The Written Confessions By Kiichi Kobayashi

Windwing - Japanese War Crimes*Kiichi Kobayashi(小林喜一)
     Kiichi Kobayashi
Abstract Of The Written Confessions In English

Kiichi Kobayashi(小林喜一)

  According to the written confession of Kiichi Kobayashi in June 1954, he was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan in 1895. During the Japanese War of Aggression against China, he was unit commander of the Mukden Military Police. On 20 August 1945, he was arrested by the Soviet Army in Shenyang.

  Major offences:

  Mid-November 1935:ordered the subordinates to send an arrested Chinese to the military surgeon for appendectomy experiment and later, "ordered the subordinates to kill with saber this person and another 3 (a total of 4) people on the riverside one kilometer to the north of Chifeng";

  Early July 1936:ordered the subordinates to "kill 6 Chinese with saber on the riverside one kilometer to the north of Chifeng";

  Early September 1936: ordered the subordinates to "kill with saber" 3 Chinese "on the riverside one kilometer to the north of Chifeng", and send another one by truck to Manchurian Railway's Chifeng Hospital, where "Director Kawasaki and another Japanese surgeon (the name is forgotten) injected poison into the person, killed him, dissected the body and buried the body in the hospital compound";

  Mid-October 1936:ordered the subordinates to "kill with handguns" 3 Chinese patriots "on the riverside one kilometer to the north of Chifeng";

  3 September 1937: ordered the subordinates to "shoot the 9" Chinese who were imprisoned in Zhangjiakou No.1 Prison, "in the grass about 100 meters from the south gate of the prison";

  4 September 1937:ordered the subordinates to "shoot to death" two Chinese "on the grassland one kilometer to the east of Zhangjiakou";

  15 September 1937:ordered the subordinates to "transport by a heavy truck" a Chinese captive "to the field two kilometers to the west of Datong and shoot the person dead there";

  January 1944: sent the "useless""Soviet spies""in 'special transfer' to Ishii Unit in Harbin for bacteriological experiments";

  11 August 1945: claiming that "the war is still going on and it is not appropriate to release these war-time enemies, so they should be disposed of before our retreat", killed the Chinese people who had not been released.


The Original Text Of The Written Confessions

Translation Of The Written Confessions (Chinese)


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