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One Picture For Eight Years

The BBC Picture Appears The Chinese Police Uniform Department “89 Types” The Police Uniform, Showed This Picture Absorbed At Least Before 2001, Moreover The Present China's CRT Computer Mostly Changed Into The LCD Display. ­

2008 Police Patrol In BeiJing

On July 29, 2008, In BBC Chinese Website Topic Is “US Congressman: The Chinese Secret Monitors The Olympic Games Hotel Guest” In The News, Some Showing Is “China Strengthens Monitors The Olympic Games Guest Moves” The Picture. In The Picture, Two Wear Police Uniform's Chinese Police To Look At The Computer. ­

On July 23, 2006 And On October 25, In BBC So-Called “China Establishes `The Internet Blacklist '” And So On Several Reports, Two Chinese Polices Watch Computer's Picture, For “China Attempts To Strengthen The Monitoring Blog Homepage Activity”.

On September 23, 2002, The BBC Chinese And English Website Simultaneously Published A Topic Was The News"China Strengthens On-Line Monitoring The Firewall ".

On July 20,2001, Related Chinese Network Supervision News,“China Acts On Net ‘Addicts’”.

On August 26, 2000 And August 21,2000 In BBC News, “The Chinese Government To The Network Capacity Was Still The Unknown”, “The Chinese Government Worry Network”.

A Internet Buddies After The Card Remains Said: “From 2000 To 2008, A Picture Used For Eight Years, The Caption Also To Accuse China. Also Really Admires BBC The `Professional Dedication '!”

­Perhaps £400,000 Pounds To BBC Are Not Enough.  >>>

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