Early Japan Samurai

Ancient Jp Samurai
Some Pics From Osprey Publishing's "Early Samurai AD200-1500"
Author:Anthony J. Bryant
Painter:Angus McBride

1.Himiko's Yamataikoku(AD230) 

2.Invasion Of Korea(AD366)

3.Mononobe's Chastisement Of Iwai(AD527)

4.JinShin No Ran(AD672)

5.Naramaro's Revolt(757)

6.Tenkei No Ran(940)

7.Heian Fashions(1083)

8.Go-Sannen No Eki(1086)


10.Shokyu No Ran(1221)

11.The Mongol Invasion(1281) 
The Time In The Picture Is Wrong .
AD1181 Was Still Southern Song Dynasty In China , AD1206 Temujin Eestablish Mongol Empire In Onon River, AD1271  Kublai  Eestablish Yuan Dynasty In BeiJing. And In AD1274 And AD1281 Twice Trying To Send Troops Occupied Japan .


13.1592-1598: Japan's Invasion Of Korean Peninsula, Known As The Japanese Invasion Chaos.

14.Kato Kiyomasa At ChinJu   1593
15.The Ming Army Surround And Annihilate Jp Forces In Ulsan .    (1597.12)
Ming Armies Grave Monument In Sacheon Choson.
Cultural Relic Reference Picture :


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