XinJiang、Turkey And Iran

7·5 XinJiang Riot Has Caused 197 Dead Until Now,Include 137 Hans,46 Uygurs,1 Hui,1 Police And 12 Mobs.

Turkey And Iran Have Some People Publicly Accuse The China Government To Suppress Muslim.I Feel Very Oddness,The XinJiang Event Has Any Relations With Turkey And Iran?China's Principle Is Not Interfere Other Country Internal Affairs, Also Not Allow Other Countries To Interfere China's Internal Affairs.

Turkey And Iran Are Competing For The Islam Muslim's Influence,Both Publicly Accuse XinJiang Occur "Genocide".Turkey And Iran Not Only Have The Religious Clique's Contradiction, Also Has The Geopolitics Contradiction,Both Countries Are Competing For Central Asia's Resources And The Muslim Influence.Turkey And Uighur Are Sunni Islam,Iran And Tajik Are Shia Islam,The Contradiction Between Shiites And Sunnis, Is Well Known.With The Turkish Government High-Profile Accused China Of "Genocide",The Iranian Shiah Religious Leader Also High-Sounding Responded,Surface Aims At China, Rather For Turkey. The Disintegration Of The Soviet Union In 1991,Turkey And Iran Positively Develop The Economic Civilization With Central Asia To Cooperate And Free Bestow The Typewriter. In 1993, Some Central Asian Countries Decided To Gives Up The Slavic Letters Change To Turkey Latin Letters.

Turkey Wants To Join European Union ,At The Same Time On The One Hand Wants To Muslim World Leader, But When Soviet Union Disintegrates, Also Wants To Repel Russia And Iran Affects As The Central Asia Turkic Language Various Countries Community Leader.But The EU Refuse Islamic Country, The Middle East Refuse Non-Arab Country,The Muslim Refuse Pro-US Country.

In The Past 60 Years, China's Population Growth From 500 Million To 1.2 Billion, The Uighurs Growth From 3 Million To 10 Million, But In The Past Than 100 Year, Turkey's Armenians From More Than 2 Million To Deficiency Of 100 Thousand.

In 1299 Ottoman Enter Anatolia,In 1453 Occupy Constantinople,In 1463 Conquer Bosnia,In 1478 Conquer Crimea,In 1479 Conquer Albania,1514 Beat Iran,1517 Perishes Egypt,1529 Besieged Vienna,1574 Occupy North Africa,1639 Occupy Baghdad.

The Turkey's Zone Of Interest From The Adriatic Sea To The China Wall.---Turgut Ozal,1993.
Turanism And Pan-Turkism

Turkic And Uygur
In The 5th Century A.D. Turkic Around In The Altai Region Nomadic Tribes.In The 6th To 8th Century A.D. Turkic Nomadic Tribes In The Altai To Baikal Region.
In The 5th Century A.D. Turkic Rule By RouRan(Abarga),In 429 BeiWei Beat RouRan,ChiLe, GaoChe, Turkic And So On Various Tribes Are Separated From RouRan.AD552 Turkic Leader AShiNa TuMen Defeated RouRan, Constructs The Turkic Khanate.AD581 The Sui Dynasty Established And Encounter Turkic Attacked,AD583 Turkic Divided Into East And West,And Defeat By Sui Dynasty.Scope Of East Turkic Khanate,East From The Altai, South Of Lake Baikal's Mongolian Plateau,Scope Of West Turkic Khanate,West From The Altai To Aral Sea,South To Kashmir. AD618 The Tang Dynasty Established And Encounter Turkic Attacked Again.AD630 JieLi Khan Is Captured,Tang Destroyed East Turkic Khanate.AD657 Tang Destroyed West Turkic Khanate And Regain XiYu.AD682 Re-Establish Later Turkic Khanate,AD745 Destroyed By HuiHe.Turkic Tribes 60% Reside In Tang,20% Tribes Nomadism In Central Asia,20% Tribes Enter Middle East.The Tang Dynasty's Turkic Tribes By And By Gives Up Nomadism Change To Farming,The Rest "Turkic Tribes" Continue To Nomadic Life,Fuses Together With Other Clans And Tribes,And Moves To The West, Like Selcuk And Osman.As Ancient Clan And Tribe "Turkic" Already Did Not Exist,But On The Northern Asian Prairie The Different Nomadic Tribes Said With More Or Less Same The Turkic Language,According To The Linguistics In Classification,"Turkic Language" Is A Languagegroup,It Belongs To Altaic Languagefamily.

Turkic Was Other First Has The Written Nationality In The History In North Part Of China ,The Letters About 35. In 1889 Summer Discovered Two Turkic Steles In Mongolia Orkhon River Khoshoo-Tsaydam.
Stele Frontage And Sides Engraves The Turkic Written, Back For Tang Emperor XuanZong's Han Written .
Kul Tegin Stele In AD732,Who Is Brother Of Bilga Khan,AD685-AD732.
Bilga Qaghan Stele In AD735,Who Is Khan Of Later Turkic Khanate,?- AD734.

The HuiHe Tribe Nomadism In The Mongolian Plateau Orkhon River Basin,AD560 Rule By Turkic Khanate,AD605 Get Rid Of Turkic And Gradually Formidable.AD646 HuiHe Coordinates With Tang Defeated XueYanTuo (Syr-Tardouch),The HuiHe Leader TuMiDu Call Self The Khan,Accepts Tang Dynasty's Jurisdiction,As Governor.AD744 Perishes The Later Turkic Khanate In Concert With Tang Army,The HuiHe Leader GuLiPeiLuo Accepts Tang Emperor XuanZong To Confer Rank And Title " HuaiRen Khan ", Established HuiHe Khanate In Mongolian Plateau.AD755 The Tang Dynasty Had "An And Shi Rebellions",Requested On The Tang Dynasty Central Authorities,Deploy HuiHe Cavalry To Put Down The Rebellion.AD788 Submit The Tang Dynasty Central Authorities To Change The Chinese Name Is "HuiHu" Means Agility As Falcon.AD840 HuiHu Has The Civil Strife, Also Presents The Serious Plague And The Rare Heavy Snow. Lives In Northern XiaJiaSi (Qrqz,Now Kyrgyz)Seizes The Opportunity To Attack,The HuiHu Khanate Disintegrates,The Majority Moves Westward,One Moves West Of CongLing,One Moves HeXi Corridor,One Moves XiZhou(Now Turfan).Move To Turpan's HuiHu Re-Establish Regime In GaoChang.Latter Is Surrendered By Genghis Khan,The XiZhou-HuiHu Renamed"WeiWuEr",Is Today Uygur's Ancestors.

The XiYu Enters China's Historical Record From 162BC, At That Time Was Being In Han-Hun Hundred War.138BC ZhangQian And Hundred Followers From ChangAn To Go To Afghanistan To Contact With Great Yueh-Chin And Kushana,Hope Alliance Attack XiongNu,Is Refused.Along With Han Dynasty's Military Victory,119BC ZhangQian Second To XiYu For Diplomatic.The XiongNu Ruled By 36 Countries To The Han Dynasty Seek Protection.71BC XiongNu Collapsed And Divided.60BC The Han Dynasty Sets Up The XiYu Protect Command Headquarters,Total Manages XiYu All-Business,XiYu Becomes Part Of China's Territory.Scope Of Rule And Jurisdiction In Today's XinJiang And Central Asia To Afghanistan And Iran Eastern.Han Dynasty's Garrison Has Protected The Water Source And The Caravan Security,Then This Is Silk Road In History.

Through XiYu ,The Han Dynasty Transports The Silk And The Chinaware To Westen,And Buddhism Spreads East To China .

AD460 RouRan Enter XiYu,Buddhism.

AD552 Turkic Beat RouRan Control XiYu.

AD583 XiYu Belongs West Turkic Khanate.

AD640 Tang Enter XiYu.

AD657 Tang Destroyed West Turkic And Regain XiYu.

AD670 TuBo Enter XiYu,Buddhism.

AD751 Battle of Talas,Tang Lose,Arab Enter XiYu,XiYu Start To Islamize.

AD870 HuiHu Enter XiYu,Buddhism.

AD962 Persia Enter XiYu,Zoroastrianism.

AD1037 Selcuk Control XiYu,Islam.

AD1125 Khitan Rule XiYu,So In Middle East And Slavdom Call China As Khitay,Buddhism.

AD1194 Khwarezmia Enter XiYu,Islam.

AD1226 Mongolia Destroy West Khitan And Khwarizm,Buddhism And Islam.

AD1369 Timur Control XiYu,Islam.

AD1514 Mongolia Establish The Yarkant Khanate.Mongolian Dughlat Tribe And Chagatai Tribe Islamization, And Integrate The Uygur National,XiYu Completely Islamization And Irreversibility.

AD1670 Qing Dynasty Enter XiYu.

AD1678 Mongolian Junggar Khanate Destroyed Yarkant Khanate,Control XiYu.

AD1696 Qing Destroyed Junggar Khanate And Rule XiYu.

AD1745 Junggar Rebellion.

AD1757 Qing Thoroughly Conquered Junggar,Emperor QianLong Named This Land As "XinJiang",Take Meaning Of Newly Returning Of Native Land.

AD1860 Russia And UK Enter XiYu,Confronted At Vakhan Corridor.

AD1864 Russia Occupy Qing's Balkhash Lake Region.

AD1871 Russia Occupy Qing's YiLi Area.

AD1881 Qing Government Return Russia Occupied YiLi Area.

AD1885 Russia Annexe Khazak,Uzbek And So On Entire Central Asia,Establishment Turkestan Governor District.

AD1892 Russia Occupy Qing's Pamir Plateau .

On November 12, 1933,British East India Company Plan The Rebellion In Kashgar And Establish"East Turkestan Islam Republic",Under Britain's Support Want Establishment A Pure Uighur Islamic Nation,Slogan Is "Kill Hans Perish Huis And Out Kazaks".

On February 6,1934,The Hui's Local Warlords Leader MaZhongYing Led 2000 Soldiers Regained Kashgar,The Rebel Leader Flee To Turkey And Kashmir.

On November 12, 1944, Soviet Union Invaded XinJiang YiLi Area Again And Established "East Turkestan Republic" Provisional Government.Plan Merger With Russian Turkestan.

In July, 1945,Chiang Kai-Shek Gave Up Outer Mongolia Condition Receiving In Exchange For Stalin To Stop Supporting The Existence Of East Turkestan Republic.

In December, 1979 Soviet Union Invaded Afghanistan, To Intention Occupation Entire XiYu Besides XinJiang.

In 1991 Soviet Union Disintegrated, The Central Asia Five Countries Were Independent.


From 60BC To The Present, China's XiYu Only Has Been Left Over Part Is XinJiang Province.So China Impossible To Give Up .


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