Q-Dolls Figure Of Ming Dress

Q-Dolls Figure Of Ming Dynasty Clothing Collected


Ming Dynasty (1368~1644)

Both The Food Culture Or Dress Culture , The Best Works Of The Most Simple Lines , Like Plain Jane Of The Ming Dynasty Furniture .

And The Drama Costume Was First Created During The Ming Dynasty , Then Further Developed In The Qing Dynasty .


Emperor  Clothing,   Menswear Fashion, MianFu Dress The Most Expensive Kind Of Special, MianFu Are Wearing Festival , A Major JiFu.   MianFu XuanYi Is The Main , The Above Painting Clothes Embroidered With Patterns Chapter In The Most Solemn Ceremony , The Wear Pattern MianFu Nine Chapters .

Emperor  Clothing,     PiBianFu

Officials Clothing ,     PinChangFu

Officials Clothing ,   GongChaoFu

Noblewoman Clothing , BaPinRuRenChangFu

Emperor  Clothing,     YanBianFu

Emperor  Clothing,     GunFu

Empresses  Clothing,     DaShan

Officials Clothing ,   SanPinJiFu

Empresses  Clothing

Noblewoman Clothing ,   DaXiuDuiJinBeiZi

Noblewoman Clothing ,   YiPinFuRenDaShan

Empresses  Clothing  ,  RuQun

Prince Clothing  ,    YeSa

Prince Clothing  ,    MianFu

Noblewoman Clothing ,  SanPinShuRenAoQun

Prince Clothing  ,    ChangFu

Imperial Concubine Clothing  ,    DaShan

Princess  Clothing  ,    DaShan

YaMen Runner    Clothing  ,    QingShan

Officials Clothing ,   YiPinGongFu

Prince Clothing  ,    BaoHeGuanFu

Officials Clothing ,   BaPinGongFu

Officials Clothing ,   JiuPinJChaoFu

Empresses  Clothing  ,  BaiZiYi

JinYiWei  Clothing  ,  QiLinFu

Officials Clothing ,   FeiYuFu

Soldier Clothing ,   QiYaoJia

Waiter Clothing ,   ZiShan

Soldier Clothing ,   ZhaoJia

Emperor  Clothing  ,    YeSa

Common   Clothing  ,    DaDai

Common   Clothing  ,    FangJin

Common   Clothing  ,    FangJin

Common   Clothing  ,    DaoPao

Common   Clothing  ,    LiuHeYiTong

Chamberlain   Clothing  ,    MangYi

Wedding Dresses  ,     Bride  Clothing

Common  Women   Clothing  ,       ChangXiuBeiZi 

Common   Clothing  ,     FangLi

Common   Clothing  ,       DuanHe

Common   Clothing  ,       DongPoJin

Captain   Clothing  ,      ZhaoJia

Common   Clothing  ,       TangJin

Emperor  Clothing,     ChangFu

Captain   Clothing  ,      JiaZhou

Officials Clothing ,   DouNiuFu

Officials Clothing ,   MangPao





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