US Pilot Handpainted Cartoon In 60 Years Ago

On February 11, 1944, 29 Year-Old Cole Drove The P-51 Wild Horse Type Fighter Aircraft Shot Down 2 Japanese Airplanes, Unfortunately Was Shot, Cole Parachuting Descends HongKong's Northern Side.
US Pilot Cole Lieutenant Handpainted Cartoon By The Chinese Rescue Process At Back Of Fragrant Cigarette Case.

Abandons Airplane Parachuting

Running For Escape 

The Japanese Pursuit

The Japanese Pursuit

The Japanese Pursuit

GuangDong Communist Organization Medical Records

GuangDong Communist Organization Rescue Records Letter To General Claire Chennault.

GuangDong People's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Of The DongJiang Column Writes Letter To General Chennault Introduced That Rescues The US Pilot Related Situation About Cole Lieutenant.

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