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India Biggest Open-Door Policy Lateef Recently A Section Reported That In Tibet Violence's Video Frequency Discovers An Extremely Strange Phenomenon: Accepts The Interview The Tibetan National Minority Women Are Using The Standard Chinese To Condemn Obviously The Minority Separatist Element Does The Sabotage Has Ruined People's Auspicious Day, However It Allocates The Captions Are Stiffly Unexpectedly “All Tibetan Take To The Streets Hers Words Distortion, Army Spurts The Noxious Gas To The Tibetan” Utter Nonsense.
In "Tibetan Gives Vent To Under The Title Which Anger" This Kind Shrugs. A Tibetan Woman Said With The Standard Chinese: “My Mood Is Very Heavy. These Minority Separatist Element Does The Sabotage, We Are The Testimonies. The Auspicious Day, The Child Goes To School Does Not Let, Normal Went To Work Cannot Go To Work, Destroyed Our Auspicious Day.”But Simultaneously Splits Out English Captions Translate Chinese Are Actually: “All Tibetan Took To The Streets Yesterday. In The Afternoon 34 O'clock Time, The Army Arrives At Court We To Spurt The Virulent Tear Gas Gas, But Also Has Grasped 10-20 People.”
Manufactures This News The Organization To Hoodwink The Common People Unexpectedly Using The Language In Transformation, Really Arrives At The Extreme Despicably, Not Only This To Everybody's Insult, Is Also To Its Insult! I Thought That This Year The World People Receive The Best Fool's Day Gift Is Comes From Some Media Not To Be Solid About Lhasa Event Reported.

Some Live Picture :

Pic From @ 163.COM & HuanQiu.COM
This Is Peace Demonstration Scene ...
The Year 2008 Just Like A Stage, Various Characters Perform In Above, Pure, Ignorant, Clown, Liar …
The Olympic Just Like A Mirror, According To Leaves People's Reality And Ugliness.

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