Japanese In Soviet Union Prisoner Camp

Cartoon Author Kiuchi Nobuo,Once A Japanese Army Pilot,Imprisoned In Siberia After Being Captured.

 Looked Up At The Moon In Ice And Snow

Open-Air Toilet

Catch Lice

Malnutrition And Nyctalopia

Deal Shit

Play Baseball


Rainy Season

Injection Prophylactic


Baikal Swam


Ukraine Girl

Work: Quarry

No Work No Food


Farm Work

Hunger And Potato

Knock Off Work

Freezing To Death


Work In Snow

Gather Ice


Sumptuous Dinner 

Potato Only

The Most Beautiful Soviet Female Guard In The Memory

Comrade Dead


Hungary Prisoners Welcome Japanese

"I Am Pilot"

Learn Mongolian Soldier With Riding

USSR Child

Skiing With USSR Child

Suffers Scolded

Play Sumo

Russian's Music

POW Camp: Russian, Czech, Pole, German, Italian and Japanese

Female Doctor In Memory

Stern Female Guard

The Germans Are Always Arrogant

POW And Soviet Girl's Romantic Story

Reconstruction City

Soviet Soldier's Mathematics Very Poor,Roll-Call Very Time Consuming

USSR Working Women

Steal Eating

Stabbed Eye In Work

German Friend In Hospital


Japan Germany Catering War

Communication With Music

Communism And Democrat In Sharp Opposition

Farewell POW Camp

Returns To Japan, With Tears In Face

Long-Unseen Tatami

Shizuoka, With Family




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