Flag In China

Flag In China From 1860

1861-1873 Qing Merchant Ship Flag (UK)

1873-1890 Qing Empire Long Flag

1890-1912 Qing Empire Looong Flag

1911.10 WuChang Uprising - Iron Blood 18 Stars Flag

HuangXin's Republic Of China Flag—“Mine Field Flag”

Another Mine Field Flag

1912-1915.10.22 ROC (BeiYang) Five Colorful Flag

1915.10.22-1916.3.22 China Empire Flag (YuanShiKai )
China Empire Flag (First Design)
1928-1949 ROC Sunny Sky Red Flag (Sun Yat-Sen)
False Republic Of China Provisional Government (WangKeMin)
False Republic of China Reform Government (LiangHongZhi)
1940-1945 False Republic Of China (WangJingWei)
1932.9.3-1934.10.15 China Soviet Republic (First)
China Soviet Republic (Later)
1933 China Republic (FuJian)
1922-1931 Puppet Manchuria (Japen)
1932-1934 Puppet Manchuria
1934-1945 Puppet Manchuria

1934-1936 Mongolian Military Government

1936-1937 Mongolian Autonomous State

1937-1945 Meng-Jiang Union Autonomous Government
1945 Inner Mongolian Republic
1932-1933 East Turkestan

1933-1934 East Turkestan Islam Republic

1933-1942 XinJiang Autonomous Province (ShengShiCai , XinJiang General)
1942-1944 Turkestan Soviet Republic (ShengShiCai)
1944-1946 East Turkestan Republic
East Turkestan People's Republic
After 1791 Tibet - Snowy Mountain Lion Flag (Qing Dynasty Emperor QianLong/ChiarnLurng)
Tibetan Independence Organization Flag
1867-1959 Hong Kong (UK)
1959-1997 Hong Kong (UK)
1967 Macao (Portugal)
1899 ShangHai International Settlement

1898-1902 WeiHai (UK)

1902-1930 WeiHai (UK)

1940s QiongYa Autonomous Government (HaiNan)

1954 NanSha QunDao Kingdom of Humanity (American Lunatic- Morton Frederick Meads)

NanSha QunDao Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads (Morton Frederick Meads)
1956 NanSha QunDao Illegal Freedomland (Filipino Lunatic-Tomas A. Cloma,Study For Meads)

NanSha QunDao KeNiuWei Republic

NorthWest Union Province (Ma Army)
1950 China Islam Republic (NingXia)
NanZhao Federation (YunNan)

1916 ShanDong National Guard Military Government

1895.5.25 TaiWan Democracy Country (AntiJapan)

1940s Formosa Republic (Japanolatry ,Tokyo)
1940s TaiWan Country

TaiWan Independence Organization Flag (Japanolatry)

日本皇室五十菊.JPG Japan Royal Badge

Inner Mongolian Autonomous Government

1945-1946 Inner Mongolian Flag

1865 Seven City Islam Kingdom (Mohammad Yaqub Beg)

1911-1919 Khalkha Mongolia

1921-1924 Outer Mongolia

1924-1940 Great Mongolian Empire

1923 Buryatiya ( S.U. / Russia )

ROC First Generation National Emblem

ROC Second Generation National Emblem

ROC Third Generation National Emblem

1949-1992 Mongolian People's Republic Flag

After 1992 Mongolian People's Republic Flag

Inner Mongolian Independent Flag

1918-1921 TangNuWuLiangHai / Tuva People's Revolutionary Party , On Flag's Mongolian Means TangNu-Tuva People's Republic .

1921-1924 Red Party Flag

1926-1930.6 TangNu Tuva People's Republic Flag , On Flag's Mongolian Spells Is " Bugud Nairamdah Tiva Arad Ulus "

1933-1941 Tuva Republic Flag ,Used Latin Letter , Mongolian By Prohibition .

1943-1944 Tuva Republic Flag ,Used Cyril Letter , Is Annexed By S.U.

1961-1978 Tuva Soviet Socialism Autonomous Republic Flag (S.U. )

1978-1992 Tuva Soviet Socialism Autonomous Republic Flag (S.U. )

After 1992 Tuva Republic Flag (Russia)

1991.9.9 Tajiki (In 1860 & 1864 Tsarist Russia Through "The Sino-Russian Treaty" ,1868 Merged In Russia)

1991.8.31 Kyrghyz (1876 Merged In Russia)

1991.12.25 Kazakh (1917 Merged In Russia)

1991.8.31 Uzbeki (1917 Merged In Russia)

KuYe/Sakhalin Island (Russia)

LüShun (Russia)

KuYe/Sakhalin Island (Japan)

TaiWan (Japan)

False Republic Of China (WangJingWei)

1895 Korea Kingdom Flag

TaiWan (Dutch)

Great fortune khanate (Mohammad Yaqub Beg)

TaiWan (Spain)

GuangZhou Bay (France)

Inner Mongolian Flag

ShanMenWan (Italy ,Failure)

1429-1879 LiuQiu/Ryukyu Islands (US & Japan)

1642-1975 Sikkim/Dremojong (India)

1907 Bhutan

After 1949.10.1 People's Republic Of China - Five Stars Red Flag

After 1997.7.1 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

After 1999.12.20 Macau Special Administrative Region

We Lost Too Much In The Past , So We Should Must Treasure All Now .

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