The Written Confessions By Teruhiko Yokoyama

Windwing - Japanese War Crimes*Teruhiko Yokoyama(横山光彦)
  Teruhiko Yokoyama
Abstract Of The Written Confessions In English

Teruhiko Yokoyama(横山光彦)

  According to the written confession of Teruhiko Yokoyama in July 1954, he was born in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan in 1901 and went to northeast China in April 1938 to join the Japanese War of Aggression against China, serving as a judge at the Mukden High Court of the "Manchukuo". From July 1940, he served successively as the undersecretary and head of Special Magistrates' Court at High Court in Qiqihar, Jinzhou and Harbin. He was captured in March 1946.

  Major offences:

  From summer to autumn 1938: participated in the arresting of about 150 anti-Japanese national salvation activists and peaceful residents, among whom "12 or 13 were sentenced to death";

  December 1942: under the capacity of "chief judge", sentenced CPC North Manchuria branch's "leading official Wang Yaojun, organizer Shi Lvsheng, and group leader Zhou Shan'en to death penalty";

  From July 1940 to May 1943: "the ideology cases handled by me since I became chief judge were89 cases involving 331 people, among whom 18 were sentenced to death, and 10 to life imprisonment";

  From June to July 1945: under the capacity of "chief judge", conducted trials of "over 60 captured revolutionaries and patriotic personages successively, including Yu Tianfang, a revolutionary in charge of the 3rd Route Army" (of the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army) "and his subordinates Sun Guodong, Liu Xiang and Du Xigang; Zhang Lu, a patriotic personage in charge of the local National Salvation Association, and members of the Association"; "verdict: about 10 revolutionaries were sentenced to death, including Sun Guodong, Liu Xiang, Du Xigang and Zhang Lu".


The Original Text Of The Written Confessions

Translation Of The Written Confessions (Chinese)


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