2008 Global Torch Relay

On March 24, Greece

On March 31, BeiJing

On April 2, Almaty

On April 3, Istanbul

On April 5, St. Petersburg

On April 6, London

I Respect DaLaiLaMa The Belief Right, But I Do Not Believe DaLaiLaMa .

On April 7, Paris
Did Not Understand Really These People Know How Many To China's Tibet! Probably Is Also Plays Resembles Lively!

A Foreign Student Indicated That “My Schoolmate Sees With One's Own Eyes These French, ' On The Member Draws Money From A `Tibetan Independence. Place In Hotel Deville 1 Line Export. Their Each Person Participates In Time 50 Euros.”Other Foreign Student Meets The Situation Is Odder, “Has The French To Ask That Must Help Us To Shoulder The Flag To Cry Out, But Gives The Money. They Support The `Tibetan Independence ', Has Received 300 Euros, If Has The Stir Effect, Possibly Takes Many.” Saw Has A Foreigner To Lift The Tibetan Independence Symbol In The Demonstration, Has Many Chinese And The Local Residents Immediately Encircles Interrogates Him, You Have Has Been To Tibet, That Person Replied Very Laughably, I Have Been To Tibet, I Have Been To Tibet Truly. Do The Local Chinese People Put Out The Chinese Map To Ask Him Immediately, Where You Refer To Tibet To Me To Be At? He Did Not Have The Language, He Silenced, He Simply Did Not Know Tibet.

Also Have Some Full-Back Picture, But Because Too Disgusting Did Not Posted . I'm So Sorry .

On April 9, SanFrancisco

How Much Do You Know About Tibet ?

I Want Said That ,You Are Not Qualified To Talk About Tibet! You Don't Know Nothing About Democracy!

Really For Morality And Then Just For Play Or Money ?

On April 11, BuenosAires

On April 13 , DarEsSalaam

On April 14 , Muscat

On April 16 , Islamabad

On April 17 , NewDelhi

On April 19 , Bangkok

On April 21 , KualaLumpur

On April 22 , Jakarta

On April 24 , Canberra

On April 26 , Nagano

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On April 27 Seoul

On April 28 , Pyongyang

On April 29 , HoChiMinh City

The Year 2008 Just Like A Stage, Various Characters Perform In Above, Pure, Ignorant, Clown, Liar …
The Olympic Just Like A Mirror, According To Leaves People's Reality And Ugliness.

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