、The Silk Road Revives Plan       The Total Investment:$43Billion       2008—2014

27、China's Second Largest Hydropower Station – XiLuoDu Hydropower Station       The Total Investment:¥79.2Billion       2005—2015

28、China's Third Largest Hydropower Station – XiangJiaBa Hydropower Station       The Total Investment:¥43.4Billion       2008—2015
29、HaiNan WenChang Space Center       The Total Investment:¥12Billion       2005—2020

30、Large Aircraft Project       The Total Investment:¥30—50Billion       2008—2020
31、Spallation Neutron Source Project       The Total Investment:¥1.2Billion       2006—2012

32、The World Biggest 500 Meter Caliber Spherical Surface Radio Telescope       The Total Investment:¥0.627Billion       2008—2013

33、G42 SH-CD Highway       The Total Investment:¥170Billion       2003—2009

34、NingXia NingDong Energy Chemical Industry Base       The Total Investment:¥100Billion       2003—2020

35、HK-ZH-MC Bridge       The Total Investment:¥70Billion       2007—2015

36、State Environmental Protection In Eleventh-Five-Year Plan       The Total Investment:¥1530Billion       2006~2010
37、GanSu JiuQuan - World Biggest Wind Power Generation Base       The Total Investment:¥120Billion       2008—2020

38、Wu-Guang Speed Rail       The Total Investment:¥116.8Billion       2005—2010

39、GuangZhou New Railway Station       The Total Investment:¥18Billion       2004—2008
40、Civil Airfield Layout Plan       The Total Investment:¥450Billion      

41、ShangHai HongQiao Integrated Transportation Hub       The Total Investment:¥36Billion       2005—2010

42、Ha-Da Speed Rail       The Total Investment:¥92.3Billion       2007—2011

43、TianJin Offshore Oilfield Mining Equips Base       The Total Investment:¥22Billion       2008—2010
44、North Shaan Energy Chemical Industry Base       The Total Investment:¥ 90Billion       2002—2010
45、Sinopec Iran Yadavaran Oilfield       The Total Investment:$2Billion       2007—2011

46、PetroChina Sudan Greater Nile Oil Project       The Total Investment:$7Billion       1997—2015

47、CPECC Niger Agadem Oil Project       The Total Investment:$5Billion      

48、Africa Gabon Belinga Iron Ore       The Total Investment:$2.75Billion       2008—2033

49、State Grid Construction In Eleventh-Five-Year Plan       The Total Investment:¥1215Billion       2006—2010

50、XiZang Road Traffic Programming In Eleventh-Five-Year Plan       The Total Investment:¥43Billion       2006—2010

51、Nigeria Railway Modernization       The Total Investment:$8.3Billion       2006—2015
52、 Libya Coastal Railway       The Total Investment:$2.6Billion       2007—2011
53、Russia Baltic Pearl Project       The Total Investment:$1.3Billion       2005—2012

54、Algeria East-West Highway Project       The Total Investment:$7Billion       2006—2009

55、Asia Road Network—23 Countries Collaborate       The Total Investment:$44Billion       2005—2010

56、GuangXi QinZhou Thousands Tons Refinery Project       The Total Investment:¥ 15.2Billion       2007—2008

57、ShangHai Tower —China First Tall Building       The Total Investment:¥ 7Billion       2009—2013

58、SC XuanHan PuGuang Giant Gas Field       The Total Investment:¥70Billion       2006—2010

59、ZheJiang Coastal Railway       The Total Investment:¥16.2Billion       2005—2009
60、PanGang Group 10 Thousand Ton Titanium Alloy Production Line       The Total Investment:¥1Billion       2006-2007

61、West-East Power Transmission Project       The Total Investment:Above¥526.5亿 2001—2010

62、China Manned Space Program       The Total Investment:¥30Billion       1992—2012

63、2010 ShangHai World Expo       The Total Investment:¥40Billion       2002—2010

64、GuangZhou NanSha LongXue Shipbuilding Base       The Total Investment:¥4.5Billion       2006—2009
65、ZheJiang SanMen Nuclear Power Project       The Total Investment:¥80Billion       2008—2020
66、GD YangJiang Nuclear Power Project       The Total Investment:$8Billion       2004—2026

67、SD YanTai HaiYang Nuclear Power Project       The Total Investment:¥ 60Billion       2006—2026
68、WuHan Crosses River Subway       The Total Investment:¥14.9Billion       2006—2012

69、80 Thousand Ton Multi-Direction Drop Forging Hydraulic Presses       The Total Investment:¥1.517Billion       2007—2010

70、China Renewable Energy Development Project       The Total Investment:¥2000Billion       2006-2020

71、All Villages Exchange       The Total Investment:Above¥1000Billion       1998—2020

72、Villages Water Saving Irrigation       The Total Investment:Above¥30Billion       1998—2020

73、Villages Cinema Facilitie       The Total Investment:¥1Billion       2000—2020

74、Market Project Of All Villages       The Total Investment:¥11.7Billion       2005—2010

75、Nationwide Work Of Renovating Shantytowns       The Total Investment:Above¥200Billion       After 2005 Year
76、2008—2020 ShangHai Rail Transit Plan       The Total Investment:Above¥150Billion       2008—2020

77、2008—2020BeiJing Rail Transit Plan
      The Total Investment:Above¥170Billion       2008—2020

78、DaLian Refinery Base
      The Total Investment:¥10.7Billion       2005—2008
79、Chong-Qi Bridge       The Total Investment:¥7.6Billion       2008—2010

80、ZUUU Expansion Program
      The Total Investment:¥12.7Billion       2008—2010

81、ZhuJiang Delta City Border Track Communications Network       The Total Investment:Above¥100Billion       2005—2020

82、ChangJiang Delta City Border Track Communications Network       The Total Investment:Above¥150Billion       2005—2020

83、J-J-J HBH City Border Track Communications Network       The Total Investment:Above¥100Billion       2005—2020

84、XJ KaShi-HeTian Railway       The Total Investment:¥4.7Billion       2008—2011
85、ShangHai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge       The Total Investment:¥12.6Billion       2004—2010

86、JinPing Hydropower Station       The Total Investment:¥46.8Billion       2005—2014

87、LongTan Hydropower Station       The Total Investment:¥24.3Billion       2001—2009

88、AH Coal Base       The Total Investment:¥70Billion       2003—2007

89、JX Good Quality Paddy Development Project       The Total Investment:¥31.8Billion       2008—2015

90、QinLing ZhongNanShan Tunnel       The Total Investment:¥2.5Billion       2001—2007
91、Twelve Hydropower Base Development Plan       The Total Investment:Above¥2000Billion       1989—2050

92、SH-HZ Maglev Train       The Total Investment:¥22Billion       2010—2014

93、Plucking Up Northeast Old Industrial Base       The Total Investment:Above¥200Billion       2003—2020

94、GuangZhou Opera       The Total Investment:¥1Billion       2002—2008

95、ShangHai World Financial Center       The Total Investment:¥7Billion       1997—2008

96、 NanJing No.2 Subway       The Total Investment:¥10.9Billion       2010

97、Vegetable Basket Project       The Total Investment:Above¥50Billion       After 1988
98、QNPC Extension Project Phase II       The Total Investment:¥14.5Billion       2006—2011

99、TianHuangPing Pumped Storage Power Station       The Total Investment:¥13.6Billion       1992—2015

100、CCTV Headquarters       The Total Investment:¥5Billion       2005—2009

101、Three North Shelterbelt System       The Total Investment:Above¥10Billion       1978—2050

102、Coastal Defense Forest System       The Total Investment:Above¥20Billion       1950—2015

103、 TianJin LinGang Industrial Area       The Total Investment:Above¥300Billion       2007—2020

104、TianJin BinHai New Area       The Total Investment:Above¥1000Billion       2006—2020

105、Large Thrust Rocket Industrialization Base       The Total Investment:¥4.5 Billion       2007—2015

106、WuHan TianXingZhou ChangJiang River Railcum-Road Bridge       The Total Investment:¥11 Billion       2003—2008
107、Free Nationwide 150 Million Students Tuition And Fees       The Total Investment:Above¥60 Billion       After 2007

108、720 Million Farmers Registered For The New Rural Cooperative Medical Care System       The Total Investment:Above¥100 Billion       After 2007
109、Project Of Conceding The Land To Forestry       The Total Investment:Above¥200 Billion       1998—2020

110、TaiWan High Speed Rail       The Total Investment:¥140 Billion       1998—2007

The All Projects Involve Capital Investment To Surpass Above 15000 Billion RMB.

But This Is Only A part ...

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