Overseas Poster Pictures II

More Pics  About The Same Series Of Overseas Poster Pictures
1931-1945 Sino-Jp War

NanKou,Chinese Army's Ambushring

Shoots Down The Japanese Airplane

ShangHai,Bombed Tram And Passengers

Japanese Bombing Of ShangHai South Railway Station

Bombing Downtown

Anti-Aircraft Fire

Fight In ShangHai Block

SiHang Warehouse

ShangHai, Tattered Store

ShangHai,Street Battle

The Dare-To-Die Corps Stick Holdout In ShangHai

NanJing YiJiangMen,  Refugees

Cremation Jp Soldier Corpse

NanJing,Terrorist Massacre

The Japanese Occupation Of NanJing

The Battlefield Rescues Female Student

In Fight Guerrilla Force

Fight Under Umbrella

Filch Japanese Forces Intelligence

Japanese Bombing WanJiang Railway Bridge

Japanese Planes Bombing HuangHe Bridge

Under Japanese Forces Bombing GuangZhou

Japanese Warships And Planes

The Japanese Planes Strafe Drowning China Airlines American Pilot

Japan's Heavy Bombers Flying Mount TaiShan Bombing TaiAn

Decoy Target


                      Japanese Navy Seizes QingDao

Three Alls Policy

Roadside Wreckage

Collection Airdrop Supplies

Chinese Army's Ambushring

Attacks HanKou's Japanese

Fire To Enter Yangtze River's Japanese Warship

China Planes Bombing HuaiHe Japanese Forces Pontoon Bridge

Bursts Dyke To Impediment Japanese Forces

Flooding Japanese

Japanese Tunnel

TaiErZhuang Face-To-Face Fighting

POW Camp Rebellion

WuHan Air Fight

Refugees, Destitute And Homeless

Japanese's Plundering

The Masses Have No Means To Live

No Food

Enter Mountain To Avoid The Japanese




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