One Person Of Indian War

China And India's History Of The Earliest Struggle,Occurred Is More Than 1300 Years Ago In The Tang Dynasty.

At That Time China Dispatched An India's Diplomat, Not Used More Than One Tang Dynasty Soldier, Then Routed The Indian Force, Put Down The Rebellions, Conquered Northern India,And Subdued East India Kingdom, Overawed The Entire Indian Subcontinent, Created A Myth Personal Miracle.

Beginning Is From TangXuanZang And His Journey To India To Get Buddhist.



China-India Communication

AD627 XuanZang Journey To India From ChangAn,3 Years Later Arrived Magadha, And Receives King Harshavardhana's (Harsha)Munificent Courteous Reception.At That Time Indian Subcontinent Divided Into The East、West、South、North And Middle Five Parts, Some Has Sixteen Big Countrys, Magadha Is Ruled Middle-India's Powerful Nation.After XuanZang Returns To Homeland Soon, AD641 Years, Tang And Magadha Sends The Envoy Mutually, Establishes The Foreign Relations Officially.

Calamity From Civil

AD648 Years, Emperor TaiZong Of Tang Dispatches WangXuanCe To Visit India. At That Time Magadha Domestic Had Already Had The Accident, King Harsha Dies Of Illness In AD647,Its Minister Arunasva Seizes The Chance To Dispatch Troops Into Battle, To Support Himself For The King, Has Controlled The Political Power.

Arunasva Heard That Tang Sends An Envoy The Arrival, Does Not Respect, And Send Out Thousand Soldiers To Ambush Tang Envoy. Not Only He Has Robbed The Presents Which Tang Envoy Brings, But Also Make WangXuanCe And 30 People Capture Completely, Throw Him Put In Prison. Afterward Under The King Harsha Sister's Help, WangXuanCe And Assistant JiangShiRen Escaped In Night.

Seek Power For Save

WangXuanCe And Assistant JiangShiRen Escaped North To Nepal For Avoid Capture.Nepal Was TuBo Vassal State At That Time,The TuBo King SongZanGanBu/Songtsen Gampo Is The Tang Emperor's Son-In-Law.WangXuanCe With In The Name Of The Tang Emperor Envoy Ask Help For Tang Emperor's Son-In-Law TuBo King First, SongZanGanBu Send 1200 Armies To Escort The Protection.And Then Dispatches 7000 Nepalese Cavalry Soldiers From Nepal King Auvarman/Narendra-Deva With TuBo King SongZanGanBu's Name.Simultaneously Assembles Near The Vicinity Tang Dynasty Vassal State Country Army, The Troops Total Nearly Ten Thousand.

SongZanGanBu And Princess WenChen

WangXuanCe Led Troops To South,Smashes Into Enemy "Like Splitting Bamboo"All The Way.In The Northern India Outside ChaBoHeLuo City, With "Fire Bulls" Routs The Main Force "War Elephant Army" Which Arunasva Commands Personally In One Fell Swoop The Attack.

Arunasva Fled Back To Middle-India,Obtains The East-India King ShiJiuMo/Shykumar To Command Troops The Rescue.WangXuanCe Lures The Enemy In Deep With Maneuver,Then Completely Destroy And Capture The Enemy,Include Arunasva.Middle-India All Cities Are Surrendered.WangXuanCe Has Rescued The Subordinate Who Other Keep In The Prison,And Also Made Magadha Restored Stable And Peaceful.Because East-India Aids Arunasva, WangXuanCe Leading Troops Reached The City Gate, King ShiJiuMo Open The City To Apologizes And Submit To The Tang's Vassal State.AD648 WangXuanCe Put Arunasva Back To ChangAn And Report On His Performance Of Duty.

Counter-Insurgency & Worship Buddha

WangXuanCe  Once Three Times Went India On A Diplomatic Mission In During AD643~661.The First Time Is The Vice-Envoy,The Second Time Is Escape With Bare Life,Afterward AD658 Year Third Time Went On A Diplomatic Mission India,Visit North、Middle And East India, And Visit Mahabodhi Temple To Pilgrimage Buddha.

After The Retirement Goes Home, Copy Write The Buddhist Scriptures.And Had Writed Book "Middle-India Travel Record".

Oriental Values

If WangXuanCe Was The 18th Or 19th Century's European Envoy,He Originally Might On The Prison Incident Seek Redress,In Addition His Regains Peace Is Also A Great Achievement,Regards With The Military Force Make Magadha As Colony Is Not Impossible. But He Didn't Desire For Territory And Power,This Is A Different Person Respective Different Civilization Values.Between East And West,Between Gentleman And Robber. 




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