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Visit Google.com (Guge) Also Has The Shortcut? Not Wrong , Lately , Google Begins Using Most Simplest Website G.cn Now. If You Are Willing To Call It " The Quick Way " Might Also As Well . Accesses the web frequently again the person also has inputs when website enters " wwww " the time, the familiar google's person also unavoidably splits out " gooogle " to come again, much less these to English, to the google not that familiar friend, must compel everybody to want to record Google these six letters hit correctly clearly also really not too " intimate ", is two " o " is three " o "? Is " g " before " l " before?
Now you did not need to input
www.google.com again to be such long attentively URL which, moreover quite difficult to record. So long as inputs G.cn in the browser to be able to land the google the main page, starts your travel of search. This is we the google shortcut which makes for the Chinese volume of users body. Thinks to look that this should be in the world one of shortest domain names, was also the google shortest domain name.
The people are always seeking for the simple the way to arrive at the destination,
G.cn are such shortcuts.
However, the
G.cn strong trend raids, whether Google.cn does go into hiding in light of the rivers and lakes? Certainly is not. Google.cn is the China google ( GuGe)'s standard domain name, stems from the google international domain name spelling standard, has represented the google brand. But G.cn is to reduce the Chinese user input to be troublesome but has custom-made " the quick key specially for everybody ". Other URL including Guge.cn/Guge.com and G.cn can the direction detection to Google.cn .
Reaching the same goal or conclusion from different approaches. Hence, facing
Google.cn, we may satisfied enjoy the brief convenience, also does not need to worry that the mouse vibration brought the misoperation . G.cn
In order to win the Chinese web cams to favor, the google did not hesitate the large sum of money to obtain the G.cn domain name and in announced the other day begins using officially, provided the most convenient visit experience to the user. It is known that the google pays for this reason the price possibly reaches as high as thousands of dollars.
At present
G.cn the domain name had already aimed at the google main page. Before once had many media to disclose that the google purchases the 265.com Corporation's pack price is Twenty million US dollars, but G.cn is one of this core purchase contents. Undeniably the google has obtained an excellent domain name truly, calls resourcess are well used. Now the google begins using G.cn this domain name, was already short to the limit, symbolizes that the google google.com localilzation transforms, also has achieved the mountain peak in the domain name user experience.
It is known that because the numerous transnational Internet companies the lesson which is defeated in China, the localilzation become Google after entering the Chinese market the urgent matter. At the beginning of 2006 year , the google spends the Google.cn official political line which million US dollars redeem, gives up the original COM domain name in Chinese market's brand marking, begins using has the Chinese characteristic CN domain name procedure, becomes the google in the Localilzation Self-satisfied Complacent Pen.
Only A letter's shortest domestic top domain name
G.cn is taken by the google company. On October 30, 2007 , the China google ( GuGe ) the company announced this domain name starts officially, the google aspect said that this is to let the Chinese user “take a short cut” on the google possibly to become.
google ( GuGe ) indicated in its official blog thread that regarding to English and the google not that familiar Chinese users, the sole letter “G” in spells six letter compositions simply by far “Google”. but the professional believed that the google buys this shortest domain name is intends to the Chinese search engine market to demonstrate “aggressively”.
Google ( GuGe ) arrives at G.cn again from Google.com to Google.cn to Guge.com to Guge.cn, indicated that the google had already completed a significant layout in China's localilzation strategy. The google domain name more changes shorter, until could not the short single letter CN domain name, its domain name application also achieve a crest, manifested the google the user experience value, the google has left Chinese users to be getting more and more near.

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