Google Out China

On March 23, 2010 Before Dawn, Google Announced Finally Withdraws From China Mainland Market, Closed The Chinese Inland Website Google.cn, G.cn Automatically Jump To Google.com.hk. Before Uses GuGe.com Not To Have What Difference, But Because Visits HongKong Server's User To Increase Suddenly, Will Have The Situation Which Will Frequently Be Unable To Visit.
From .CN To .HK Is Only Modified The Domain Name To Avoid Responsibility,In Order To Evade Taxes And Failure?
Google Book Encroached Upon The Chinese Writers's Copyright Cannot Just Walk Away.
On April 12, 2006, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Show Yourself "Google/GuGe" Puzzles. The Day Google Released Its Global Chinese Name "GuGe" In Beijing.
The Google Stock Price On 22nd Closes When Slides To 0.4%. The BaiDu Stock Price Largely Rises Dramatically, In Plate Increase Scope Once Close 3%, When Closing Still Grew 1.6%. From The Google Said In Mid-January Will Stop Carries On The Examination After The Chinese Service's Search Result, Its Stock Price Accumulated Frustrates Falls Nearly 6.3%, The Market Value Evaporates Approximately 11.6 Billion Dollars. But The Same Time NASDAQ Synthesis Stock Price Index Rose 3.4%.
The Google Quit, Microsoft Smiled, Bing.com To Expand In China's Service, Microsoft And The Motorola Mobile Phones Launches The Cooperation.Settings Bing.com For The Motorola Mobile Default Search Engine.
The Google Occupies The Chinese Search Engine Market Income 30% Market Share, The BaiDu  More Than 60% Of The Market Share.
The  BaiDu Stock Rises Sharply, Realizes For The First Time To The Google Surmounting. The BaiDu Stock Price Rises 26.6 US Dollars In NASDAQ's Conventional Transaction, The Increase Scope Is 4.8%, Closes In 576.84 US Dollars, But Google Falls 16.36 US Dollars, The Decline Range Is 2.82%, Closes At 563.18 US Dollars.

Another Large-Scale Chinese Internet Company--Tencent Holdings Ltd. Also Possible The Google To Withdraw From China To Obtain The Benefits.

Tencent Earlier On Its Website Use Google Search Service, But Google In 2009, Began To Develop Own Search Engine "SoSo.com". Google's Exit, Will Let The Tencent Seize The Chance To Took Advantage.

In Addition, China Mobile And Sina --- Google In Chinese Partners Are Also Likely To Re-Examine The Cooperation With Google.
Telecommunication Operator China Mobile Had Already Issued Several Sections Used The Google Android Operating System's Intelligent Phones, Moreover Was Planning With Various Handsets Producer Launches More Cooperations.This Cooperation Is Also China Mobile To Competitor China Unicom And The Apple Company Cooperates In China Promotes The Response Which Iphone Makes.China Mobile Will Lose A Mutual Development Of Product Partner, And May Limit The Google Android And Other Mobile Phone Service Integration. For Example, G.cn Is China Mobile 0.5 Billion Users's Default Search Page At Present.
The Google Has Carried Out The Creed Is Don't Be Evil,But Now Succumbing To Evil.
The U.S. Government Stipulated That Is Authorized To Search Citizen's Email Communication, Even May In Not Monitor The Citizen Communication After In The Permission Situation, Google Must Coordinate The Censor, And The Permanent Retention Users's Search Record For CIA And FBI Monitoring.Now The U.S. Government Won.  >>>MSN News:U.S. Claims Victory In Internet Control Fight
Winner Is Won And Then Who Is Loser?
Google Once Withdraw China Mainland Market, Will Probably Never Return To China Again.The Google Had Already Lost The Business Prestige And The Customer Trust.
Perhaps The Next Step Exit Is .HK And .TW. However Competition With BaiDu And Will Continue,Just The Place Changed Into Japan And Southeast Asia.

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