The Written Confessions By Yoshio Miura

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      Yoshio Miura
Abstract Of The Written Confessions In English

Yoshio Miura(三浦芳男)

According to the written confession of Yoshio Miura on 16 August 1954, he was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan in 1920. He joined the Japanese War of Aggression against China in 1940 and was captured in August 1945.

Major offences:

In August 1941: In Tai'an County, Shandong Province, the gas-canister training team for recruits "captured eight peasants doing farm work in the high fields nearby, had them kneel down on a depression of the highland"; and "ignited two middle-sized Type-95 red canisters on the windward side and smoke emerged"; "dragged up five or six of those bending down on the ground and forced the victims to breathe in the gas".

In September 1941: In Laiwu County, Shandong Province, "together with others, killed two peasants" "to seize concealed weapons".

In April 1942: In Xintai County, Shandong Province, "broke into a civilian house in a village, threatened a Chinese woman aged 27 to 28 with a bayonet and raped her".

In June 1942: In Zhangqiu County, Shandong Province, "broke into a civilian house in a village, saw a Chinese woman aged 27 to 28, pushed her down on the kang and raped her". "Together with others, beheaded nine peaceful peasants" "to seize concealed weapons." In late August, for the purpose of seizing concealed weapons, "beat and interrogated 74 peasants with torture", "11 of them were interrogated and killed by myself".

In July 1942: In Zhangqiu County, three of his companions "pushed a captured peasant into a 20-feet-deep dry well, and I threw down a rock of around 50 kilograms to kill him". Near Xianggong Village, Zhangqiu County, captured a peasant, "covered his mouth with a towel, bloated his belly with about 20 liters of cold water, making it hard for him to breathe, and then fed him with dung, beat him on the belly, private parts, head and feet with a shoulder pole...and killed him after an hour of interrogation and torture".

In August 1942: In mopping up Zhangqiu County, "after interrogating a captured female peasant, I bayoneted her to death on the spot". In addition, "while searching the village, I saw a Chinese woman aged around 30 (pregnant for about six months) in a room and raped her".

In November 1942: In Fushan County, Shandong Province, "together with Private First Class Tatsuo Ohashi, saw a woman aged around 20 in a nearby house and gang-raped her". "Invaded a place with about 14 to15 women inside at night and threatened them with bayonets", "raped one of them aged 27 to 28" in front of others.

In December 1942: In Huangxian County, Shandong Province, "raped a Chinese woman aged about 20 at the bayonet point in a house".

In February 1943: In Guantao County, captured a male peasant aged around 30 and "I bayoneted him to death".

In early October 1944: In Tai'an County, ordered his subordinates "to shoot dead 13 Chinese, ... claiming that they colluded with the Eighth Route Army". In mid-October, together with a companion, "shot dead a Chinese", "on the ground that he colluded with the Eighth Route Army".


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