HeiXiaZi Island

China National Geographic Manufacture HeiXiaZi Island Detail

HeiXiaZi Island Area Is Equal To The ShangHai ChongMing Island Is So Big, Altogether 330 Square Kilometers. HeiXiaZi Island Calls FuYuan Delta, By YinLongDao, HeiXiaZiDao, The Bright Moonlight Island 3 Islands Is 93 Islands And The Sandbar Is Composed, Is Delta Which The WuSuLi River And HeiLongJiang Silt Alluviation Become. The Entire Island Topography Is Smooth, Is Not At The Development Condition Basically. In After 1929 Chinese Eastern Railway Event, Soviet Union (Now Russia) Has Occupied This Island, Now HeiXiaZi Island Half Already Returned The Motherland.

Russia Publishes HeiXiaZi Island Map

According To The Qing Government Signs Not Most Equal "Aigun Treaty" Under The Czarist Government Threat In Force And "BeiJing Treaty" The Stipulation, Between Both Countries National Boundary Divides By HeiLongJiang And The WuSuLi River Main Channel, Then East Of North Of The WuSuLi River, HeiLongJiang Delimited Has Given Russia. Even So, HeiXiaZiDao Should Also Be China's Territory, But In 1929 Soviet Union Taking Advantage Of The Chinese Eastern Railway Event, Mounted A Large-Scale Attack China, Although Latter Withdrew From Other Places, But Actually Has Not Withdrawn From HeiXiaZi, HeiXiaZi Is Seized By Soviet Union Until Now. Before Then, In HeiXiaZiDao Has China's Three Villages. In The Chart Has A Red Line, This Red Line Is The National Boundary Which Today Divides. May See, Returns To HeiXiaZiDao Which China Embraces Only Not To Half Area.

This Is In HeiXiaZi Caution Sign, Above Is Writing: This Is The Restricted Area, Enters This Island To Have The Special Pass. But On This Island Has Russia's Several Farms, Has Russia's Some Residents.

On The Island The Russian Is Raising The Cow.

This Is The Family Member Building Which The HeiXiaZi Russia Garrisons, Now Island Half Gave Back To China, The Russian Army Already Started To Withdraw.

This Is A Study Chinese Russian University Student Comes On The Island To See Her Grandmother.

On The Island Many Lands Are Planting The Potato.

This Is The HeiXiaZi Island Peak, Is Also The Height Above Airport Two Several Meters Small Massifs, Had Once Discovered The China Daur People Early Time Sacrificial Offering God Ruins In Here.

HeiXiaZi Enchanting Scenery. On The Island Has The Rivers Also To Have The Lake, This Is A Quiet Lake.

This Is Russia's Gunboat

Separates Between HeiXiaZiDao And The National Flag , Russian Patrol Gunboat.

In HeiXiaZi The Vast Prairie, The Russian Is Cutting Grass.

China And Russia's Servicemen Are Carrying On Mark Off The Work.

Both Countries Staff Are Carrying On The Border Survey To Mark Off The Work.

This Is In A HeiXiaZi Church---Victoria Church On 1999, Actually This Church Person Has Not Gone To Church, But This Church Has Actually Become The Sino-Russian Genuine Boundary Tablet, Was This Church Has Prevented The Step Which The Chinese National Boundary Prompted Forward. It Is Said That This Church Is Russia's Magistrate Heard That HeiXiaZi Has The Possibility To Return China, But Arranges The Construction Specially, Like This May Say, You Looked, Our Church In This, The Church Cannot Delimit China To Go. Therefore This Church Has Become The Russian Lets The Chinese Take This As An Excuse. Because Says According To The Truth, Even If According To The Treaty Of Most Unequality, HeiXiaZi Should Entire Return China.But In Fact No Truth .

Russia's Boundary Tablet

The Chinese Fishermen Are Near At Hand Actually Cannot On The Island.

Opened Has Filled Fresh Flower's Wilderness.

Fertile Pasture

A Curving Creek.

Both Countries Personnel Are Surveying The National Boundary .

The Chinese Servicemen And The Russian Servicemen Mark Off In The Survey.

In Russian Soldier HeiXiaZi Is Performing Duties, After Death 200 Meters Are The China FuYuan County.

This Is The Russian Soldier Who In HeiXiaZi Performs Duties, He After Death 1500 Meters Are BoLi(Russian Khabarovsk) .

Stands Erect The Boundary Tablet

Stands Erect Boundary Tablet's Chinese Serviceman Is Responsibly Is Responsible Extremely Earnestly.

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