Half HeiXiaZi Return

Today,China And Russia Will Hold "The Sino-Russian Boundary Tablet Opening Ceremony" , After 79 Years Later The HeiXiaZi Island Half 's Territory Return To China.
HeiXiaZi Island Also Calls FuYuan Delta (Russian: Островов Большой Уссурийский), Located At The Sino-Russian Boundary FuYuan County Domestic HeiLongJiang And West The WuSuLi River Intersection Point Main Channel South Side, Is China Sees Sun's Place Most Early. Its Area The Approximately 327 Square Kilometers, As HongKong 1/3, Macao 12 Times, ZhenBaoDao Island's 500 Times.
The Recent Place From China 200 Meters,From Russia 1500 Meters.
In HeiXiaZi Island The Most Remarkable Construction - - In October, 1999 Constructed Height 28 Meters Victoria Church, The Terminus Also Sets Upright In There.The Victoria Church Is Located At China Side Originally, But The Chinese Government Gave Up Relocating And Delivering With Russia.
Russian Patrol Gunboat
In 1858 Tsarist Russia Forced The Qing Government To Sign "Sino-Russian Aigun Treaty", Took Away North Of HeiLongJiang About 630 Thousand Square Kilometers Lands, In 1860 Forced To Sign "BeiJing Treaty", Agreed East China And Russia The Section Boundary Take HeiLongJiang, The WuSuLi River As, North Of East Of HeiLongJiang, The WuSuLi River Incorporated Into Russia; The Original Resident This Area's Chinese, Still Detained. This Treaty Forcefully Sheared Has Accounted For The Chinese Territory More Than 400 Thousand Square Kilometers. Total Shears The Chinese 1.6 Million Square Kilometers.
In 1929, ZhangXueLiang Took Back The Chinese Eastern Railway Telegram Telephone Power, The Soviet Staff Members Will Repatriate, Initiated China And Soviet Union To Strive For The Chinese Eastern Railway Property Rights In Light Of The Large-Scale Armed Conflict, The Soviet Has Seized HeiXiaZi Island Forcefully.Before The Late-1950s, The Chinese Passes In And Out HeiXiaZi Not To Limit. After Treating The Sino-Soviet Relations Mutual Hatred, The China And Soviet Union Frontier Forces, Strengthened To The HeiXiaZi Island Peripheral Alert. From That Time The Chinese Cannot Ascend The Island .
Historical Vicissitude
In 1860 The Sino-Russian Treaty Sheared Occupies North Of HeiLongJiang, South Of HeiLongJiang For The China Territory.
In 1929 Soviet Union Occupied And The Chinese 25 Household Others Were Compelled To Move One After Another Down From HeiXiaZi Island.
In 1954 Started The Chinese Fishermen Not To Be Able On HeiXiaZi Island Again.
On February 23, 1964 China And Russia Started On Its Ownership Question To Carry On The Negotiations.
In 1969 The Sino-Soviet Mutual Hatred Started, Soviet Union Started Toward The Island On To Immigrate.
On October 20, 1969 In The Second Negotiations, The ZhenBao Island Event Erupted, China And Soviet Union Had The Conflict. The Negotiations Stop Suddenly.
In July, 1986 China And Soviet Union Made A Fresh Start The Third National Boundary Negotiations.
The Russia In October 1999 Constructed Height 28 Meters Church, The Nearby Has A Small Heliport, The Russia Side Constructs Two High-Pressured Power Lines On The Island.
In July, 2001 China And Russia Carried On The Fourth Negotiations, Signed "China And Russia Good Neighborliness And Friendliness Cooperation Treaty".
In 2004 Putin Visited China The Sign Agreement, Both Sides Solves The Boundary Dispute.
On June 16, 2005 China And Russia Form An Offsetting Chart Group Respectively, Carries On The Open Union Mapping On The Island.
On October 14, 2008 Returns Officially.
The Government And Officials Are Very Happy, But Populace ...   (=_=!)
Half ... ...

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