About Google PinYin Input-Soft

Google PinYin Input-Soft was just born, how develops waits for the time examination.
Installs size: 10.10MB .
The installation process: Has induction user behavior .
Input pattern: Simple Spelling , double Spelling together, And the Spelling error correction .
Website input pattern: Support .
Mail input pattern: Support .
V pattern English input : Support .
From definition phrase: Support .
The candidate word, decides the character by the word: Not support .
On April 4 2007 , Google foreign issue PinYin Input-Soft. Has intelligent characteristic functions and so on group sentence, popular glossary, network synchronization, search and English prompt. The google promotes the PinYin Input-Soft, underlined this company to step onto the localized path truly. But in the google PinYin Input-Soft issue soon, the domestic user starts to note it to Sogou PinYin Input-Soft existence similarity with Sohu.com. Enters the Pinyin " pinggong " the demonstration crosstalk actor Feng Gong name mistake to be also same, this was already recorded, in the google test chamber provides for the PinYin Input-Soft on all rights reserved.
According to the traditional news newspaper editor's study principle, the top left-hand corner position is noted easily by first, therefore is often called it the headline position. The similar truth, located at the display monitor left side on tabletop each kind of icon is “seizes the tabletop” the first choice originally. At present 99% above commercial software when installs can prompt nearly said that will found a named quick way on the tabletop the software to start the icon.
Perhaps the top left-hand corner competition intense reflected from some kind of degree Input-Soft icon in that position precious - - - in “the right bottom” this not obviously mountain not dew, simultaneously can record the user behavior in the domain, provides free Input-Soft downloading is the best way without doubt.
This Is Said That , From Left Top To Right Bottom War .
Sohu.com and Google.cn , because the Input-Soft dispute is also stemming from its behind the commercial value. Because of according to Sohu's idea, the Input-Soft input result and the search engine conformity in the same place, simultaneously dynamic transfers from the commonly used search word stock the most popular words and expressions, improves the user experience. For instance through the input “the notebook”, the click “the search” appears possesses about notebook's page, on the one hand this can enhance the page current capacity, on the other hand is in the advertising agent eye one of media value origins.
Recently Tencent.com also officially to promote the PinYin Input-Soft ( QQ PinYin) , this is after the Microsoft PinYin, Sohu.com , Google.cn the 4th large-scale Internet company has own PinYin Input-Soft product, the Input-Soft war presents the increasingly fierce potential. Internet's competition already “the left top corner” shifted from the homepage to the tabletop “the right bottom”, such competition will have what kind of influence to the Internet?
It is said that google's strong match baidu in China also will make the IME ( Input Method Editor ).

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