The False News Is Not Real Reported

The False News Is Reported Not In Fact For Tibet Riots .
Free Press But False News .

Falsus Objective And Fair .

Where Is The News Reporter's Professional Ethics ?

Look At These True Lies :

In The CNN Website Pic Does Not Have The Hoodlum To Throw The Stone To The Vehicles.

"Berlin Morning" The Website Rescues A Tibet Public Security Armed Police Is Raided The Han Nationality Person's Picture To Assert Is Seizing The Tibetan.

BBC Gives The Caption Actually Wrote: “Has Many Armies In Lhasa”, Has Not Seen On As If Completely The Ambulance Big “The First Aid” Two Characters. >>> Tibetans Describe Continuing Unrest

Material Picture: The German NTV Television Station , Nepalese Police Will Seize The Tibetan Protester In The Report To Talk Into Will Be “Occurs In Tibet's New Event”.

American Fox Television Station Website Publication Picture Said That The Chinese Servicemen Draw In The Tibetan Protester The Truck, But In The Picture Is Indian Police Obviously.

The US Washington Post's Website , Nepalese Police Will Scatter The Tibetan Protester In The Report To Talk Into Will Be The Chinese Government The Motion Which Adopts In Lhasa.

Youtube Creating False And Cheating For True Face Of Western Media .

The Canadian Who Travelled In Lhasa Witnessed Lhasa Had The Beating, Smashing And Looting To Burn The Event, He Wrote In His Blog: “These Tibetan Independence Terrorist Starts To Attack Police First, Attacks The Common People. If This Places The West, Will Be Suppressed Severely.”This Section Of Writing, Have Not Seen A Western Main Media Quotation. The WebMen Pointed Out That This Canadian Also Shot The Chinese Polices To Lift The Shield To Compose The Human Wall To Prevent The Raindrop Brick Attack The Picture, And Placed It In Own Blog, This Picture Afterward Put By The New York Times The Front Page, However, This Newspaper's Caption Actually Simply Did Not Raise The Scoundrel To Attack Police's Atrocity, But Used “The Demonstration” This Kind Not To Tally With The Fact, To Have The Prejudice Phrase Completely.

The Prejudice Crushes Objectively .

This Wrong Is Too Wide Of The Mark .
Had Not Reported Objectively, What Value Does The News Have?
These Small Clumsy Tricks,Said The Pleasant Sounds To Be Called The Puerility,Said The Normal Sounds To Be Called The Naively,Said The Terrible Sounds To Be Called The Idiocy .

Some Contents And Pics From @ XinHuanet.com & HuanQiu.com

The German RTL Television Station Website On March 23 Issues The Statement In Its Website, Acknowledged That The Television Station Website's News Column Once Published One To RTL To Display 4 The Other Day To Brandish Club's Police To Drive Off Demonstrator's Picture To Make The Wrong Writing To Show, And Is “Chinese Police Suppresses Its Illustration In Tibet The Protester”. German RTL The Television Station Website On March 23 Said What This Picture Reflected In Fact Is On March 17 Nepalese Police Scatters The Demonstrator In Capital Katmandu.   
From @ ChinaDaily.com ===>German Media Apologize For Errors In Covering Tibet Riots  More

But The Others ?And Other Events ?

Looked How CNN Responds The Accusation Which Is Not Real To It Reported .

CNN And Other Western Media Distortion Of Fact's Words And Deeds Have Aroused People's Angry.  More
Possibly Is Be Instigation By SomeOne Organization , Vielleicht adv. .

Report: 100 Dead In Tibet Violence      CNN & Western Goebbels Nazi media    More

It Is Said That The Personhood ( Being-Men )Cannot Too Like CNN .

In The Pic First That Is Not China's Army, But Is The Armed Police; Next, According To The XinHua News Agency 2004 News, 2004 From 2005 January 1, The Armed Police Officers And Soldiers Will Unify Wears The Shoulder Patch, The Chest Sign (Http://News.Xinhuanet.Com/Mil/2004-12/24/Content_2374816.Htm), But In The Picture Police Has Not Worn The Shoulder Patch, The Chest Sign, Explained This Picture Photographs At Least Before 2005; Another Fact Is, According To Tibet Business October's, 2004 News, From October 13, 2004, Lhasa's Manpower Tricycle The Centralized Control Blue, Red, The Green Interaction Is Rich In The Tibetan National Minority Characteristic The Curtain Cloth (Http://News.Sina.Com.Cn/S/2004-10-15/10153930580s.Shtml), But Attempted The Tricycle Curtain Cloth Color Use Blue Color Curtain Cloth, Explained That This Picture Photography The Time Was Impossible To Photograph After November, 2004.

They Have Forgotten Probably, This Picture Before Already Had Used One Time, Now Can Also Take Uses To Deceives People Continues ?

How CNN Is Reporting: Anything Is Possible

Just Like Some Media Said That The Report Is Made Some Low-Level Mistakes, So ,Next Time They Should Intelligently, Deceives People Do Not Discovered, Otherwise You And Others All Cannot Be Happy.

The Year 2008 Just Like A Stage, Various Characters Perform In Above, Pure, Ignorant, Clown, Liar …The Olympic Just Like A Mirror, According To Leaves People's Reality And Ugliness.

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