About Tibet Flag

About Tibet Flag

Now Has The Ignorant Person Everywhere To Raise The Snowy Mountain Lion Flag To Yell The Tibetan Independence.

The Snowy Mountain Lion Flag Internationally Recognizes Represents The Tibetan Independence Movement The Flag. This Flag Will Be Originally Tibet Vexillum, Tibet Local Authority Also Once The Use For Tibet's Representative Flag. Now This Flag Is Being Taken By Tibet Exile Government Use To National Flag, Strives For Tibet On Behalf Of Tibet Exile Government Will Splits From China.

But What The Genuine Meaning For Snowy Mountain Lion Flag? And What The Snowy Mountain Lion Flag Origin?

The 9th Century Middle Period, After TuBo Dynasty Fission, In The Very Long Times, Tibet Has Not Presented The Regular Army.Until The 18th Century End, After Qing Dynasty In Dispatches Troops Repels Nepal to Tibet's invasion, Has Formulated Famous "Authorized Regulations For The Better Governing Of Tibet".The Fourth Article Stipulation: “Before Around Tibet Does Not Have The Regular Troops, The Time Temporary Requisition, Not Only Lacks The Operational Capacity, And Visits The People, Damages Is Very Big. This Time Applies Emperor To Authorize, To Establish 3000 Regular Troops: Around Tibet In 1000, JiangZi In 500,DingRi In 500.”

The Army Usual Training And Combat's Direction, Could Not Leave The Flags. Therefore Has Manufactured Tibetan Army's “The Snowy Mountain Lion” Flag .

Thus It Can Be Seen, The Snowy Mountain Lion Flag Was The Qing Dynasty Central Government authorization , For Was Maintaining China To Unify, Was Also A Local Authority's Flag. Is Precisely Under This Flag, Dalai Lama Then Led The Tibetan, Resisted The Japanese Invader Heroically, And Crushed The British Colonizers Tibet The Plot Which Separated From China, Defended The Chinese Beautiful Country. Tibet Not “Independent”, Also Not “Founding Nation”, The Country Not Constructed, What Comes “The National Flag”? The So-Called Snowy Mountain Lion Flag Is “The Tibetan Independence National Flag”, Is A Tibet Exile Government For 50 Years Rumor!

About Tibet May Refer To Harvard Professor John King Fairbank’s “The Cambridge History Of China” .

The Snowy Mountain Lion Flag Connotation Is: The Snowy Mountain Symbolizes Tibet; The Snow Summit Rises The Sun Symbolizes The Central Authorities, Light Shining In All Directions Of Symbol Snow Territory Tibet Solar Complete All Living Things Enjoy The Freedom, The Belief, Wealthy, Happy, To Be Fair And To Be Fair; The Airborne Six Red Rays Symbolize The Tibet Nationality Primitive Se, Mu, Dong, Dang, Zhe, Zha Six Big Clans; The Red Ray And The Blue Color Sky In A Big Way Draft The Safflower Two To Protect Buddhist Law Likely Protect And Sustain The Politics To Teach The Enterprise; On The Snowy Mountain Two Snow Lion Symbol Politics Teaches Enterprise Of The Union To Defeat All, The Lion In China Is Also Army's Symbol, Tibet Does Not Have The Lion Is Also Not In The Reality Lion Image; Lifts Up High A Tricolor Valuable Flame To Symbolize The Tibetan People Forever To Honor And Trust And To Kneel Down The Buddha, Dhamma And Sangha Three Treasures; In The Snow Lion Hand Holds Has Two Colors The Pleasant Valuable Symbols To Follow Ten Good Measures And 16 Person Of Law Orthodox Church Of For In The Core Law Of Choices Good And Evil; The Decadent Frame Symbol Buddhist Doctrine Long Completes In World Until The Universaling Restoration Enterprise.

Lifts Up High The Snowy Mountain Lion Flag To Yell The Tibetan Independence, Has No Alternative But Saying That Is To The Ignorant Person's Satire.

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