Whole World “Ghost Different” Trees

On March 12 , Arbor Day , Does Not Have The Time To Plant Trees, Has To Send A Picture. Asks While Convenient, Today You Have Planted Trees?

1. Thickest Most Can The Water Monkey Breadfruit: On Africa Arid Savanna, Is Growing One Kind Of Shape Unusual Big Tree - - - Monkey Breadfruit. Not Only It Is Animals' Food Origin, Moreover In World Thickest For Medicinal Purposes Tree .

2. Most Longevity's Tree. What Below We Must Say, In The World Most Early The Tree Which Plants Personally By The Humanity, That Is In 288 B.C., Has A Look At Its Present's Appearance, Slightly Obviously Old That Is Natural, Can Some Who Compare Its Longevity?

3. Most Sacred Bodhi: Speaks Of The Ficus Religiosa, Cannot Tear It With Buddhism's Contacting, In Indian, Sri Lankan, In The Burmese Regional Jungle Temple, Transplants The Ficus Religiosa Generally, It Is Called In "Buddhist Scriptures" “Thinks The Tree”, Regards As The Saint Tree By The Reverent Buddhist, Extremely Respects.

4. The Most Luxuriant Tree Speaks Of The Wonderful Tree Which With Front Combines With The Church To Be Different, Side This Cover's Big Tree Lets The Church Be Overshadowed, Appears Very Tiny.

5. As Soon As Is Actually Very Ordinary Plants Trees With The Root With Ancestor's Chinese White Poplar Chinese White Poplar, Is Not Too Fastidious About The Survival Requirement, In Other Words, The Vitality Is Quite Tenacious.

6. Tree And Church Synthesis: This Church Seemed Small, Crude, Ancient.

7. Under The Tree Builds Roads: If A Tree's Diameter Can An Alley's Width, Have Such Effect. This Is A Chinese Larch .

8. Its Volume Has Achieved 1,486m? , Weight 6000 Tons, Age In 2200 Above Tree.

9. Natural Circus Troupe: The Circus Troupe Also Has The Natural Accomplishment? Certainly, Must Believe The Nature The Clever Axe Finger Of God.

10. Lonely Cliff Guarder: In Montrie, The American California Western City, Located At San Francisco South, On A Pacific Ocean's Small Estuary Montrie Bay's Coast, A Mourning Cypress Already Proudly Waited For Hundred Years.


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