The XinJiang Urumqi Peaceful Demonstrations

From Western Media Knowing On July 5 XinJiang Urumqi Muslim Peaceful Demonstrations By The Chinese Government Force Suppression.

"The high number of casualties is an indicator of the use of disproportionate force by the Government. "
"A spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, a dissident Uyghur group based in Munich, Germany, told CNN that local Uyghur people in Urumqi and Xinjiang had told him by telephone that they had seen bodies thrown into military vehicles."
"The BBC's Chris Hogg in Shanghai says that if the numbers of dead are to be believed - and state media say they may rise - this looks like the bloodiest suppression of protest in China since Tiananmen Square 20 years ago."
"They were carrying banners and slogans, they marched towards the municipal government's building. The government tried to stop them and asked the protesters to disperse and go home, but the protesters refused. An hour later, around 6pm military forces started to show up and they used machine guns to shoot randomly at Uighurs on the street. At least 150 people died in the firing."
"After about 40 minutes during which the crowd shouted slogans, calling the incident in Guangdong Shaoguan a planned ethnic cleansing, the Chinese military began to crack down by sending more than 50 military vehicles -- including tanks -- carrying troops into Urumqi."

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The China Government's Viewpoint Is That,With Rebiya Kadeer Headed "The World Uygur Congress" ("Dunya Uighur Uyghur Qurultiyi")Direction Instigation Domestic Uighur To Carry Out Beating, Smashing And Burning Riots Vandalism.
On 18PM July 5,About 3000 Uighurs In Urumqi Gathered And Demonstrations,Then Broke Out Rioting. Now Leaving 156 People Dead(Male 129,Female 27,Include 1 Police) And More Than 1080 Injured.260 Vehicles Were Wrecked,203 Shops Were Attacked.Police Have Arrested 1434 People (Male 1379,Female 55).
It Is Said The Cause Is Two Uighurs Killed 6.26 In A Fight Between Uighurs And Hans At A Toy Factory In ShaoGuan GuangDong.

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About 6.26 Event Of Two Uighurs Killed In ShaoGuan GuangDong.

The GuangDong Government Explained:
On June 25 Evening, In The ShaoGuan XuRi(Rising Sun) Toy Factory Dormitory Area Has Staff Community To Fight Event, Causes Some Injuries. XuRi Toy Factory Is A Hong Kong Businessman Enterprise,All More Than 10,000 Employees.About 11:00 PM,In The Factory The Minority Worker Has The Conflict In The Dormitory Area,Initiates The Collective Which Hundred People Participate To Fight The Event, And Attracted A Large Number Of Persons From Onlookers.
After The ShaoGuan Police Station Receives Report, Immediately Dispatched Police To The Scene,Quickly Stop The Groups Fighting,And Will Handle Jointly With The Health Department And The Factory Fast Injured Will Deliver The Hospital Treatment. In The Event Has The Individual Personnel Injury To Be Heavy.In The Event Has The Individual Personnel Injury To Be Heavy,The Wounded Has Taken To The Hospital To Obtain The Prompt Treatment Completely, At Present The Situation Is Stable.
The XinJiang Government Explained:
XinJiang Uygur Autonomous Regions Chairman Nur Bekri Said That,On June 25 About 23:00 PM,A Female Work Student HuangCuiLing Who Practises In GuangDong Province ShaoGuan XuRi Toy Factory Enters By Mistake The XinJiang Staff Dormitory,Is Teased By Several Staffs Play Tricks And Flirtation,HuangCuiLing Afraid And Scream,Then Call For Her Teacher Help,At This Time The Security Patrol Pass By This Place,See And Ask,And Prepares Will One Of The Led Tease HuangCuiLing The Staff To Bring Back To The Security Room Understanding Situation, But Encounters Other Staff's Obstruction Were Unsuccessful.
Huang Return To Dormitory To Other Employees Complained,Cause Some Staffs To XinJiang Province Staff Dormitory Request To Apologize, Afterward, Surrounds Accumulation The Staff Are Getting More And More, The Mood Is Also Getting More And More Excited. To June 26 About 2:00 AM,Initiated Fought Event,Caused Two Deaths And Many Injuries.
Web Message(From Internet Of ShaoGuan,Can't Judge Authenticity):
On May 2009 Government Encouraged GuangDong ShaoGuan City HongKong Businessman XuRi Toy Factory Employ More Than 800 Workers From XinJiang ShuFu County.The Networks Spread June 14 To 25 Occurred In 3 Cases Of Rape,Uighurs Being Taken Away By The Police After Two Days, Bail Out Was The Boss And Then Back To XinJiang, Some Employees To Be Discontented With The Punish.On June 25 About 22:00 PM,A Girl Of Factory Technical School Student Maybe By Several Uighurs Harassment And Cry For Help,Has The XinJiang Workers And The Girl Fellow Villagers Disputes,People Getting More And More,On 26 About 2:00 AM,More Than 70 Uighurs Grasp The Control Cutting Knives And More Than 100 Hans To Take The Iron Rod Confrontation, 30 Polices Inability To Stop.Finally Resulting The Uighurs And The Hans Hundreds Group Crowd Bodies Fights The Event. About 5:00 AM,More Than 500 Riot Polices Crowd Control.The End Result Is 120 People Were Injured, Two XinJiang Workers Died.

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In The End,There Is No Truth But Some Fotos,The Truth Is Unknown.

The Government Must Be Responsible For All Citizens's Life.

On July 13,Three Mobs Arm With Knife Intruded The Mosque, Hurted Common People.The Polices Came And Stopped Crime,Fired Warning Shots To Sky And Then Shotted Legs,Finally Two Thugs Were Shot Killed In Street. >>>Video

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