The Written Confessions By Shigesaku Nozaki

Windwing - Japanese War Crimes*Shigesaku Nozaki(野崎茂作)
    Shigesaku Nozaki
Abstract Of The Written Confessions In English

Shigesaku Nozaki(野崎茂作)

  According to the written confession of Shigesaku Nozaki in August 1954, he was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in 1898. In 1931, he went to northeast China to take part in the War of Aggression against China. He served successively as sergeant of Munitions Factory Squad of Mukden Japanese Military Police and chief of Police Division in Huaide County.

  Major offences:

  From October to December 1931: led the subordinates to arrest a total of "15 soldiers of Zhang Xueliang's troops" on three occasions and "ordered the subordinate Sergeant Inoue to interrogate and torture them"; on 25 December, "shot them to death with handguns";

  August 1932:led the subordinates to interrogate with torture 5 soldiers of Zhang Haipeng's troops in Mukden and shot them to death with handguns;

  December 1932:led the military police to arrest and interrogate with torture 18 soldiers of Deng Tiemei's anti-Japanese troops in Zhuanghe County;"on the sand beach 500 meters to the north of the Zhuanghe County seat, instructed 15 military police to line up the 18 captives and shot them to death with carbines.";

  December 1932: led the military police to arrest 5 anti-Japanese operators and Communist Party members in a village to the west of Dagushan and shot them to death after interrogation with torture;

  February 1933:when serving as squad leader and sergeant of the Jilin Branch of Xinjing Military Police, led the subordinates to take 5 soldiers of Liu Dongbo's troops to a place 2 kilometers to the southwest of Jilin City and shot them to death;

  June 1935: while serving in the local branch of Mukden Japanese Military Police, reported that 12 anti-Japanese soldiers of Li Du's troops were captured in Mishan County, who were then shot to death upon a superior order.


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Translation Of The Written Confessions (Chinese)


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