Super Bus Of City

Super Bus Is More Like Big BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) .
It Is Called The "Straddling Bus" ,It Requires Neither Elevated Tracks Nor Extensive Tunneling. Its Passenger Compartment Spans The Width Of Two Traffic Lanes And Sits High Above The Road Surface, On A Pair Of Fencelike Stilts That Leave The Road Clear For Ordinary Cars To Pass Underneath. It Runs Along A Fixed Route.
It Is Powered By A Combination Of Municipal Electricity And Solar Power Derived From Panels Mounted On The Roofs Of The Vehicles And At Bus Stops.

The BeiJing's MenTouGou District Is Testing The Technology And Plans To Start Building Nine Kilometers Of Route At The End Of This Year. If The Test Is Successful, About 180 Kilometers Would Be Put In Place.



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