Both Sides Of Pictures In Urumqi Protest

"these media shoots...look at both sides, look at this picture. In this picture, they deploy troops so they don't want... it's seven line of troops it' the demonstraton very peacefull over there. How it is possible in...among the army...how they could injure anyone?"

AFP:A demonstrator holds a child and a controversial picture released by the Uyghur American association that apparently shows victims of the violence of the deadly riots in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang during a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in ANKARA on July 7, 2009.

"Crutch" Obstruct Armored Vehicled Forward.


The Foto Is Fact A Event In China's Middle Region Of HuBei ShiShou On June 21,2009.

The Foto Is Fact A Car Accident In China's Eestern Region Of ZheJiang HangZhou On May 15,2009.
Whole Course Of Manufacture News.


Rebiya Kadeer Should More Study From DaLai LaMa.


PS:Some Messages From Web,This Event Might Also Be Related To CIA And Uyghur American Association Intervene In The Backrow,Select Some ET Terrorists Trained From Guantanamo.

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