DuanWu Festival

Today Is DuanWu Festival

Chu Poet QuYuan 340BC-278BC

LongBoat Race

Eat ZongZi

DuanWu Festival Is Every Chinese Lunar Calendar In May Fifth Day, Is Originally Summer's One Drives Out Plague The Holiday,Afterward Poet QuYuan Threw MiLuo River To Commit Suicide(5.5.278BC), Everybody Of One Mind Rows A Boat Rescues Him, Therefore Later Had The Match Longboat's Custom,Also Jettison The Steamed Rice Dumpling To The River To Feed The Fish, Hoped That The Fish Will Eat To The Full Will Not Have Eaten QuYuan's Body.

Hangs The AiYe And ChangPu (Argy Wormwood And Calamus) Leaf, Avoiding Evil Influences

Wears Sachet Avoiding Evil Influences

Drinks Realgar Wine Avoiding Evil Influences

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