The Nation Mourns For YuShu

Today Is The First Seven-Day Of YuShu Earthquake,The Flag At Half-Mast For Ordinary People Again.Mourning Of 2064 Victims In April 14, 2010.

YuShu JieGu Town
YuShu County,JieGu Town
YuShu JieGu Town
YuShu Town
Lhasa Potala
"WeiShanHu"Frigate In Aden Gulf
JiLin ChangChun
ShangHai FuDan
YunNan KunMing
Souls Deliverie
Release Souls From Purgatory
11th Panchen (L) And 6th JiaMuYang (R)
The 11th Panchen Erdeni And The 6th JiaMuYang(Vjam-dbyngs-bzhad-pa) Living Buddha.
Attending The Prayer Meeting For The Quake-Stricken Area And Transgressed For Those Dead.
Etur Tashi Delek
Amitabha ~~~
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