National Flag Design Of PRC In 1949

On June 15, 1949, The New Political Consultative Conference In Peking Preparatory Committee Formally Established, Public To Solicit National Flag Design Pattern.From July 14 To August 15 Were Received 3012 Designs, And Then Review Through 38 Patterns.

#NO.32 ZengLianSong's Original Design



On October 1, 1949, The Government Of The PRC Was Founded, Accompanied By The Majestic "Volunteers March" , The Bright Five-Starred Red Flag Slowly Went Up Pole The First Time In BeiJing's TianAnMen Square, Marks The Five-Starred Red Flag Become National Flag Of The People's Republic Of China.

ZengLianSong And His Design Five-Starred Red Flag


It Seems That Most Chinese More Better Like Red And Yellow Color.Perhaps Because That Most Chinese Are Known For Claimed Themselves That The "Descendants Of Yan(Red) And Huang(Yellow) Emperors" .


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