China Ancient Paintings Top 10

China Ancient Paintings Top 10
The Most Classical And Famous Drawings Of China .
 "FuChunShanJuTu"(AD1347-1350)Is Yuan Dynasty Renowned Painter-Calligrapher HuangGongWang Is Over 80-Year-Old Time Painting Which Draws For WuYong HeShang, It Take The ZheJiang FuChunJiang River Scenery As The Background, Is Elegantly Simple With The Ink, The Density Is Appropriate, The Appeal Abundant Changes Extremely Richly, Is HuangGongWang The Representative Works. This Picture Width 33 CM, The Length 636.9 CM, The Being Possible Be Called Broad Large-Scale Work, Is Selected Each Kind Of Edition "China Paintings Top 10". For Several Hundred Year This Picture Goes Through Many Places The Outflow Danger To Suffer The Misfortune, The Legendary Color, Divides Two Sections Finally, The Segmentum Anterius For The ZheJiang Province Museum Collection, The Segmentum Posterius Collects In The TaiBei Palace Museum.

Jin Dynasty GuKaiZhi's "LuoShenFuTu"  , The Width 27.1 CM, The Length 572.8 CM.Collected In The British Museum From YuanMingYuan/Summer Palace On 1900.


Tang Dynasty YanLiBen's "BuNianTu",The Width 38.5 CM, The Length 129.6 CM.Describes The SongZanGanBu's Envoy LuDongZan Approve To Emperor TangTaiZong United By Marriage In AD641.

Tang Dynasty HanHuang's "WuNiuTu",The Width 20.8 CM, The Length 139.8 CM.


Tang Dynasty  "TangGongShiNüTu",The Width 51.8 CM, The Length 148 CM.



ZhangZeDuan Creation Of The Northern Song Dynasty Genre Painting "QingMingShangHeTu" As Long As 528.7 CM, The KaiFeng City's Society Hundred Condition, The Local Conditions And Customs Public Sentiment Will Describe Incisively, The Extant BeiJing Palace Museum, Is Chinese First-Level National Treasure.

Qiu Ying "HanGongChunXiaoTu" ,The Width 30.6 CM, The Length 574.1 CM.Take The Han Dynasty Palace In Spring Morning, Described Palace Beautiful Woman's Live, Always Receives The Colleague Gentleman To Pursue Holds, Presently For The TaiPei Palace Museum "The Greatest Treasure Of Museum".

LangShiNing's "BaiJunTu",The Width 102 CM, The Length 813 CM. Presently Hides In The TaiBei Palace Museum.Though As A Missionary When Giuseppe Castiglione Came To China In 1715, He Had Been A Special Painter For The Emperors In The Qing Dynasty For 51 Years .

The Five Dynasties GuHongZhong's "HanXiZaiYeYanTu",The Width 28.7 CM, The Length 335.5 CM.
"The Night Banquet " By GuHongZhong (937 - 975) Of The Five Dynasties Period (907 - 960) Is An Example Of Another Method Of Composition .

Song Dynasty WangXiMeng's "QianLiJiangShanTu",The Width 51.5 CM, The Length 1191.5 CM.
I Am Often Excited By WangXiMeng's QianLiJiangShanTu, And This Green Scroll Takes Me Not His Skilled Techniques But His Broad Sentiment , Only Which Can Describe So Magnificent Landscape .

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