The Baidu Enters The Japanese Market

The Chinese biggest search engine website Baidu.com lands Japan officially .
Baidu Japanese search's official extrusion, symbolizes that China's search engine enters the foreign market finally. But will face its domestic competitor Google once again in there baidu to block as well as from the Japanese Yahoo!'s comprehensive challenge. The baidu will start the search service from March 21, 2007 in Japan later to be at the test phase, it will only allow the user to carry on the website and the picture search, but on Logo has also been retaining the beta symbol.
In fact, the baidu already started the Japanese localization attempt. During the announcement marches Japan's officially, the baidu also promoted the Japanese blog search to serve the Beta version. Statistics indicated that on world wide web Japanese blog card quantity goes far beyond English and Chinese at present, the Japan museum of cultural relics lives in a strange or foreign place the whole world first. The baidu in domestic had not promoted the blog to search this call very high characteristic search service, but this time for the first time presents in Japan, both in strange, and in reason.
The baidu first time enters the overseas is triumphal returns to return is looks like Google to capsize in the Chinese such bitter experience sewer, industry in many people maintain discretely optimistic.
Has a look at Google in mainland China area scar repeatedly to be possible to know that can have to the overseas competition intensely. Finishes attending in the search engine loses to the baidu; The network advertisement is divided the numerous media, the VOGATE great dissemination such newborn advertisement strength to nibble gradually the helpless which as well as the word stock gate event displays to think that Google does not certainly feel better in China's day. The baidu this time similarly goes to battle with the overseas market, can lead the Google road to disaster again?
But is worth rejoicing that does not look like English in the language aspect Chinese and the Japanese disparity to be so big, but is quite advantageous in the traditional culture custom aspect entire East culture atmosphere regarding the baidu. In addition Japan is also one to the mainland China like this near market, comes under the baidu China's influence is only the time question, has not imagined actually middle from Yahoo! as well as the Google oppression is so fierce, the baidu must do only grasps itself, as the matter stands estimated that the baidu this first fight overseas' harvest is not certainly small under the like this many superiority condition.

Now, the Baidu between the Google war, already from revolved the Chinese core market to compete repeatedly extends to the periphery to the outsea island attack and defense.

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