Les Schtroumpfs

Les Schtroumpfs
50th Birthday

Now These Les Schtroumpfs Just Celebrated A 50th Birthday, We Started Independent. But Still Likes Them, Because We Also Have The Childlike Innocence Which Has Not Vanished. Under Today We Review The Lovable Les Schtroumpfs Together.

Papa Smurf:
Papa Smurf is the village chief. He was 542 years old last spring. You'll recognise him by his white beard and red clothes. He's a wise old Smurf, who tries as much as he can to stop the Smurfs acting like crude humans. Being an experienced alchemist, he often saves the Smurfs from danger using his knowledge.
Le Grand Schtroumpf :
C'est le doyen du village, le grand chef. Il porte une barbe blanche et surtout, on le reconnaît à son habit rouge (alors que tous les autres Schtroumpfs ont des tenues blanches).

The Smurfette was originally created by the horrible wizard Gargamel to cause trouble amongst the Smurfs. With a big nose and wild hair, she didn't originally look like much. Using his alchemy and knowledge, Papa Smurf transformed her into the charming Smurfette that melts the hearts of the other Smurfs. She's one of a kind, full of feminine grace and frivolous. She can also be very much a woman, playing with the feelings of her sweethearts.

La Schtroumpfette :
C'est la seule fille du village. A l’origine, c’est une création de Gargamel, le méchant sorcier qui veut toujours faire du mal aux Schtroumpfs.

Baby Smurf:
One night when the moon was blue, a stork brought Baby Smurf to the village. No one knows where he came from. Immediately adopted by all the Smurfs, he completely changed their quiet little lives - but no one's complaining. Everyone loves Baby Smurf, with all his good and his bad sides!

Le bébé Schtroumpf :
C’est le dernier-né du village. Au travers des albums, il ne grandit pas et reste toujours sous sa forme de petit bébé bleu.

The only Smurf to take everything seriously! Brainy spends his time preaching to others, stupidly mumbling old quotes. Whatever Papa Smurf says is, for him, absolutely sacred. And he's a notorious telltale, something that earns a regular bang of a mallet on the head. Even though his friends like him, they think he can be a real pain in the Smurf occasionally!

Le Schtroumpf à lunettes :
C'est le moralisateur du village, le donneur de leçons. Il utilise souvent la phrase ‘Comme dit toujours le grand Schtroumpf…’

Cook Smurf
With his toque and spotless white apron, it's easy to spot Cook Smurf. From his house you usually can smell delicious warm buns, crusty brioches and every type of cake and tart. The Smurfs absolutely love the various creations of this talented cordon bleu.

Le Schtroumpf pâtissier :
Il passe la majeure partie de ses journées aux fourneaux à préparer de délicieux gâteaux. Il doit les ensuite les cacher pour éviter que le Schtroumpf gourmand ne les dévore.

Farmer Smurf
Delicate ears should stay clear of Farmer Smurf's foul mouth. He's easily recognisable in his straw hat and green overalls. In general, he doesn't bother much with village life, preferring the company of his lettuce and vegetables.

Le Schtroumpf paysan :
Il s’occupe des champs et du potage pour le village. Grâce à lui, les autres Schtroumpfs ont toujours des légumes et de la salsepareille à manger

Here's one Smurf that only ever thinks about eating. Whatever he finds, he munches on: sarsaparilla, soup, cheese, and fruit... But what he really, really wants is cakes, tarts and any goodies he can sneak away from Cook Smurf. His motto? You don't eat to live - you live to eat!

Le Schtroumpf gourmand :
Il adore tout ce qui se mange et se jette toujours sur les gâteaux du Schtroumpf pâtissier. On dirait qu’il a toujours faim.

No matter what you say or suggest, Grouchy will be against it on principle. From his corner, he interrupts the other with systematically negative comments such as: "Me, I don't like..." On the face of it, you'd think he likes no one or anything. But deep down, he has a heart of gold.

Le Schtroumpf grognon :
Il n’est jamais content et fait toujours la tête. Son expression favorite est ‘Moi, je n’aime pas…’

The Smurf that can do anything in the village. Not only can he fix anything, he can also invent 1,001 useful machines. A robot, a plane, a little train and even a machine that can Smurf rain and blue skies. As he's always busy, you'll spot him in blue overalls with a pencil over his ear.

Le Schtroumpf bricoleur :
Il construit toutes sortes de machines pour rendre service au village. Il dispose d’un super atelier dans lequel il ne faut pas le déranger.

As a true music fan, Harmony just loves to play any instrument he can find. Unfortunately, the only sounds he can get out of them is often deafening QUAAACKS and SCREEEEECHES - to the horror of his companions. When he gets hold of one, even a music box plays out of key!

Le Schtroumpf musicien :
Il joue de tous les instruments de musique mais ses mélodies sont toujours fausses. Parfois les autres Schtroumpfs lui jettent des tomates tellement sa musique est nulle.

Hefty by name, and hefty by nature! Hefty is easily spotted as he has tattooed a heart on his arm. He keeps fit by practicing just about every sport. If something difficult has to be done, you can count on him. Even though he's a bit of a bumpkin, he's always ready to lend a hand.

Le Schtroumpf costaud:
C'est le fort du village. Il est sportif et s’entraîne souvent pour faire gonfler ses muscles.

This guy just lives for jokes. He offers gifts that explode in the faces of those that are silly enough to accept them. And that's just one of his countless pranks. The Smurfs get a bit mad at him, but deep down forgive him this little fault - particularly when one of his jokes backfires. Then it's their turn to laugh at him.

Le Schtroumpf farceur :
Il adore faire des blagues aux autres Schtroumpfs et leur offre souvent un cadeau dans lequel il y a de l’explosif qui fait ‘boum’.

Lazy Smurf:
Meet the Smurf that can sleep just about anywhere. In the shade of a mushroom, under a wheelbarrow or even on the building site of the dam. Any place is the right place for a little nap. His first thought in the morning is about what time he'll get back to bed. It's not that he's lazy, but just the very idea of work wears him out.

Le Schtroumpf paresseux:
Son plus grand plaisir, c’est de dormir. Il passe beaucoup de temps à faire la sieste et à toujours l’air endormi.

Poet Smurf:
Poet Smurf runs through the village and surrounding forest with a quill in one hand and parchment in the other looking for inspiration. All day long, he looks for rhymes with his head in the clouds. Smurfette is, for him, an endless source of inspiration.

Le Schtroumpf poète :
Il a toujours avec lui un parchemin et une plume pour écrire. Il fait de jolis poèmes pour séduire la Schtroumpfette et c’est le littéraire du village.

Vanity Smurf;
With a flower in his bonnet and a mirror on his hand, Vanity is the Smurf that cares the most about his appearance. Delicate and sensitive, he spends his time talking fabrics with Smurfette and keeping his complexion fresh. If, by accident, his mirror breaks, he is the unhappiest Smurf.

Le Schtroumpf coquet :
Il adore sa propre image et passe son temps à s’admirer. Il ne quitte jamais son miroir.

Gargamel is a nasty, sneaky and hypocritical wizard that lives in a horrible cottage in the heart to the forest. He hates Smurfs and does everything within his power to capture them. Luckily for them, he also happens to very stupid, so they have always been able to escape. But be careful, he has sworn revenge.

Gargamel :
C'est le méchant sorcier diabolique. Il vit au bout de la forêt et déteste les petits hommes bleus. Sans cesse, il cherche des moyens pour détruire le village des Schtroumpfs mais il n’y arrive jamais. A chaque défaite, il promet qu’il reviendra prendre sa vengeance.

This flea-bitten cat is Gargamel's scapegoat. He follows the wizard everywhere, hoping his master will one day catch a tasty little Smurf and throw it to him to eat. That hasn't happened yet. But even though he is as stupid as Gargamel, he is a permanent menace for any Smurfs that happen to wander close to Gargamel's hut.

Azrael :
C'est le chat de Gargamel et son ‘bras droit’ en quelque sorte. Aussi stupide et diabolique que son maître, il rêve de pouvoir un jour se mettre un schtroumpf sous la dent. Heureusement, le chat et son maître essuient échec après échec.

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