Nanking And Rabe

72 Years Ago, The Japanese Forces Conquer By Killing Nanking, 300 Thousands Chinese Ghosts Were Wailing.

For 72 Years, The Subject Of Nanking Massacre Film Not Below 10.At The End Of April, " Nanking! Nanking! " And " John Rabe" In The Same Slot On The Same Historical Events Film Met.

Both Films Have Chosen The Theme Of "Humanity", Difference Is That The "Nanking" Is Reflected A Japanese Soldier's Humanity, "Rabe" Is Reflected A Faithful Nazi's Humanity.

"Rabe" Is A Hollywood Style Movie, Is A Foreigner In The Resonsideration Of The Slaughter Occurs In China.Rabe Successfully From A Nazi Party Member “Evolution” Become A “Good Men Of NanJing”.In The People Eye Nazi Is Hornets How To Become A The Good Person."Nanking" More Like A Literary Film, Discusses In The Invader Troop Also Latent Humanity.How Ordinary Individuals Into A Murderous Demon.

The Success Of "Nanking" Is Narrate A Universal Truth About Humanity,But The Failure Is Standing In The Invaders Brutism Shocking Stage Shows The Japanese Army's Humanity Was Not Exist At That Time .

"Rabe" Is Similar To " Schindler's List", As More Emphasis On " Salvation" As The Theme.The Theme Of Values Are Positive And Complete,Film Standing Position Of The Third Party,Standing In The International Humanitarian Perspective About Narrated In The Past Saw Picture.The Objective Of Mold A Rabe At First Believed Nazi, Not Care The Chinese People, After Comparing The Next Achievement Will Move As People.

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Hundred Cut Event

The Japanese Soldier's Suicide, It Is The "Nanking" A Major Failing,Presented The Deviation To Movie's Value Orientation.Just Erupted Insufficient A Half Year At Japan Comprehensive Aggressive War Against China To Have The Japanese Soldiers Because To Kill The Chinese In NanJing To Rebuke Oneself To Shot Himself, This Is The Japanese As An Insult To The Spirit Of Bushido,History Available, But All In The PostWar.Humanity Is Truly,Absolute Good And Absolute Badly Does Not Have."Nazi" In Germany And The European May Be A Very Bad Word,But It Still Done Some Good Deeds To The Chinese(Such As At The Beginning Of Sino-Japanese War Germany's Aid To China).

1937 NanJing, To The Chinese People Is A Disgrace. The Capital Was Occupied, The Civilians Were Massacred.Defends NanJing's Soldier, Many Are The Army Which Retreats Down From ShangHai,Simply For Catch Breath Without Enough Time ,The Exhausted Panic-Stricken Remnant Armed Forces, Are Simply Impossible To Defend NanJing.The Defensive Policy Deals With The Insufficiency Chaotic, But Also Places Hopes In German Ambassador Trautmann The Mediation.ShangHai Before Engages In A Decisive Battle The Chinese Army's Resistance To Be Too Intense,Japanese Wants To Retaliate,And The Collapse Of The Chinese People To Fight The Resistance.NanJing Is A Turning Point,The True Resistance Started.All People Realized That,This War Is Not Only The Pure Victory And Defeat, But Is War Of The Life And Death.In Frontal Battlefield, Chinese Army's Main Force,And More From SiChuan, YunNan, NorthWest To Carry The Broadsword To Lack The Weapon Preparation The Army To Tow Japanese Forces' Footsteps Stubbornly In The Long Front.The Final Civilization Has Defeated Barbarically.

It Is Said " John Rabe " Final Subtitles,On The German Version Had A Few Words Original Intention Is "The NanJing Massacre Still Does Not Acknowledge For The Japanese Government Until Now",When Chinese Version Altered To "The NanJing Massacre Still Not To Acknowledge For Japan Right-Wingers Power Until Now",Reasons For The Change Is Said To Be Due To The Politically Correct,For "Sino-Japanese Relations" Need.Chinese Mercy Has Not Moved Japan,A Congressman Hereditary Still Boast About "Democratic System", An Over-Trapping Whale Still Shouted The Environmental Protection, Have Many Own Question Repeatedly Has Not Forgotten To Stress North Korea's Historical Vulnerable Point. Does Not Reflect On Their Own Also Become The Victims Of World War II, Is Unable With The Neighboring Country To Live Together In Peace And Harmony.

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kurosameshin-Mr. Arisaka said...

He is an angel. Rescue a lots of poor, and stranded Chinese,Rabe will be in our memory. He was a Nazi who dare to do what Hitler doesn't like him to do.
Who sacrifices himself 4 lots of men to survives
We won't forget you Rabe