China Ancient Pop

What Was The China Ancient Popular Fashion?

The Following Are Some Cultural Relics Show.  

The Ming Dynasty Grave Is Buried Along With The Dead Thing,Looks Like A Wristwatch Style The Ring. (AD1368-1644)

Women Hair Net In Tang Dynasty DunHuang Fresco.(AD566-635)

Caliper Of WangMang Period, And Used With Us Almost No Difference Nearly Now.(AD7-23)

In DunHuang Grotto 17 Hole Tang Dynasty Fresco ,Tang Maidservant Decorative Pattern Handbag.Thousand Years Fashion.(AD566-635)

The Eastern Jin Dynasty Artist's Hairstyle .(AD316-420)

The Song Dynasty's Football Match And Club "QiYunShe". (AD960-1279)

Southern Song Dynasty Ball Boots   (AD1127-1279)

Shoes Made Of Cowhide Surface With The Extremely Wear-Resisting: This Pair Of Southern Song Dynasty Ball Boots Made With Leather Uppers, In Sole Nail The Round Head Nails, Out, It Is Wear-Resisting, Then Coated With Tung, Make Not Leak, Can't Help Letting Person Plaint With Its Technology. Football Shoes With Nails, With The Same Now!

Ancient Taxi  ---  Just Record Distance Car In Han Dynasty, Have A Carriage With The Wooden Figurine, Standing Hand Holds Accouterment-Shaver Drum. Each Drive To Certain Mileage Carriage, Wooden Figurine Will Wave Drum, Ahead On The Old Fashioned-Like Drum Accouterment-Shaver, Ancient Times Called It The Drum Car.Calculates The Money According To The Kilometers.(202BC-AD220)

Tang Dynasty Fresco,The Era Of All People Inner Wear Out Worn.(AD566-635)

Sui Dynasties Curtain Hat (Used To Keep Out Dust), And The Body Not To Have The Sleeve Attire.(AD581~618)

The Sui Dynasty Suspenders Skirt . And Is Really Suspenders Skirt .(AD581~618)

This Pottery Burial Figurines Carry A Package Of Posture , Carried The Classic Style Package And Wearing The T-Shirt .(AD581~618)

The Warring States Period Crystal Cup (475BC~221BC )



The Eastern Jin Dynasty Grey Pottery Colored Drawing On Pottery Female Burial Puppet, In 1955 The Nanjing Granulated Substance Rocky Mountain Gravel Wind Was Unearthed, High 34.6 Centimeters, Era The 4th Century, Nanjing Natural Science Collection.  Annnnd It Is Looks Like Eastern Jin Dynasty Nurse Kerchief.

High-Heeled Shoes

In The 14th Century: The Earliest High-Heeled Shoes From China, The Ming Dynasty For The Ming Dynasty, The New Shoes On The Sole With 4 cm To 5 cm High, With The Long Round With Silk Framed Up. Beijing Pointed Foot Cockatoos Ding Tombs Excavated High-Heeled Shoes, Production Is Very Exquisite. Beijing Ding Tombs Have Been Excavated Pointed Become Warped Cockatoos High Bottom Shoe, Shoes Long 12 cm, The Long 7 cm High, Width Of 5 cm High, 4.5 cm .

High-Heeled Shoes 

Well-Preserved High-Heeled Shoes   
Warring States Time's Leather Shoes .(475BC~221BC )

Really Thousands Year Fashion.

Silver First Person Of Burial Puppet Copper Lamp

The Warring States Period (475 BC-221 BC)
High 66.4 cm
1976 In HeBei Province PingShanXian ShanJi ZhongShanWang Burned The Tomb Unearthed
Institute Of Cultural Relics Hidden In HeBei Province

Attention Hairstyle And Back . . .

The Origin Of The Japanese Kimono .

This Is Japanese's Naked Plagiarism .

Attention Hairstyle , Ice Cream Style .

The Ming Dynasty Tank.

Because Could Not Find The Cultural Relic, Therefore Has Used A Film Photo. This "Tank" Is Also QiJiGuang Leaning Theater Box Vehicle Which Makes In The Setose Thistle State. In Its Foundation's CheQiYing Tank Unit, Is Simply Is Similar To The Present Armored Fighting Vehicle Army: Che Unit Officers And Soldiers 3100, Buddha Bright Aerial Cannon 256,General Gun (Heavy Large-Caliber Gun) 8; Each CheYing Unit Has Combat Tank 128, Each Combat Tank Has Frank 2, The Bird Blunderbuss 4 Poles, The Rocket 4 People, Average Every 12 Soldiers Equips An Artillery, The Pre-Combat Time Flintlock Takes Turns To Fire May Not Stop All Day Long; Rides The Camp To Arrange The Officers And Soldiers Approximately 2700, The Equipment Has 60 Tigers To Squat The Artillery.

These Are Unable The Ancient Invention Which Explained With The General Knowledge!(1600BC—1046BC)
Shang Dynasty FuHao Grave Unearthed Trigeminy Joint YAN , Similar Present's Gas Burner. Unique Compound Cooking Utensils!

The Barbecue Grill Commonly Used Utensils.

1994-1995 Mt. ShiZiShan Chu King Grave Unearthed The 2nd Century B.C. High 16, Caliber 45.4 Centimeter The Copper Oven Circular, The Even Bath, The Flat Base, Abdomen Decorated With Four Beast Recompensed The Base Plate Of Old-Style Chinese Doorknocker, Lower Part Had Three Beastly Hoof Foot .

The Ming Dynasty Brushes.
It Is Looks Like Present's Pen .
Tattoos Tube

The Archaeologists The Treasured Sword Which Unearths In Qinshihuang Ling, Its Sword To The Present Sharp Incomparable, The Reason Was Above The Sword Front Has Covered Chromium, Sounded Not To Calculate Mysteriously, But Western Has Only Then Discovered The Chromium Until 1938!

The Three Kingdoms Era's Celadon Lunch Box . (AD220-280)

The Eastern Han Dynasty Glazed Pottery Grill . (AD25~220)

The Searching For Pearls Personnel, Have The Oxygen Mask To Have The Diver's Suit, The Picture Originate In The 17th Century The Process Of China Encyclopedia - "TianGongKaiWu / Heavenly Creations ".(AD1637)

Ancient Textile Technology Superb Today We Can Hardly Imagine That Han Dynasty MaWangDui's Famous Could Fit Into Matchbox's Gauze Clothes .

Qin Dynasty Duck Shape Lacquerware Spoon .(221BC-206BC)

The Warring States Period Refrigerator - - 1978 Unearthed Two Warring States ZengHouYi ChuMu Ice Cauldron . (475BC~221BC )

The Ming Dynasty Refrigerator. The Warring States Ice Cauldron Evolves Present's Appearance.

Mickey Mouse Hairstyle , And This Hand Gesture Looks Like Wonder Girls And "NOBODY" ....


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