Tencent Decennial

Tencent.com Has Welcomed Its 10th Birthday,And Started"My 10 Years"10th Anniversary Celebration.Tencent To Create The Penguin Empire Myth With 10 Year,Achievement China Internet First Legend.Tencent Is China Realizes The Profit Internet Company Most Early,Tencent Is Also First China Internet Company That Market Value Worth More Than 100 Million US Dollars,Tencent Users Are Most Of In The China Internet Companies ……

  In November, 1998 Tencent Was Founded, Promotes The Wireless Internet Paging Solution.
  In February 1999, Tencent Open The Immediate Communication Services.
  In November 1999, QQ User Registration Number Broke Through 1 Million.
  In April 2000, QQ User Registration Number Reached 5 Million.
  On 20:43 27/May/2000,QQ Online User First Breakthrough 100,000 At The Same Time.
  In June 2000,QQ User Registration Number Broke Through 10 Million.
  In January 2001, Tencent.com To Place In China Sixth.
  In February 2001,QQ Online User First Breakthrough 1Million, Registration User Reached 50 Million.
  In March 2002,QQ User Breakthrough 100 Million.

  In September 2003,QQ User Breakthrough 200 Million.

  In April 2004,QQ User Breakthrough 300 Million.

  On August 27 2004,QQ Game (Http://Game.QQ.com) User Online Broke Through 620 Thousand At The Same Time, Leaps To The Domestic First Leisure Game Portal.

  On October 22 2004, QQ.com Becomes One Of China Most Influential Portals Website.

  In December 2004, QQ Game User Online Broke 1Million.
  In December 2004,QQ.com In One Year Places In The Alexa Domestic Portals Website Synthesis Fourth.
  On February 16 2005, QQ User Online Breakthrough 10Million.
  In June 2008, QQ User Online Breakthrough 40Million,Registration User Reached 800 Million.
  In January 2009,QQ User Online Breakthrough 43Million,Head Of The IM Software .
  On February 23 2009 20:00 ,QQ User Online Achieved 51,398,182 People At The Same Time,Registration User More Than 900 Million,It Is Estimated That By The End Of 2009,QQ User Registration Number Will Breakthrough 1 Billion,Becomes In The World Only To Surpass 1 Billion Users IM Tool!
  On May 27 2009 21:23, QQ User Online Achieved 61,197,548 At The Same Time.

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