The Written Confessions By Hisajiro Tai

Windwing - Japanese War Crimes*Hisajiro Tai(田井久二郎)
     Hisajiro Tai
Abstract Of The Written Confessions In English

Hisajiro Tai(田井久二郎)

  According to the written confession of Hisajiro Tai in July 1954, he was born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan in 1903. In September 1933, he served as affiliated officer of Secret Agent Division under Police Force of North "Manchukuo" Special District Government Office. In April 1944, he became chief of Secret Service Division of Police Department and chief of Police Office in Qiqihar, the puppet Longjiang Province of the "Manchukuo".

  Major offences:

  From November 1942 to March 1943:while in office in Baicheng County, Longjiang Province, "often in the name of 'officiating' and 'searching', 'arrested, detained and interrogated' about 15 peaceful Chinese people every month";

  From January to April 1944:"found, arrested and interrogated" about 200 Chinese patriots in Qingping County"; during the term in the Police Department in Rehe Province, "special search teams of all counties 'found and arrested' about 4,000 anti-Japanese patriots", "killing about 500 members of the Eighth Route Army and the Communist anti-Japanese armed forces" and "killing about 100 anti-Japanese patriotic people and ordinary Chinese civilians".


The Original Text Of The Written Confessions

Translation Of The Written Confessions (Chinese)


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