Singapore Chinese Challenge

Singapore Chinese Challenge Activity,Through The Game To Study Chinese.There Are Many Challenging Tests,Game Questions Involved A Wide Field.For Chinese People Are Also Quite Difficult.
Propaganda Slogan: "Chinese?Who Fears Who!"
Mr. LeeKuanYew Attends The Opening Activity.
The Original Is A Multiple-Choice Quenstions, Answer Is One Of Three,In Order To Maintain Certain Difficulty,No Alternative Answer,Please Directly Try To Answer,If You Are Interested.
Enclosed In English, And Also A English Challenge.
Challenge Week 1
1. What Do "Dragon Stocks" Refer To?  Answer: Stocks Of Chinese Companies Listed On The Singapore Stock Exchange.
2. What Word Does This Hieroglyph Refer To?  Answer:Zhōu(Continent,State)
3. The Word 'SiMei' In 'SiMei Road' Refers To Which Of The Following Four Beauties?"   Answer:Xī Shī、Wáng Zhāo Jūn、Diāo Chán、Yáng Yù Huán

4. Which Era Is The Film Red Cliff, Directed By John Woo, Set In?  Answer:Han Dynasty

5. Which Chinese Artists Spent Two Years And Seven Months Copying Frescoes And Paintings In The Dun Huang Desert?"  Answer:Zhāng Dà Qiān

6. Which Of The Following Is One Of The Most Well-Known Works Of The Late Singaporean Artist Kuo Pao Kun?  Answer:The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole

7. What Does The Term 'Kuso' Mean On The Internet?  Answer:Mischievous And Subversive

8. Which Is The First Chinese Song To Be Adapted For Use In A Western Opera?  Answer:Mò Lì Huā (The Jasmine Flower)

9. 'When Told About The Large Number Of People Dying From Famine, Emperor Hui Of The Jin Dynasty Asked 'Why Don't They Eat Meat Porridge Then?' Which Western Story Is This Similar To?  Answer:When Queen Marie-Antoinette Of France Said 'Let Them Eat Cake'.

10. What Do The Names Da Hong Pao, Bi Luo Chun And Long Jing (Large Red Robe, Green Conch Spring And Dragon Well) Refer?  Answer:Tea

11. Renowned Chinese Director, Chen Kaige Has A Cameo Role In Which Western Movie?   Answer:The Last Emperor

12. Which Of The Following Best Translates The Saying 'To Put All Eggs Into One Basket'?   Answer:Gū Zhù Yī Zhì(To Stake Everything At A Single Throw).
Challenge Week 2
1. China's Contemporary Artists Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi And Yue Minjun Are Collectively Known As? Answer:The "F4" Of The Art World.
2. At The 1954 Geneva Conference, Charlie Chaplin Watched A Chinese Movie Also Known As The "Romeo And Juliet Of China"; What Is The Movie's Official Title?  Answer:Liáng Shān Bó Yǔ Zhù Yīng Tái (The Butterfly Lovers)
3. Which Chinese Leader Said, "Rain Has To Fall, Women Have To Marry, These Things Are Immutable, Let Them Go."?   Answer:Máo Zé Dōng

4. What Does The Chinese Expression "Kou Shui Ge" (Saliva Song) Refer To?   Answer:A Cover Of A Popular Song

5. 002.jpgWhich Word Does This Hieroglyph Stand For?   Answer:Jiāo (Mix)

6. What Is The Correct Phonetic Notation For The Chinese Idiom "莘莘学子"?   Answer:Shēn Shēn Xué Zǐ

7. What Does " Chan Juan " Refer To In The Following Line? "May We All Be Blessed With Longevity, Though Far Apart, We Are Still Able To Share The Beauty Of Chan Juan; - Prelude To Water Melody By Su Shi"?   Answer:Yuè Liang (Moon)

8. What Was Singapore First Chinese Daily?   Answer: Lè Bào

9. What Does The Phrase "3Q To Orz" Mean To Chinese Netizens?   Answer:To Be Prostrate With Extreme Gratitude.

10. What Is The Chinese Term For "Invoice"?   Answer:Fā Piào

11.Which Song By Jay Chou Was Listed As A Patriotic Song For Secondary School Students By The Education Research Office Of The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission?   Answer:Snail

12. What Was Farrer Park Back In 1843?   Answer:Race Course
Challenge Week 3
1. In The Three Character Classic, The Line (People Are Born Good) Is Attributed To Whom From The Warring States Period?   Answer:Mèng Zǐ(Mencius)
2. What Is The Cover Used By The Spy, Played By Stephen Chow, In The Movie "From Beijing With Love"?   Answer:Pork Seller
3. Which Of The Following Comic Series Is Adapted From The Chinese Classic "Journey To The West"?   Answer:Dragon Ball

4.What Does The Chinese Phrase "Xing Lin" (Apricot Forest) Refer To?   Answer:Traditional Chinese Medical Practice

5.000.jpg Which Word Does This Hieroglyph Stand For?   Answer:Lì(Stand, Establish)

6. In Which City Singapore And China Are Developing An Eco-City Together?   Answer:Tiān Jīn

7. Who Is The Famous Poet & Cousin Of Renowned Martial Arts Novelist Jin Yong (Louis Cha)?   Answer:Xú Zhì Mó

8. What Dish Is Eaten By The Chinese In Singapore And Malaysia To Celebrate RenRi (The Day Of Mankind)?   Answer:Yú Shēng(Tossed Raw Fish Salad)

9. Which River Divides The Districts Of Pudong And Puxi In Shanghai?   Answer:HuangPu River

10.What Does The Character "Jiu" In "ZhenJiu" (Acupuncture) Refers To?   Answer:The Stimulation Of Acupoints With Burning Chinese Mugwort Leaves.

11.In The Chinese Song "Xiao Bai Chuan", What Does The Title Refers To?   Answer:The Crescent Moon.

12. Which One Of The Following Movie Heroes Is Fictional?   Answer:Chén Zhēn Played By Bruce Lee.
To Be Continued ...

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