A Short Poem - CaoCao

A Short Poem

By CaoCao Of Three Kingdoms Period

One Should Sing In Front Of The Wine,

Since How Long The Life Will Be.

'Tis Like The Dawn Dew;

The Days Gone Are Bitterly So Many.

Though At Times I'm Excited Or Agitated,

I Still Can'T Forget My Sorrows.

How Can I Abandon My Grievance?

The Sole Thing Is Du Kang.

So Black Is Your Garment;

So Carefree Is My Mind.

But For Your Sake,

I Keep Thinking Till Now.

"Yao, Yoa," The Deer Bells,

Grazing Fern In The Fields.

I Have Venerable Guests;

Zithers And Flutes Playing.

So Bright Is The Moon;

When Can I Get It?

Woe Comes From My Heart,

And Won'T Stop Or Go Away.

Guests Come Across Fields

To Greet Me From Afar.

Now We Talk And Feast,

Thinking Of Our Old Friendship.

The Moon'S Bright, Stars Scarce;

Crows And Magpies Fly Southward.

They Hover Thrice Round The Trees;

On Which Bough Can They Perch?

Mountains Can'T Be Deemed Too High;

Water Can'T Be Deemed Too Deep.

Duke Zhou Spat Out What He'S Chewing,

And So All Hearts Under Heaven Went To Him.


Windwing - A Short Poem * CaoCao

CaoCao (155-220), With His More Common Name Being MengDe, Was Born In Qiao County Of PeiGuo (Currently AnHui Province). He Was Born Into An Eminent Eunuch Family, With His Father CaoTeng, Being One Of The Ten 'ChangShi' (Eunuch) Of Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). Being A Master Of Both The Pen And The Sword, CaoCao Was Considered An Excellent Strategist, Politician And Poet Of Late Eastern Han.Posthumous Imperial Title "Emperor" WeiWuDi , Was One Of The Powerful Warlords At The End Of The Later Han Dynasty (25-220). Although CaoCao's Intention Was To Protect The Under-Age Emperor Of The Han Dynasty, His Son CaoPi  Ended The Han Dynasty By His Proclamation Of The Wei Dynasty In 220 CE That Was To Be One Of The So-Called Three Kingdoms (220-280). CaoCao Was Not The Founder, But The Ancestor Of The Wei Or Cao-Wei Dynasty  (220-265). CaoCao Is Known As A Formidable Politician And Military Leader.

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