Overseas Poster Pictures

Accidentally Discovery Pictures ,
In Foreigner Drawing Chinese Sino-Japanese War ,
1937 - 1945 .

Nearby Peking, The Japanese Soldier Who Is Ambushed By The Chinese Army .jpg:

Hited American Volunteer Pilot.jpg:

In Grave Chinese Army's Fight .jpg:

National Revolutionary Army's Woman Propaganda Team .jpg:

Red Army Leaves For The Front To Attacks The Japanese .jpg:

The HuangPu River, The Chinese Fighter Plane Attacks The Japanese Flagship .jpg:

JiaXing, Under Japanese Forces Bombing Chinese Orphan .jpg:

Attacks HanKou's Japanese Forces .jpg:

Naking ,Terrorist One Week .jpg:

Naking , Kill The Chinese Common People With Guns.jpg:

Naking Routed Troop From YiJiangMen.jpg:

On Bridge's Chinese Hand Grenade Soldier .jpg:

Japanese Soldier In Tsingdao .jpg:

Chinese Police Fighting With Japanese Army Under Sky Sunny Flag ( National Flag , At That Time ).jpg:

The Japanese Soldiers Massacre The Chinese Villagers .jpg:

The Japanese Airplane Bombs Factory .jpg:

The Japanese Airplane Pursues The Chinese Fighter Plane .jpg:

Under Japanese Bomber Aircraft's Death .jpg:

Under Japanese Bombing Shanghai South Station .jpg:

The Japan Airplane Machine Gun Strafe Parachuting The Pilot .jpg:

The Japanese Forces Capture The Ships To Massacre The Crew .jpg:

The Japanese Forces Bomb The Wanjiang Railroad Bridge .jpg:

Under Japanese Forces Bombing Guangzhou .jpg:

The Japanese Forces Enter The Naking City .jpg:

The Japanese Officers Defeat The Suicide .jpg:

Japanese Cavalry Soldier .jpg:

The Japanese Army Launch The Toxic Bomb To The Chinese Army .jpg:

ShangHai,Japanese Sends For The Newspaper Office :

ShangHai,Japanese Forces' Fire .jpg:

ShangHai Urban District Confusion .jpg:

Tai'ErZhuang Rank Smell Of Blood Hand-To-Hand Fighting .jpg:

In King Of Japan Birthday's WuHan Air Fighting.jpg:

WuXi, The Japanese Forces Attack The Train .jpg:

Enters The Ambush Ring By Mistake The Guerrilla Force .jpg:

The Hiding Treats The Guerrilla Force Which Strikes .jpg:

Died In Battle Japanese Soldier .jpg:

The Rear Area Japanese Soldier, Eliminates On Body's Louse .jpg:

The Chinese Airplane Bombs Huaihe River's Japanese Forces Bateau-Bridge .jpg:

The Chinese Airplane Bombs The Japanese .jpg:

Chinese Army's Anti-Aircraft Fire .jpg:

Chinese Army's Bombing .jpg:

Chinese Women Soldier .jpg:

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Paul said...

These images are from the Horrors of War bubblegum card set from the late 1930s.

See them all at http://www.dekescollection.net/how.html