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About Tibet's Some Pasts
China Is A Unified Multinational Country, Tibet Is A Chinese Inalienable Part Since The Ancient Times. Since Ancient Times On Tibet Plateau On The Scattered Numerous Tribe, Has Passed Through The Long Years To Unify Gradually, Becomes Present's Tibetan National Minority. Tibetan National Minority's National Hero SongZanGanBu Annexed Ten Tribe And The Clan And Tribe In The 7th Century, Unified The QingHai-Tibet Plain Majority, Established TuBo Dynasty, Establishes The Capital City LuoSuo (Now Lhasa). SongZanGanBu Reigning Period, Firm Will Fixes With Tang Dynasty, Absorbs Tang Dynasty's Advanced Production Technology And The Political Culture Achievement. He Once Two Times Dispatched Minister To Go To Tang To Propose, Has Gotten Married Princess WenCheng,Emperor Tang TaiZong's Niece In AD. 641 Years And Has Constructed Famous Potala Palace. SongZanGanBu Also From Tang Dynasty Production Technologies And So On Introduction Brewing, Mill, Paper Ink, Dispatches The Children Of The Nobility To Study The Poetry Book To ChangAn(Now Xi'An), Hires The Han Nationality Writers To Enter The Flourishing Generation Of Standard Table To Be Sparse, With The Tang Dynasty In Aspects And So On Politics, Economy, Culture Maintained The Extremely Friendly Relations. A.D. 710 Years, Tang Dynasty Other Princess JinCheng Also Carries The Massive Handicraft Technology To Marry TuBo. AD. 821 Years, The Tang Dynasty And TuBo Form An Alliance In Lhasa Eastern Suburb, The History Said That “ChangQing Alliance”. Will Make Treaties Of Alliance Both Sides To Reiterate In The History “Become With One” The Sister's Son Maternal Uncle Ties Of Friendship Among Relatives, The Discussion Present “The State Like One”. Records This Time Makes Treaties Of Alliance The Content Carved Stone “Tang And TuBo To Make Treaties Of Alliance The Tablet” To Altogether Have Three, One Of Stone Stands Together Before Lhasa Jokhang Temple.
AD. 842 Years, TuBo Dynasty Splits Because Of The Internal Strife And The Tangled Warfare Disintegrates, Before Establishes A Separatist Regime A Side TuBo Powerful Minister, Has Become The Emerging Place Feudal Influence, They Develop Positively Propagandize Buddhism's Activity To Maintain The Rule,The Tibetan Buddhism Enters Each Religious Sect To Form The Time,One After Another Appearance NingMa、GaDang、SaJia、GaJu、GeLu、XiJie、JueYu、JueNang、GuoZha、XiaLu And So On Many Religious Sects.The Big Influence Has 5 Religious Sects:NingMa Sect(RedChurch),GaDang Sect,SaJia Sect(PatternChurch),GaJu Sect(WhiteChurch),GeLu Sect(YellowChurch) .In 1247, SaJia Sect Hierarch BanZhiDa·GongGaJianZan Approves of All Tibetan Member Submission Mongolian . In 1260, GongGaJianZan's Nephew,SaJia Sect Dharmaraja---BaSiBa (Phagspa) , He Is Sealed By Yuan Dynasty Emperor Kublai Khan As The Country And Emperor Teacher (Followed Orders To Create “BaSiBa Mongolian Character”) ,To Responsible For Process And Have Jurisdiction Over Tibet Religion And Local Affairs .Mongolia Causes Tibet Various Influences To Reunify,And Has Established Managerment Mode Of The Central Government And The Religious Leader Together Cooperate To Management Tibet's Local Affairs And Religious .The 14th Century Middle Period, SaJia Sect To Decline Gradually, GaJu Sect And GeLu Sect Closely Follow After Rise , In 1653 GeLu Sect NagDbanBloBzan To BeiJing Has An Audience With Qing Dynasty ShunZhi Emperor And Then Knighted Is Fifth DaLaiLaMa , Rules Tibet's Most Districts In Lhasa.In 1713, Emperor KangXi Knight RuoSangYiXi Is "PanchenErdini",5th Panchen Start Rules Tibet's Another Areas In RiKeZe . In 1721, The Qing Dynasty Central Government Established GaLun System In Tibet (Central Government Appoint Local Nobility To Be Responsible For Management Affairs),In 1727, The Qing Dynasty Set Up High Commissioner Stationed In Tibet, Represented Central Supervises Tibet Local Administration,Tibet And SiChuan, YunNan, QingHai's Sector Boundary, Is Dispatches An Official In This Time To Survey Officially.In 1750, Adjusted Manages Tibet's Administrative System Once More , Abolishes The Infanta-King System(Local Nobility Management System) ,Establishes Tibet Local Government(Namely "GaXag"), Had Stipulated System Of High Commissioner With DaLai And PanChen Together Cooperate Grasp Tibet Affairs.In Order To Preclude The Dispute Of Living Buddha To Be Reincarnated , In 1793 Qing Dynasty Foundation Losziehung F. Aus Einer Goldurne System,So The Qing Dynasty Specially Makes Two Golden Vases For Drawing Lots ,One Uses In DaLai And PanChen Reincarnated Soul Boy's Recognizing, Presently Deposits In Lhasa Potala Palace;Another Uses In Confirming That The Mongolian And Tibet Leading Living Buddha, Qutugtu's Reincarnated Soul Boy, Presently Deposits In The BeiJing YongHe Palace.Henceforth DaLai And PanChen Must Award GoldWare And GoldenSeal (With Chinese, ManChu And Tibetan) By The Central Government Only Then Have The Political Significance And The Legal Effect.In 1938 Winter, Looked For LhamoToinzhub In Qinghai,Proclaimed The Command By Way Of National Government President To Authorize To Manage In February 22, 1940 By National Government Mongolia And Tibet Committee Chairman WuZhongXin, Held An Office In Potala Palace, That He Was 14th DaLai Goes Into Exile India In 1959 . So Let's Wait And See Who Is The Next DaLaiLaMa?
The Western Media Always Wanted To Made Before 1950 Tibet Out Of The Heaven.But In Fact At That Time Tibet Also Still In The Age Of Feudal Serfdom,Many People (98%) Are The Serfs ,The Life Situation Is Quite Poverty-Stricken, Only Better Than Black American Before 1865 (Their Aren't Worry Racial Discrimination ) . That Isn't The Paradise Which Everybody Yearned. After Peaceful Liberation Of Tibet,The Turning Over Was The Social Master's General Tibetan National Minority People Only Then Truly To Have The Political Right To Independence , Social Economy Right To Development , Inherits The Development Culture And The Freedom Right For Religions Belief .
In 1959 , These Slave-Owner's Rights And Interests Have Been Eliminated,So They Been Planning And Propagandize How Have Rehabilitate To The Beforehand Status , Then Even Does Not Give A Thought To Other People's Rights And Does Not Hesitate To Divide The Motherland.

Tibet Was, Is And Will Always Be A Part Of China!!!

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