Mourns Professor QianXueSen

Professor QianXueSen On 31st Passed Away In The Morning In Beijing, Dies At 98 Years.

Professor QianXueSen :China's Renowned Scientist,On December 11, 1911 Was Born In HangZhou,In 1934 Graduated From The ShangHai JiaoTong University Mechanical Engineering Department,In 1935 Went To The American Research Aeronautical Engineering And The Aerodynamics,In 1938 Obtained The California Institute Of Technology Doctorate.Latter Keeps The U.S. To Be Appointed The Lecturer, Professor. In 1950 Started To Strive For To Return China, But Receive By The US Government Persecuted, Loses The Freedom,Only Then After Five Years In 1955 To Return To China.China Aerospace Science And Technology Undertakings Pathfinder.

In October, 1936 QianXueSen Transfer To The California Institute Of Technology, Teacher From Professor Von Karman.In The Same Year, QianXueSen Participates In Frank Malina Lead The Rocket Research Group,Participated In The American Early Time With Being Possible To Store Up The Liquid Propellant Several Kinds Of Experimental Rocket, Like In 1945 " Woman Corporal " Rocketsonde And Afterward " Corporal " Missile Development Work.

In 1938 QianXueSen And Von Karman Gave Had Contravariant Mach Formula.

In 1944 QianXueSen Participated In The United States Army Long-Range Rocket Research, Simultaneously,Also Has Worked As Aerojet Company Technical Adviser.

In April, 1945, The United States Department Of Defense Dispatched Von Karman And The California Institute Of Technology Associate Professor QianXueSen's Survey Team, Flew To Germany, Inquired That The German Rocket Scientist, Inspected Germany's Rocket Development Condition. QianXueSen Also Inspects The Hiding In Braunschweig In The Suburbs Pinery The German Arm Force Top-Secret "The Goering Aerodynamics Research Institute" With The German Other Place Wind Tunnel, Composes Many Reports.

QianXueSen(M)And His Teacher Von Karman(R)And His Teacher's Teacher Prandtl(L)/1945

This Time, He Has Obtained In The Modern Mechanics And The Jet Propulsion Scientific Research Aspect Valuable Experience, Became At That Time Had The Fame Outstanding Scientist. Participated At That Time The US With Its Teacher Von Karman Top-Secret "Manhattan Project" - - The Missile Nuclear Weapon's Development Work.

Mccarthyism ---In July, 1950 The US Government Decided That Because Cancels QianXueSen To Participate In The Secret Research The Qualifications, The Reason Is He Has Friends Relate With Weinbaum , And Accuses QianXueSen Is The American Communist Party Member, Illegal Immigration. Because QianXueSen Was Suspected That And Refuses For The Communist To Expose The Friend, Is Cancelled Suddenly By The US Military Branch Participated In The Secret Certificate. QianXueSen Decided Immediately By Now Take Visits Relatives As A Returning To Homeland, Prepares To Be Gone Forever, But When His Is Going To Embark, QianXueSen Is Detained, Two Weeks Later, Although Releases On Bail After The Colleague, But Continues To Be Restricted Immigration Office's And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Spy's Surveillance, Is Detained 5 Year Long Time.
U.S. Navy Vice-Minister Dan Kimball Said:"Where Regardless Of QianXueSen Does Arrive,All Is Worth Five Divisions, I Rather Kill Him In The US Cannot Let He Leave. "

June's, 1955 One Day, Mr. And Mrs. Qian Got Rid Of The Spy To Monitor, In Wrote On A Small Cigarette Paper Sends For In The Belgian Relative's Letter, Requested That The China Government Will Help Him Soon To Return To Homeland. 1955on July 31, 1955 China To Release Eleven American Pilots Kriegie And Spys,On August 1, The Sino-US Ambassadorial Level Discussion Starts In Geneva, On August 4, 1955, QianXueSen Has Received The Notice Which The American Immigration Office Allows Him To Return To Homeland. US Immigration Office Issues The Exile Command From October, 1950 To QianXueSen, QianXueSen Is Detained In The US Is 5 Years.On September 17, 1955, QianXueSen Carried The Wife And The Children, Has Mounted "Cleveland President" Finally The Steamboat, Stepped Returns To The Motherland The Journey, On October 8, QianXueSen Arrives At HongKong.

On January 5, 1956 The Research Institute Of Mechanics Was Founded, QianXueSen Was Appointed The First Director. And Chooses The 200 Students To Raise ,China Aerospace Science And Technology Starts Begin Development.

In August, 1959 Joined The Communist Party Of China.

Rigorous Spirit Of Science;
For National Striving To Improve Rigid;
Lives Simply The Fame And Fortune Manner;
Gives Up The International Scientific Front The Status;
Painstaking Effort Leadership Strength;Unselfish, Specially For Country Offer's Life.

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